Would you like tulips on your organ?

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I was recently gabbing with one of Vancouver’s friendly neighbourhood Service Providers* who mentioned that her regulars almost always compliment her on her CBJ’s**, specifically her ability to deep throat, which she attributed to learning to play the trumpet as a child.

To play the trumpet properly, she said, you have to open your throat and “circle breathe”, you have to learn to breathe while you blow.

I’m not making this up.

How brilliant is this neat trick? Apparently the same concept applies to the didgeridoo and a bunch of other instruments. (I’m quickly starting to understand groupies).

But, she lamented, trumpet blowing causes lip bruising which in turn causes a Pavlovian hesitancy for putting things against your mouth. Oh, the irony.

Correct me if I misheard; I am no musician. Yet, I admit I am now tempted to acquire transferable secondary skills to bolster my fellating abilities vis-à-vis training with musical instruments.
Or maybe opera. Sopranos, weigh in!

I thoroughly enjoy giving head; I think the desire is akin to everyone’s impulse to play with boobs. They do don’t they, have the impulse to play with boobs? My preference is for using a wet mouth on a semi-hard or hard penis, between 5-8”, uncut or not, and lots of time.

I don’t actually suck cock for anyone’s pleasure but my own, which quite frankly surprised me to realize. You know how people sometimes brag that they’re World Class Cocksuckers? I don’t. It never occurred to me to ask if I was any good ’cause, well, I’m having fun! (Which probably makes me a World Class Cocksucker.)

Tell me I’m not the only selfish bastard (or World Class Cocksucker) out there!

Enjoying the ol’ kneel-and-bob is especially handy (ooh, reminds me, I love this site: http://artofmalemasturbation.tumblr.com/ ) for those occasions when you want to be intimate without being naked or participating in full-on genital swapping.
Furthermore, it can be done almost anywhere, albeit not necessarily discreetly.

If anyone has any tips on how to provide discreet oral sex, hand ’em over!

Until next time or my next adventure,
L. Tigre

*Service Provider = Escort
**CBJ = Covered Blow Job


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