The Ms Rascal’s Pageant

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The Ms Rascal’s Pageant

Coming up on May 24th is the 2nd annual Ms Rascal’s Pageant. This event is a chance to come out and strut your stuff on their stage for a chance to win a prize package worth over $1000, including a lovely sparkling tiara. The competition has 4 parts : Kink Wear, Talent, Q&A, and Evening Wear.

For the Kink Wear section, the criteria that judges will be basing their scores on are attitude, style, poise, humour, and presentation. One can’t underestimate how much the fun factor will sway the judges though. While looking good in your gear is nice, being comfortable and confident in it matters more. While this is a pageant, this isn’t a traditional beauty pageant at all.

For those of you who are intimidated by the idea of coming up with a Talent, Gem, the organizer has stated that she feels like anything that you do well could be a talent. It could be something traditional like singing or dancing, or something kinky like throwing a flogger or a bullwhip, or something strange and silly, like licking your own eyelid or rolling up into a ball and rolling through a hoop. The main requirement is that you can perform it within a 5 minute window and the setup and clean up don’t take more than a few minutes.

The Question and Answer portion will be handled by our lovely M.C. Mistress Alexxa, who will interrogate the contestants for the audience’s’ amusement. Expect plenty of unexpected questions, and sharpen your wits for this section. The most hilarious and charming answers tend to bring in the most points from the judges.

The Evening Wear portion is very similar to the Kink Wear section, but it’s a chance to show off a different outfit. I’ve been told that hardest part of this part of the competition is picking which pair of shoes to wear.

Ms Rascals-26The pageant starts at 7 pm and lasts until nearly 9, when the regular party will commence after a brief intermission to move the chairs and furniture. It’s worth coming down early to watch the pageant and support contestants. People who’ve attend the first pageant have had nothing but good things to say about it and this year promises to be even better.

Sitting down with Gem to discuss the details of the event for this article, I found she was bubbling with enthusiasm for all the fun that will be had that night. Having recently enjoyed the pageantry at Domlander, my expectations are pretty high, but I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

It seems like this event and Domlander have a similar intention at the core. Public kink events tend to involve an element of performance, but they also tend to have a certain seriousness about them. And while that seriousness is often warranted, it can also get tiring. This contest is a chance to practice and show off the performance skills that get honed while we play.

My only objection to this competition is that it’s only for Ms. Rascal’s. All individuals are welcome, but they must identify as female for the purposes of the pageant, (for at least that hour and a bit). So, that means I can’t compete and I don’t get a chance at the awesome prizes. However, Gem has said if there is enough interest, there is a potential for a Mr. Rascal’s in the future.

The amazing collection of prizes that they’ve put together are worth over $1000, including:

  • Pass to the upcoming Summer Camp, (which I will be writing about in the near future).

  • Photo shoot by Forbidden Light Studio,

  • New toys, including some donated by: Alexander Paddles, Bad Ass Canes, Silky Sins, Dreams of Leather and several others.

  • Most importantly amazing Ms Rascal’s Tiara = lovely sparkly shiny.

  • Free admission to Rascal’s parties for the next year.

Registrations forms are up on the Rascal’s Website. Deadline for Entries is the 13th.

Registration for the event costs the same as attending the party, and includes free attendance, making it an awesome value.


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