Strip Clubs

There was a time when Vancouver was a Mecca of strip clubs, but no longer. Where once the city limits counted almost a dozen clubs, with the suburbs populated  by many more, now a mere handful remain. We’re not saying it’s a bad thing, we love the classier burlesque that has largely replaced it, but for those with a desire to see exotic dancers in Greater Vancouver only a few options remain.




According to their website: “Internationally renowned Brandis Show Lounge offers the best in exotic entertainment. Our discrete fifth floor location offers the perfect venue to relax and enjoy our high-end service, premium wine, champagne, and liquor collection, and be amazed by our line-up of talented and beautiful entertainers. Our safe and fun environment is attractive to male and female clients and couples are always welcome.”
Plus this is the bar where a dancer so seductive that she could entice a normally chaste and restrained Ben Affleck into a fling that would end his engagement to Jennifer Lopez chose to ply her trade. That, or Ben’s simply as big a dog as he is a one note actor.


The Byrd

Byrd House GirlsWebsite:

Facebook: The Byrd Pub

Located in the Whalley neighbourhood of Surrey, you might not expect much from The Byrd, but the hotel is known by dancers to be one of the best when it comes to how they treat their girls.

The club has a rotating roster of House Girls, rather than relying on the by-the-week-talent supplied by agencies. While this means those going to the bar aren’t constantly seeing a whole host of new faces, it’s oddly made for a more intimate experience as the regulars and the dancers get to know each other.

If you’re planning a trip out to The Byrd but can’t decide on just when, it’s worth making a phone call to find out if Ella Hotwheels is dancing that week. Because at least once in your life you need to see a beautiful woman pole dance in roller skates!

Now if only they would update the decor that appears not have seen so much as a paint job since sometime in the mid 80s and this place would be worth becoming a regular haunt.


The Granville Strip


The Granville StripThe Granville Strip brags it’s bringing the style and artistry of Paris’s legendary show lounges to the heart of Vancouver. You’d be hard pressed to say that’s hyperbole.

Their lounge boasts a 30-foot ceiling, and at 21 feet the main stage dancers pole is unlike any pole you’ll have seen outside of a fire station!  The dancers aren’t your usual strip club mix. On any given night you’re likely to be treated to at least one, and probably more, performances that would be as at home at the Circus as they are here.

The Granville Strip is no slouch in the libations department either, offering four wines on tap along with 14 draught beer. They also offer an extensive whiskey selection and a variety of fine champagnes.



Number 5 Orange

No 5 Orange awningWebsite:

Billing itself as Vancouver’s World Famous All Nude Gentleman’s Club, but more commonly known around town as simply “The Number 5,” the Number 5 Orange is located just steps from the scenic Downtown East Side, and the streets around it are surrounded by the urban characters that give Vancouver it’s reputation as quirky but friendly city.

NOTE TO TOURISTS: That last bit is us being cheeky and sarcastic. Park close to the venue if you can, simply to avoid walking the depressing streets the surround The Number 5. You can feel relatively safe knowing that there are almost as many cops per block in the DTES as there are per mile in the rest of the city. Plus as long as you don’t piss off the bikers in the bar you’re completely safe there as well.