Oh Fun City! Vancouver’s Vibrant Alt-Sex Scene

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You’ll find some damn fine writing over on The Huffing Post’s BC section these days!

Actually, I’m tooting my own horn here; more to the point I’m tooting the horn for a number of the great sex positive events Vancouver has to offer, be it in the fetish, BDSM, swinger or burlesque scenes. And keep in mind as you read the article that these are just the biggest and the best of the events this city has to offer. While I single out some of the biggest offerings from Sin City, Club Eden, Metro Vancouver Kink, and my own NOIR Fetish Ball, each of those events runs monthly with the exception of Sin—which usually runs more often!

Similarly, while the only burlesque mentioned is the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, the city has an abundance of great nights, fabulous performers and troupes to see. The city has earned accolades for the burlesque dancers coming out of it, as any perusal of the Burlesque Hall of Fame will tell you.

Oh Fun City, indeed! So without further ado I urge you to check it out, first my Huffington Post Piece, and then the exciting events and city it describes.

Read it hereOh Fun City! Vancouver’s Vibrant Alt-Sex Scene on Huffington Post BC


Note: If you know of an Alt-Sex event you’d like to let Vancouver know about that didn’t make the list, leave a comment on the HuffPo website.


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