Oh Fun City! March 3-9

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Erotic Vancouver’s Hot Sexy Events Listings

Erotic Vancouver has fallen down in getting up our Oh Fun City! column in recent weeks; we had a new columnist to take over the role who has had to give up the job in favour of other, pays-the-bills-commitments. However, we’re committed to getting you news on the best events our city has to offer. To that end we are preparing a month’s worth of columns in advance. 5 events minimum each week will be highlighted, and when time allows as the date grows closer we hope to add to those listed events.

So read on this week to find out what’s happening, confident that when you return here next week you’ll find a new Oh Fun City! keeping you up to date on Vancouver’s best happenings!


Thursday, March 6

March 6 Bad Girls BurlesqueBad Girl Burlesque

Where: Funky Winkerbeans, 37 W. Hastings, Vancouver
When: Doors 8:00pm  Show 9:00pm

An evening of rock ‘n roll, metal, and punk rock burlesque performances presented by Bone Rattle Talent. Featuring performances by Riannaconda, Velvet von Doff, Pocket Venus, Miss Georsha Cutie Pie, Dezi Desire, Lottie Libido and more.

Stick around afterwards for the Evil Bastard Karaoke Experience.

Details on Facebook


Friday, March 7

March 7 AwakeningsPandora & the Locksmiths Awakenings

Where: Fan Club, 1050 Granville Street, Vancouver
When: Doors 6:00pm  Show 8:00pm

FanClub presents Pandora & The Locksmiths, easily one of Vancouver’s strongest live music burlesque troupes. And when they say live music troupe they don’t mean dancers simply backed by live musicians, they mean dancers performing live music! The ladies of Pandora lend their voices to each act, backed by a smokin’ six-piece band, The Locksmiths. Contemporary songs, mixed with timeless imagery take you into an ethereal dream world. Graceful striptease routines illustrate the light and dark of the dream state while siren muses serenade you between sets. Join us!

Awakenings” runs every Friday in March, and the opening night of  will be coupled with an exhibition of selected photos from Ninedoors Photography.

Arriving early for thetwo hour show will also grant you access to the late night show, featuring house band The Fans or another local live music favourite.

Details on Facebook


March 7 Lost GirlsThe Lost Girls Burlesque

Where: Heavens Door, 1216 Bute Street, Vancouver
When: Doors 8:00pm  Show 9:00pm

Davie’s Street newest hotspot, Heaven’s Door, hosts it’s monthly Lost Girls Burlesque for the third time this Friday evening, and the third time is the charm if the line up is anything to go by.

The sacrificial lamb of the evening (and we’re assured they aren’t kidding when they say “sacrificial lamb”) is one of top burlesque performers in the world, Vancouver’s own Melody Mangler.

Also gracing the Heaven’s Door Stage will be Bunny Mewguns,  Calamity Jane, Justine Sane, Nite Mare, and Veronica Vex. It’s all hosted by the evening’s headmistress, Jungle Katt.

As their Facebook posting puts it “Presented in continuous, non-stop, hot-action format in technicolour and high-definition! No emcees, no holds barred, NO MERCY! Prepare to be ripped apart by seduction as The Lost Girls bare it all for you, again and again and again.”

Details on Facebook


Saturday, March 8

March 7 GeekendersGeekenders Apocalypso

Where: The WISE Hall, 1882 Adanac, Vancouver
When: Doors 7:00pm  Show 7:30-11:00pm  Dancing until 1:00am

Erotic Vancouver can’t say enough great things about Geekenders. By our estimation they’re the best thing to hit Vancouver’s entertainment scene in years, and one of the reasons we feel confident claiming Vancouver is no longer “No Fun City” but rather “Oh Fun City!

While there full length theatrical shows at The Rio Theatre have raised Geekenders to even higher levels than they’d reached before, their variety nights are where they made their irradiated post apocalyptic bones, and where you can come to know not just the troupe but the nerdlesque community. Come for the show, stay for the geek love and dancing!

Join hosts Fairlith and Katrina as The Lone Wanderer as they welcome to the stage an impressive line up of performers: Scott Hurr, Vanity Feral, Anita Johnson, Bryn Stone, and Tesla Coil.

Geekenders Triva will be based on the nuclear apocalypse (or any other), from the Walking Dead to Shaun of the Dead. From Silent Hill to Fallout. Plus there are two costume contests: one for Apocalypse and/or Calypso, and one for general cosplay. We’re told they’ve once again got a fabulous bunch of prizes for all the evening’s winners.

Details on Facebook


March 8 Sin CitySin City La Fete Corsete

Where: Imperial, 319 Main Street, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-3:00am

Vancouver’s longest running fetish night recently cut back to one event a month, so if you’re looking to get your kinky groove on with DJ Pandemonium & crew this is your one opportunity in March.

This night Sin City celebrates everything to do with Corsets. As their Facebook listing puts it, “They’re uncomfortable as hell to get on, but oh do we love them and HOT DAMN do they look fabulous on men and women alike. Just helping a friend into one is an act of submission and domination all by itself! If you own a corset or a waist cincher, or have been thinking of getting one, this is the night to show it off!”

Plus this evening also features Sin’s very first Fetish Bazaar! 8-10 vendors and artisans will be present selling their sexy and kinky wares in the mezzanine of Imperial – just one more reason to attend what promises to be one very sexy night!

Get there early, if past La Fete Corsetes are anything to judge by then, just like corsets themselves, the club will be a tight fit!

Details on Facebook


Looking Ahead

Well, this week’s Fetish Bazaar at Sin City isn’t your only opportunity to get in on some sexy, kinky deals! In fact there are two upcoming events with sales open not just to vendors and artisans, but also to everyone who might have something in their closet that they’re done with. Perhaps those leather pants aren’t fitting as well as they used to, or maybe that catsuit has simply become the same-old-same-old and you’d like to replace it with something new-to-you.

NOIR Fetish Ball hosts their second Fetish Swap Meet on Saturday, March 15th. After the success of their first swap meet last September, NOIR promised to make it a twice a year affair. In addition to welcoming a select number of vendors to sell their wares all night they are also inviting in anyone who would like to sell their second hand goods to do so from 9:00-10:30pm. Those wishing to sell should simply bring a blanket or towel to lay their items on, and upstairs The Rectory will be open as a swap meet. Got something you’ll simply never wear again, but still has plenty of sex appeal left in it? Here’s your chance to sell it for a few bucks, or perhaps to trade it for something new!

And of course if you’re simply looking for a great deal on kinky clothing or toys (those that should see a second life, that is!) then this is the night for you.

Details on the night can be found here on their Facebook event listing, and of course all you need to know about NOIR Fetish Ball can be found on the NOIR website.

Also coming up is Rubbout, Vancouver’s Rubber Weekend for men. There’s plenty of sexy happenings from April 4-6, and you’d do well to check out the Rubbout website to find out about them all. But what we’d like to give you the skinny on here (get it, because tight rubber can be slimming) is their Gear Swap.

How does it work? Simple! You bring your goods to the Rubbout volunteers that day at The PumpJack and they tag, display, sell and give you money for your unwanted gear if your items sell. Goods are on sale Saturday, April 5, 2014 from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. You’ll want to bring your items for sale in between 11am and 1pm, after that they won’t be able to accept any more goods.

Rubbout gets 15% of all sales, so if something sells for $100 they get $15 and you get the balance.  Price your items with that differential in mind.

You’ll find all the info you need on Rubbout, including the Gear Swap on the Rubbout website, and a more general listing for the weekend on their Facebook page.



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