Thank you: Reive Doig resigns as Managing Editor of Erotic Vancouver

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I’m writing — and you are reading — my last piece as Managing Editor of Erotic Vancouver.

I made the decision to step aside only earlier this week. At the time it was with a heavy heart that I reached that decision; criticism had arisen, criticism which I’d confronted, that Erotic Vancouver was playing favorites with another of my projects, the NOIR Fetish Ball. And while I felt the criticism was unwarranted, a perception of bias can be just as damaging as actual bias in journalism, even journalism with a very small “j” like Erotic Vancouver practices.

But with a day or two of reflection, I realized that this isn’t a misfortune, it is an opportunity. I’m not leaving Erotic Vancouver without achieving the things I’d wanted to — some of those being the inclusion of more voices, more writers, and a broader look at all that Vancouver’s alt sex, and hey, just plain sex scenes had to offer — rather I’m placing Erotic Vancouver in the hands of someone who has the drive, the passion and, just as importantly, the integrity to see that Erotic Vancouver grows into a vibrant reflection of the city it’s reporting on.

I’m very proud of what Erotic Vancouver has achieved so far, and what it has helped me to achieve personally. I am now a contributor to The Huffington Post’s BC Section, adding a voice on sexuality issues. That’s something I never would have had the chance to do, had I not first had the opportunity to report on a story, (an important story), that the real media got wrong. A story where the real media initially couldn’t see past the stigma of BDSM, and which they were slow to retract or correct even when it became clear they got it wrong.

Without Erotic Vancouver, without the support of those who read it, and those who thought enough of it to honestly and openly take my calls and answer my questions, some truths would have been longer coming or might not have come out at all.

I’m proud of the number of people who have told me they learned of an event which they attended, or events they now regularly attend, because they read about it first in EV’s Hot Sexy Events column. And while I’m sad that a busy life means that column has been MIA since May, I’m hopeful that under EVs new editor that column will see a resurgence in some form or another.

Having spoken extensively with EV’s new editor, not just in recent days, but in all the years that I have known her, I know I’m leaving my baby in very good hands. Better hands even than my own.

No column like this is complete without thanks. But being limited for time and space I can only manage the biggest ones for now. Thank you to:

Shaun, whose excellent site Vancouverotica, with its links to everything for inspiring me — because so often when people would ask me where they could find all the links and info they needed, I’d say, “Well, there used to be a site like that…”

Paul McEwan, who is Erotic Vancouver’s “back end,” creating the look of the site, fixing it when I break it, and for suggesting that beyond being that series of links and info, that it would also be a good place for me to offer my opinions and views; sir, you’ve inspired me to become a writer, my childhood dream, and more.

Kim, Scott, Jay of MVK, Aaron, thank you all for being my sounding boards at various times on various subjects.

My other sister Yvonne, you’ve been an invaluable part of my life in more ways than you probably know, and of course you’re my second most valuable editor after…

The best thing that has ever happened to me: my girl, my editor, and my partner, Angie. (That’s Ange to the rest of you, and be aware, she’ll let you know it if you don’t already!)

Thank you to everyone who has visited the site, read a piece or column here, or answered a question of mine as I worked on a story. Without you it would have been for naught.

Finally, a big thank you to the woman who has agreed to step in, right the ship, and set course for better and broader horizons, Debbie Love. I have every confidence in her, and I’m looking forward to what the future has in store.


Reive Doig
Erotic Vancouver Magazine


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