Ontario Court of Appeals: Victory for escorts but dangers remain for survival sex workers

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It’s a victory for those working as escorts, whether for agencies or from home, but 3 out of 5 judges voted to maintain the communications provisions which put street level escorts at risk.

It’s unfortunate that those most marginalized of sex workers still find themselves subject to the danger presented by those who would prey on them, from simple “bad dates” to those of Picton’s ilk. The two dissenting judges put it far better than I can: “The world in which street prostitutes actually operate is the streets, on their own. It is not the world of hotels, homes, or condos. It is not a world of receptionists, drivers, and bodyguards. The world in which street prostitutes actually operate is a world of dark streets and barren, isloted, silent places. It is  a dangerous world, with always the risk of violence and even death.”

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