An Interview with the organizers of Blanche

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 Who is Alex Blanche?

People in Vancouver’s kink community first began hearing about Blanche and the Blanche Fetish Collective back in December. Emails and Facebook messages were received by numerous people on the scene, all signed by a mysterious “Alex Blanche.”

It seemed a secretive group was determined to throw their events without publicly revealing their faces, questions were raised, and the rumours began to flow. It wouldn’t take long to hear a variety of names being floated as being behind the project. Hell, mine was one. It seemed if you’d ever thrown an event, or event talked about throwing one at some point, it would be suggested you might be behind Blanche.

Initially I was entirely of the mindset that anyone who wasn’t willing to step forward and say “I’m running this,” made me question the credibility of the event. But after getting the responses to this interview, and having thought back myself to how many of the events I originally were fronted by people the community knew only by pseudonyms, I’m reconsidering.

While anonymity is certainly the antithesis of my own personal philosophy, I’m going to be at Club 8X6 this Saturday night to give the night a chance.

But you still won’t find me doing any rope. Some of my personal boundaries stand!

If you are looking for links to Blanche and it’s events you will find them at the end of the interview.

First and foremost, the question that’s been on the lips of a great many people I’ve spoken to in the last while—Who is Alex Blanche?

Alex Blanche is the personification of Team Blanche. We are a female identified group of kinksters who want to do something different- bringing classy style and friendly abundance to the scene.

What is the collective and why the secrecy surrounding it?

So many events are “branded” and defined by the organizers’ reputation and personality. Team Blanche is anonymous so that “ego” is taken out of the equation and replaced with a collective desire to achieve something new. We have private and professional lives that we intend to keep vanilla and separate from the kink scene. We don’t have the luxury of being ‘out’ nor do we need to take credit for our work. We wish to attract people who defy gossip.

What would you describe as your guiding principle?

We work to achieve a friendly abundance, where consent is healthy, delivered in a classy environment.

Rope Bound ArmsIn what ways to you plan for Blanche to be different than other events in the city, current or past?

Unlike other events, we are all about Rope. We have three bamboo suspension tripods, three floor rope areas, and two more hard point for suspension in the ceiling. We encourage blind folds, floggers, Hitachi, violet wand and other implements that go hand in hand with Rope Play. No edge play, needles or rough take down scenes please. Self-Suspension highly encouraged.

We can also use the hard points for Lyra, silks and other circus apparatus.

We have the space until 7am: this is unique in many ways. Aside from artistic rope, we hope to be a comfortable place to gather with friends after a night of celebrating, or with co-workers after a busy night shift.

We will offer a large aftercare space for cuddling and relaxing. Anyone can use the chill area for any reason. We know sometimes it’s a long night and you just need somewhere comfortable to refresh.

We believe in giving: complimentary coat check, free coffee all night, lots of blankets, pillows and other small perks.

Blanche is not a costume party. Blanche is a classy affair without strict dress code but more of a guide: Classy, Sexy, Fetish, Professional, or Black / White. Please No jeans, No hats, No hoodies inside.

Given that you’re events take place at Club 8X6, are they going to be Sex On Premises events?

We have changed our minds a number of times and finally concluded for our inaugural party we will NOT have sex on premises. We don’t want to be known as a large orgy, we want to be known as a classy all night rope event.

In the future we may introduce the idea of “get a room” where we might have small curtained areas that are unmonitored for adult use. However we want to see how our events are shaped by our guests. For now we are strictly rope, rope, rope.

After BlancheAre Blanche and AFTER Blanche the same thing, just at different times?

Due to the nature of our liquor license, at 2am, we must stop serving alcohol and clear the venue. We plan to send guests out the back door, around the building and back in through the front door while we do a quick clean up.

Anyone who comes to Blanche may purchase a pass to AFTER Blanche for an additional $15: decide at the event when you know how you feel for the night. Blanche staff will give a wrist band for re-entry.

What are your plans for entertainment, outside from the rope play your attendees choose to engage in?

We wanted to feature local talent that we enjoy ourselves. We will choose DJs and entertainment per event but there will be some surprises in store as we progress. We have a North American rope artist for this month and we are working to bring a featured rope artist from Europe for our summer project. We love the idea of a human sushi platter and will have models for that.

If there is one thing you hope people walk away from Blanche with, be it a feeling or a new experience, what would that be?

Whether you come to Blanche or AFTER Blanche you appreciate the artistry in Shibari. We offer a comfortable space for advanced rope artists as well as those new to Shibari and curious to explore.

An inner glow and outward sparkle, Team Blanche is dedicated to giving a warm, welcoming, classy experience.

If you’d like to know more about Blanche’s events you can find it via the following links:

Blanche website Use the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner, this isn’t clearly indicated.

Tickets for Blanche Events

Blanche Saturday March 5 on Facebook

After Blanche early am March 6 on Facebook

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  1. Markus / February 29, 2016 at 5:05 pm / Reply

    Rope is not my thing either, but given how busy Lord Braven’s Friday night rope nights are getting as of late, I am sure some will really appreciate a rope dedicated, non SOP event in a larger space. Glad it is not an all out orgy as that is the space the crew is planning to comfortably fill. I wish the organizers all the best and look forward to hearing all the reviews. Exciting times!!!

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