PRESS RELEASE: Calgary’s burlesque stars to shimmy and shake Vancouver

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Calgary’s burlesque stars to shimmy and shake Vancouver

Two of Calgary’s best burlesque stars, Raven Virginia and Miyuki Divine will be rocking the burlesque stage at the Electric Owl Friday July 12th at Blue Morris’ Rock and Roll Burlesque show.

“It’s especially exciting to have the opportunity to perform with Blue’s live band” says Raven Virginia, who runs the Garter Girls School of Burlesque in Calgary. Having met Blue Morris at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival a couple years back, they have been talking for some time about joining forces for a show in Vancouver.

Miyuki Divine has been an avid burlesque performer since 2006 and is a permanent member of Calgary’s Garter Girls Burly-Q Revue. Both Raven Virginia and Miyuki Divine recently performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, perhaps the most prestigious burlesque event in the world.

For their Vancouver show, they will be performing to some classic rock songs, including songs by James Brown, The Jackson 5, The Police, and Heart – all performed live by Blue Morris’ band.

Following numerous sold out shows in the past three years, Vancouver impresario Blue Morris has teamed up with the Electric Owl to create a new monthly burlesque show with live music called “Rock and Roll Burlesque.”

“A lot of burlesque today is very pretty and gentle,” says Morris. “We’re creating a show that channels the bad-ass attitude of rock from Chuck Berry to Jack White with burlesque by some of Vancouver’s biggest names. We’re bringing a ‘Whole Lotta Love’ to the burlesque stage.”

Choreography for groups acts in the shows is created by Connie Cahoots, a burlesque performer with ten-years’ experience on the stage. “One of the things I love about Blue’s shows is the sense of nostalgia it gives people,” says Cahoots. “Every song Blue selects is something you love, or forgot you loved. You feel like you are transported to a different place. A place of excitement and beauty.”

Burlesque performers include:
* Raven Virginia
* Miyuki Divine
* Bruce Wang
* Connie Cahoots
* Isadora Belle
* Ruthe Ordare

The show takes place at the Electric Owl (928 Main Street) on Friday July 12th. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8:30pm.

For tickets visit :

More info on this and every Rock and Roll Burlesque can be found on the Blue Morris website.


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