Spotlight on the media: Abduction scene photos are not of RCMP Corporal Brown

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Erotic Vancouver has learned that the photos at the centre of the media firestorm over RCMP Corporal Jim Brown in fact depict another local man in the BDSM community and not Cpl. Brown. While other photos in the news reports, ones of a kilted individual in what appear to be RCMP boots, may indeed be of the RCMP Corporal, the photos that have most raised the ire of the media and of their various sources, photos the CBC describe as “a staged  violent knife attack on a naked and bound woman” are of another individual. This has been confirmed by both the man and woman in the photo. Both parties wish to retain their anonymity.

Erotic Vancouver has already weighed in on the issue of the Vancouver Sun’s initial story about Corporal Jim Brown. Since that time the Sun has produced more coverage, including a more balanced story by reporter Lori Culbert. (RCMP corporal under investigation for sexually explicit photos won’t be asked to quit – Vancouver Sun.) Sun reporter Ian Mulgrew also responded to an email from Erotic Vancouver in which he restated many of the positions he gave voice to in media interviews, including with CKNW, but which did not appear in his Sun article: allegations that Corporal Brown might have been a habitue of Piggy’s Palace, the after hours club run on the Pickton pig farm. He suggested that the errors in judgement associated with the images in the media gave weight to these allegations.

The “most disturbing images” it of course now turn aren’t of Brown.

Cameron Ward, lawyer for the missing women’s families at the Missing Women’s Inquiry, has called for the inquiry to be reopened in light of the photos and Corporal Brown’s connection to the Pickton investigation, however peripheral. In comments to CKNW Mr. Ward suggested Corporal Brown was a “sexual sadist or deviant.” Harsh words, those. “Sexual sadist” has specific psychiatric and legal definitions, and is very different from consensual sadomasochism. He goes on to suggest that Brown is interested in “torturing and degrading women.” And he questions whether Brown might have been involved in foot dragging where the Pickton investigation was concerned in light of his involvement with BDSM, and specifically because of the abduction scene photos.

The photos that aren’t of Brown.

According to the Vancouver Sun, Lawyer Jason Gratl, representative for various DTES community groups at the inquiry, suggested “Brown’s even peripheral involvement in the missing women investigation was troubling.”

Corporal Brown is being used as leverage to reopen the Missing Women’s Inquiry. That’s something that is time sensitive, and perhaps for that reason the lawyers involved are not content to wait until the Richmond RCMP have finished conducting their investigation of Brown to start calling for that to happen. But raising questions in the media about Brown’s links to the Pickton farm, and in the continued descriptions of the behaviour in the abduction photos, there has been a rush to judgement. One that serves neither their cause or the BDSM community or, of course, Corporal Brown well.

There is no doubt here that Brown is guilty of at least one thing: stupidity.

The CBC reports that two police officers have reported finding a USB drive at the Coquitlam RCMP detachment belonging to Brown which had sexually suggestive photos on it. And in an online chat obtained by CBC Kilted Knight tells a stranger pretending to be a prospective partner to meet him at the detachment. The transcript of the email exchange, then shown on screen, Kilted Knight (allegedly Corporal Brown) says “I can leave work anytime I wish for lunch hours. (It’s good to be boss.)” He also says “Yes those are mountie boots. ;)”

Question for the CBC: if the stranger pretending to be a prospective partner was not a reporter (something we would expect to be revealed) who were they?

The Mounties have every right to expect that at work the officer would conduct himself in an exemplary manner. They might even be within their rights to take issue his wearing his RCMP boots in photos and then bragging about it. Like I said, stupid.

And one could argue that Corporal Brown was stupid to put his profile up on Fetlife. That he was stupid to not keep his interest in BDSM a deep dark secret. That he was stupid not to live much, much deeper in the closet than he did.

But at some point one has to accept that individuals will want to live outside of a closet, whatever their role in society. Not much more than 40 years ago being gay would not only have precluded someone serving as an RCMP officer, it could have lead to their arrest as homosexuality was criminalized at the time. Those involved with BDSM, it seems, are largely expect to continue living in closets.

In an interview with Global BC Mulgrew asks “When you are in pictures that are so degrading to women, how seriously or how enthusiastically did you investigate the Pickton crime?’

Given that it appears some of the pictures, the “shocking pictures” that have driven so much of the media coverage, were not of Corporal Brown, I’d ask how seriously or enthusiastically you investigated this story. How seriously and enthusiastically did you and other members of the media question your sources intentions? Because it’s certainly true that something shocking and deplorable has taken place here.

And that something is a rush to judgement.


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  1. Stigmata / July 6, 2012 at 4:35 am / Reply

    The hyperbole and rush to judgement that mark much of the media conversation in this matter speak not only to the public’s general ignorance of bdsm, but also to the overarching sex negative culture we live in. While questioning how corporal Brown conducts himself in his private life maybe fair, given his public role as a peace officer, insinuating that his bdsm role playing defines him as a “sexual sadist” incapable of doing his job is quite another matter.

    • CuteAlien / July 6, 2012 at 10:32 am / Reply

      All that is important is how he does his job. If he is a good officer than that is all that matters. I can understand his bosses not being happy with all the negative attention and his use of his boots (possibly) in some of the pictures. But other than that he does not deserve the abuse the media consuming hordes are unleashing on him. This is very unfair.

  2. Andrew Weichel / July 6, 2012 at 8:37 am / Reply

    Hello Reive, I’m a reporter for CTV News — I’d like to get your perspective on the Cpl. Jim Brown story. If you’re interested, please email me with a phone number I can reach you at.

  3. Intellegent Pause / July 6, 2012 at 1:44 pm / Reply

    Is the Vancouver Sun and CBC News aware of how many members of police forces have consentual intercourse with women. Sometimes even possibly rough sex. Does this mean these fine officers can not tell the difference between consensual sex and non consensual (that is rape for the media)

    Anyone in the BDSM world knows the difference between this and the murder of innocent women. Just as there are rapists and murderers in what we call the “vanilla World” there are rapists and murderers in ours.

    I would be willing to bet that a lot of the uneducated people regarding BDSM would be surprised to find we have a high standard and do not tolerate abusive or dangerous people.

    The media has acted inappropriately. It is more the reporters who have possibly destroyed a man’s career that should be held up to judgement.

    Instead we get this stupid reactionary item based on the fact picton was in the area. BDSM does not psychopathic. People need to learn that.

  4. Daniel Fawkes / July 16, 2012 at 6:32 pm / Reply

    There’s a few things you “Neglect” to mention here, and one can only guess you will remove this post in short order due to that fact. It was fellow Members who “outed” Jim, not because of some kink or just the pictures. Jim lives in Port Moody, grew up locally in Steveston and has numerous faces, one for each occasion. The pictures in question are only a minor aspect, with one major consideration however. Numerous pictures in his possession compromise Senior officers. Those actually involved with the Pickton Investigation. That’s what has allowed him to remain at his post for the last decade.

    I am more than aware that you think you know Brown, however there is more about Jim that you don’t know. Hence for the past decade his activities have been simply “ignored” by Management within the Detachment, and for good reason, they kept their friends close but enemies closer. Why do not inform your readers that not one memory stick was found, but instead three and two CD’s. Many of the images considered fake snuff taken by Jim himself and considered “Art”. Better yet, why not inform them of his misuse of RCMP computers to run peoples names, the multiple complaints of “non-consensual” activity with those he encountered while on duty? All of this and much, much more is what Jim’s story is all about. However as you already know Harper Grey Law the most expensive firm possible was hired to silence the media and intimidate witnesses.

    Usually I would agree with much of what you claim here, however in this case I know the sick bastard and its about far more than just sex, kink or BDSM! Perhaps you should start investigating things about this file, hell why not join the Force as you obviously know how to Investigate matters. Or you could ask yourself why Jim knew David Pickton so well in the 90’s, then ask why Munches were held at Burns Road and realize there is ALWAYS a need to take a stand, however its best you back the right person and not appear in the very near future to look extremely wrong. As I can 100% assure you if you back Jim right now you will end up with much more than egg on your face.

    Do the right thing Reive, don’t delete this post and be extremely careful who and what you are defending at this moment. I realize you are doing what you think is right, however in this case the Devil you think you know is far from your knowledge. Only one person knows Jim and thats himself!

    • Milagros / October 13, 2012 at 7:28 am / Reply

      yeah.. why is it we think corrupt cops can only exist in LA, DC, or NYC? Greed is evreywhere, and realistically Cops aren’t trained as well as could be, they aren’t paid as well as they could be.. and most importantly, because they are scrambling for recruits.. the bar has been lowered significantly If you ask a gangster, most of them prob had a one time dream of being a cop.. Lets look beyond last nights incident.. Why not legalize drugs, regulate the quality and availabilty, tax the fu out it, and voila no gangsters in the equation. there was way more alcohol related crime during prohibition then there has been afterwards.. I mean you’ll still get the same percentage of crack heads killing each other, cuz lets face it, if you want crack or coke, or heroin, you know where and how to get it so there really shouldn’t be a significant increase in the use of drugs. The tax revenue from the drugs could be used to fund our healthcare system and our schools. Help the homeless, reduce taxes on middle class families etc. We need to take a step back and look at the broader societal issues at play here. What choices will we, as society make interm of what is important to us . and (Big and) will we excercise our democratic rights (obligations) to ensure we are electing politicians that will take steps to improve our communities LEGALIZE drugs.. we save money currently being spent on policing, border guards, etc.. tax it and pump the money into hospitals, schools, and lowering income taxes.. Being in BC, we would benefit more than most provinces.

  5. Cyrius / October 18, 2012 at 7:08 pm / Reply

    Well there, Daniel Fawkes…..

    I can tell you about Daniel Fawkes. You see, I knew him for a time. And the biggest thing I learned about Daniel Fawkes is that he has a near complete inability to tell the truth. About anything. Seriously, the man has a problem.

  6. Cyrius / November 1, 2012 at 1:51 pm / Reply

    And yes, I mean Grant Wakefield.

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