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Missing Women’s Inquiry: Wally Oppal’s Good Intentions

 •  December 19

Wally Oppal is a good man. Wally Oppal is good judge, as evidenced by his time on the bench, and his bold heading of the Independent Commission of...

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Independent Counsel to the Missing Women’s Inquiry Delivers Damning Report

 •  August 23

"Wouldn’t Piss On Them If They Were On Fire" NOTE:  An updated version of this story appears on  The Huffington Post, including recent quotes...

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Missing Women’s Inquiry Budget Prompts Question: Who is prostituting themselves here?

 •  August 20

The Huffington Post's BC beat has a new blogger, and here at Erotic Vancouver we can't say enough great things about him. In truth that's...

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Vancouver Sun reports on lack of code of conduct inquiry into RCMP Officer’s sexually explicit photos on the web*

 •  July 5

Corporal Jim Brown is guilty of some seriously bad judgment, but then he's not the only one. And frankly I’m not convinced he’s guilty of...

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