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RCMP Informant in Kinky Corporal Affair: Villain or Victim?

 •  October 31

October 31: Grant Wakefield is a man on a mission, except nobody other than Wakefield seems to know exactly what that mission is. Perhaps it’s...

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Where were the trail bosses? Responsible journalism failed: Jim Brown & the media

 •  October 18

Update April 27, 2016: Coroporal Jim Brown resigned from the RCMP days ahead of a scheduled disciplinary hearing on the allegations that arose as a...

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Sun Reporter answers questions re: possible fabricated description of photo & more

 •  July 6

Update September 6, 2012:   Erotic Vancouver was informed by a source at the CBC that there was a picture that of Corporal Brown that was similar...

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Spotlight on the media: Abduction scene photos are not of RCMP Corporal Brown

 •  July 6

Erotic Vancouver has learned that the photos at the centre of the media firestorm over RCMP Corporal Jim Brown in fact depict another local man in...

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