LGBTQ Leather

Canadian Mayhem


Having started as an organization throwing events for leather women, Canadian Mayhem has expanded it’s mandate to include “kinky queers” however they gender identify. They are behind some of the most successful Pride Play parties of the past several years, Bride of Pride, and organized the Canadian Mayhem Conference in 2009, which attracted leather women from across North America to it, both to teach and attend.

Vancouver Men in Leather (VML)


Vancouver Men in Leather is a social group for guys interested in leather and fetish gear. VML produces monthly parties and special events throughout the year. Events include: socials, dance parties, camping, boat cruise, photo shoot, brunch. Events for the curious to serious.



Vancouver Activists in SM (VASM)

Website:  NOTE: As of a routine link check 3/20/13 the VASM website is down.

VASM, a non-profit society primarily for gay & bisexual men, was established in 1982 to provide a source of information, education and support for those with an interest in S/M. Membership is open to all men over 19, whether they are just starting out as novices, or have been into S/M for years and have considerable experience.
The host occasional special events throughout the year.