Fetish Nights

Fetish girl holding own leashVancouver’s fetish scene has experienced a shake up in recent months, as after 5 years NOIR Fetish Ball closed it’s doors in January of 2016, and three new nights, BlancheKink Fetish Nights, and Overture Fetish Odyssey have sprung up to take its place. Joining the long running fetish night Sin City, plug the city’s two dedicated dungeon parties MVK and Rascal’s, they’re helping Vancouver give Montreal a run for it’s money for the title of Canada’s kinkiest city!

Remember to check back here regularly for updates. With this many nights running you can expect some shake ups and venue changes. Plus some of these events don’t yet have webpages of their own, something that will undoubtedly change after they’ve completed the work of throwing their first couple of parties.



Blanche Word Logo

Blanche is a new fetish night with a new vision—that appearing to, in large part, be based upon their desire to remain anonymous while throwing events. That’s lead to some controversy on the local scene, and we’ll get to that after the basic party info.

Happening at Club 8X6 the night is rope centric, with hard points in the ceiling to tie off on just about everywhere, including in the centre of the dance floor! If the crowds grow it will make for a unique kink experience in Vancouver.

They also put a lot of emphasis on personal responsibility. Their event waivers actually suggest that each scene, and particularly suspensions, should involve at least three people: the Top, the Bottom, and a Spotter whose job it is to see that the scene is going safely. It’s a great idea in theory, but it remains to be seen if it’s one that can actually take off in a community that is used to having one or two dungeon monitors working at the night watch over all of the scenes, rather than players having to rope in their own watcher.

Now for that controversy. The producers of the night are Blanche Fetish Collective, and they are an entirely anonymous group. In an interview here on EV they have explained “so that ‘ego’ is taken out of the equation and replaced with a collective desire to achieve something new. We have private and professional lives that we intend to keep vanilla and separate from the kink scene.” It’s an idea that many in the local kink community have questioned, and in some cases been downright hostile too. The reasoning of many is that they’re loathe to put their safety and security into the hands of an organization that on the one hand requires them to sign a waiver with their legal name to attend, while refusing to reveal themselves.

Time will tell whether the events outstanding decor, proposed emphasis on personal responsibility, and atmosphere will be enough to woo the doubters.

Website: BlancheFetish.com

Facebook group: Blanche Fetish Collective


Erotica Electronica

Erotic Electronica LogoErotica Electronica, which originated in Victoria and still takes place seasonally there, burst onto Vancouver’s kink scene with a new sort of energy from other nights.

An alcohol free event, with an area billed as a “Playgeon” rather than a “Dungeon” emphasizing the lighter nature of the expected kink at the event, the event features a wide variety of entertainmen. On any given night you might see a fire show, burlesque, acrobats, or someone play the ukulele, all of this in addition to some amazing electronic music all night, from some of the regions top DJs on different nights, and always the fabulous stylings of EE’s front woman, DJ Applecat.

Whether you are in Vancouver or Victoria it’s an event well worth checking out when it comes along.

Facebook: Erotica Electronica


Kink Fetish Night

Kink Fetish Nights Playroom exteriorAnother new fetish night in town is Kink, which launches on Saturday, April 16th at The Playhouse on Thurlow, just off Davie Street in Vancouver’s West End. The location is the former Oasis, and it’s located right above the Dennys Restaurant. Don’t let the hum drum nature of the restaurant below put you off, though—Playhouse is among the city’s classiest looking venues.

The promoters capture the essence of the space well, when they say “Playhouse is a classy venue with an exclusive and intimate nightlife experience.” And with the night being brought to you by the minds of Scotty Hotty (organizer of PLUR) and kink scene staple Mae Ley, you know this is going to be one wild and fun ride.  

The venue’s patio is the dungeon space for the evening, and it provides for some kinky thrills no other event in the city can boast. The patio is heated, but in warmer weather the retractable roof can open to the stars. It also boasts one way glass walls, so those playing in the dungeon can enjoy the thrill of exhibitionism without running the risk of facing charges for it!

Facebook: Kink Fetish Night


NOIR Fetish Ball

NOIR Fetish Ball, the night that put “underground” back into Vancouver’s fetish scene, closed it’s doors for the final time in January of 2016.

The partners, DJ Logik & Reive each plan to move onto other projects. Logik will be launching the new cos-play evening PLAY with a “Play Space” rather than the Front & Centre Dungeon NOIR first launched on Vancouver’s fetish scene. Reive is taking a step back from running fetish events, although he is assisting in the planning of the first night of Rubbout’s 25th Anniversary Weekend, which runs March 31-April 3. He hopes to return with a new kink oriented night when Vancouver’s Chapel Arts re-opens.

Website: Noirvancouver.com

Facebook group: NOIR Fetish Ball

Twitter: NoirVan


Overture Fetish Odyssey

Overture Easter PosterOverture fetish night launches on Easter Sunday of 2016, and it’s got goals as lofty as that might might imply. The night takes a little from nights that have come before: the diverse entertainment of EE, the strict fetish dress code of Sin City, and the front and centre dungeon pioneered by NOIR, and the music of just about everyone—their first party listing boasts ” like Industrial, Goth/Deathrock, Metal and Synth then this is right up your alley. If not, well we got a little bit of everything to help satisfy everyone’s tastes.”

But these kids aren’t just copying their elders, they’re seeking to improve on them. Don’t have a fetish outfit? No problem, Overture has literally got you covered, as they’ve hired an airbrush body painter.

The first event takes place at Lux on Howe Street, and the clubs name accurately describes it’s atmosphere and decor. Look to Overture to add some sass to that class. As for where they’ll end up next, they’re not telling. They intend to make Overture a roving party until they find a venue willing to tie them down and make them stay. Knowing the men behind the party, Mikey and Grimly, they might mean that quite literally!

Kink, music, dancing, peformances, and art. What’s not to like about a night like that?

Facebook: Overture March 27 Party Listing


Sin City

Sin City Dress Code PosterVancouver’s longest running fetish club party presented exclusively by Restricted Entertainment, held regularly on the second and last Saturday’s of every month. While most events take place at The Hindenburg, they hold occasional special events throughout the city.

The night features and is run by the award winning DJ Pandemonium who, along with guests, lays down some of the best electro, alternative and industrial tracks.

With a  newly refurbished multi-station dungeon looked over by the Vancouver Dungeon Monitor Team, and featuring a comfortable viewing area for voyeurs, this is a night to play as well as to dance.

The night features a strict fetish dress code that attendees must meet in order to get in. 

The Details: 2nd Saturday of every month, and occasionally other nights, at The Hindenburg, 23 W. Cordova, Vancouver

Website: sincityfetishnight.com

Facebook Group: Sin City Group

 Twitter: SinCityFetish