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Jesus Loves Porn Stars

One of the groups that was present at Taboo was the, who have the slogan: Jesus Loves Porn Stars! They have been coming to Taboo since 2009 to share the message that regardless of your connection to pornography, Jesus loves you. They can be found giving out their rather nifty stickers and providing copies of the Little Book of Hope containing inspirational verses.  This year, they weren’t able to bring in their mini-Bibles, but they promise to have those ready for next year.

Amanda, a member of the group and my interviewee, grew up in the church and eventually felt rejected by some of the people in the congregation due to her  attitude. She felt like an outcast, a black sheep, and this led her away from the church for a time. Later, she learned more about what she refers to as the “true nature” of Jesus, and that despite her flaws, she believes He still loves her. This gave her hope and brought her back into the church. She heard about XXXChurch and their activities down in the States, and decided to help bring that message up here to Canada, so she got involved with running the booth at Taboo.

The group wants to bring a message of hope and welcome to people who feel that they’ve gone too far down a dark path to be welcomed back into the arms of the church, or who hadn’t really ever had a connection with God.

Over the years, they’ve had a variety of interactions with people, both positive and negative. She recounted a few of them for me, and I’ll share them with you here. One story from their first year, when she met and made friends with one of the girls from the Suicide Girls booth. They developed a strong connection. One that, despite the initial differences, is built on the common ground that they share and the important elements that they mutually believe in.

Many people involved with sex work, kink, and various non-traditional practices believe that they will be unwelcome or shunned if they attend church, or share their belief in God. One of the reasons why their group exists is to express that this shouldn’t be the case, and certainly isn’t the case in places where they’re involved.

Interestingly enough, this shunning has a tendency to work both ways sometimes. Oftentimes, people who have a belief in God feel that they would be unwelcome in the kink communities, and have a tendency to hide those beliefs. Part of the reason I’m writing this is to look at these parallels. Over the years, I’ve known my share of Christians who were scared to admit their kinks, or to attend kink events out of fear of rejection for their beliefs.

A few years ago, possibly through divine intervention, Amanda  was shipped a pile of Bibles that had a “Jesus Loves Sin City” cover, resulting in the group connecting with members of the Sin City Fetish night. This helped to establish some common ground between the two groups. It was just one of those strange coincidences that skeptics find hard to explain, and those with a bit more faith just smile and accept.

I asked her how she felt about the fact that Noir takes place in a former Chapel and Funeral Home, and she gave the rather straight-forward answer that the building isn’t the church, the church is the people in the building, and they are what matters. It is the community that comes out of the gatherings that has value, be it to sinners, or to saints.

One of the negative reactions that she recalls is someone who took offense to the Little Book of Hope. The gentleman seemed disgusted by the fact that religion was being offered at a Sex Show. Another negative reaction she’s had is when people have unfriended her on facebook when she posts that she’s attending the show. She says she’s here because God has let her know that this is where He wants her to be, and people who disagree can take it up with Him when they get up there.

As mentioned before, they’ll be back at Taboo next year, with their bibles and their message of hope. If you see them at a show, be sure to say hello. They’re nice people to have a conversation with. They might inspire you which is never a bad thing.

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