AlphaSirenALPHASIREN • Contributing Writer • Edgy and unapologetically unconventional, AlphaSiren is a sex-and-body-positive bisexual hedonist, feminist, and alt-girl/blacksheep. She lives her life shamelessly ‘out loud’ and authentically in hopes of empowering and inspiring others. With (accidental) sex and life coaching tendencies, AlphaSiren is hell-bent on breaking down the taboos surrounding sex and sexuality in our society. Despite knowing from a young age, that under NO circumstance did she want to talk to her parents about sex, (let alone imagine them having it), AlphaSiren developed a curiosity and openness about sex that has continued through her life. A former scientist, she recently hung up her labcoat to write full-time. She now freelances for various magazines and websites, focusing primarily on sex and Vancouver’s subcultures and alternative scenes. Also a blogger with social media hyperactivity, she regularly flips the bird at conformity.