Sex Ed.

When we talk about Education here at Erotic Vancouver we’re not talking your high-school sex ed, although we do have a few opinions on that you will occasionally found written about here on our blog. No, what we’re talking about is that continuing sex ed that can benefit adults throughout life. Kinky education, classes on responsibe polyamory and on how to spice up your sex life, whether offered by individuals, stores or organizations are the among the classes you’d never find us skipping. Below you’ll find a list of who is providing what, and links to either their info here on Erotic Vancouver, or to a calendar of classes for those organizations and businesses offering them.


Art Of Loving


In addition to being a damn fine sex shop, the Art of Loving offers regular workshops on a variety of erotic and sexuality workshops. Some are presented by owner Vera Zyla, others by local experts on specific subjects.


Divine Heart Tantra


Divine Heart Tantra offers programs and services which help people to awaken their sexual and creative potential.  Private sessions offer the opportunity to experience deep healing and transformation…. as well as enjoy sensual/erotic pleasure, within your own boundaries at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Most events are open to both singles and couples and offer a safe, loving environment to enjoy community and deepen your sensual/spiritual embodiment.


Libido Events  CLOSED


Metro Vancouver Kink

presenters of Vancouver Dungeon


Metro Vancouver Kink (MVK) is Vancouver’s community-based BDSM organization. It is a non-profit, incorporated society dedicated to serving the needs of the greater Vancouver BDSM Scene. MVK holds monthly play parties, which are usually preceded by one or more workshops in the evening and late afternoon.

In February of each year MVK hosts their signature event Westward Bound, a 3 day conference featuring 40 workshops and 2 play parties.


Sex Ed With A Twist


Sex Ed With A Twist offers workshops, often in conjunction with sex toy parties, that focus on getting the most out of your purchase—and it’s to the credit of the proprietor that that means getting the most out of not only a product you’ve purchased from her, but from any other toys or items you already own.


Sex Passion Vancouver

WARNING: This site automatically opens music. Turn down your speakers if this is not appropriate for your environment.

Sex Passion Vancouver is an Authentic Tantric Sexual Education Center offering Professional Tantric Instruction, Tantric Events, Personal Coaching, and Seminars.

They offer high-quality, authentic Tantric sexual and non-sexual practices, to improve physical health, intimate relationships, and personal enrichment.

Sex Passion Vancouver explains their teachings come from a 2,600 year old lineage, and are some of the most authentic, powerful, and ancient Tantric sexual and NON-sexual teachings available today.

They offer a wide variety of reasonably affordable classes, workshops, seminars, and monthly support meetings in Vancouver and surrounding area.

Sex Passion Vancouver has been featured on Conscious Living Network Radio, Sexlife Canada, The International Ultimate Tantra Summit, and will be featured Seminar Leaders in the upcoming Abbottsford Taboo Sex Show.


Westcoast Bound


Metro Vancouver Kink’s signature event has rebranded and instead of Westcoast Bound will run February 3-5, 2012 with three days of classes and two play parties.

The classes will be structured into four tracks: D/s, Alternative Sexuality, Upper Level Skills (Hell Track) and, of course, Rope. They will have classes that cover a broad range of topics that will be educational and interesting to a wide range of participants. everyone will take away some knowledge or new evil, nasty idea from the line up of classes and presenters that MVK has built.