Vancouver Poly 101 Group

Facebook group: Vancouver Poly 101
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Vancouver Poly 101

The Vancouver Poly 101 Group meets regularly to discuss issues, ideas and problems associated with polyamory, most often at The Corner pub located at 612 Davie Street, Vancouver. They’re a friendly and, dare we say, loving group, and anyone with a sincere interest in exploring and learning more about Polyamory should fit right in.

Their Facebook group features an excellent resource list under documents.


VanPoly Group

Website: vanpoly.ca

Vancouver polyamory support and discussion groups meet regularly, sponsor and host events, and have discussion and social online forums. They have three separate online lists, the Vanpoly Discussion list, the Vanpoly Announce list (for events) and the Vanpoly Social list.

There is also a women’s only group, a men’s only group, a queer and trans group, and other poly-positive events planned and hosted by members (e.g. brunches, parties in private homes, picnics, retreats, field trips).

If you are polyamorous, poly-curious, or poly-friendly, and are 19 years or older – you are welcome to join their online forums or attend any of their meetings. All genders and orientations are welcome! Vanpoly hosts a monthly meet and greet, in addition to special events throughout the year.


Women’s Poly Meet

Notes:   For full event details, please join the Facebook group. To join, send an email to VanPolyWomen@gmail.com and a moderator will contact you regarding the secret Facebook group which will not show up on your homepage.

The Poly Womens’ meets provide a chance for polyamorous people who identify as women to get together and talk about issues that are specific to their relationships and to a polyamorous lifestyle. These meetings provide a forum for women to discuss issues they’re dealing with, ideas/ideologies surrounding polyamory/relationships and to get feedback from other poly women. The Women’s group meets once a month on the second Tuesday of each month. The location rotates with some meetings being held in restaurants and others in women’s homes.