Oh Fun City! April 14th-20th

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Erotic Vancouver’s Hot Sexy Events Listings


Most weeks this column would begin with a quick summing up of everything that is happening, and an exclamation that this is, indeed, proof that Vancouver is a great place for good times. But, really, take a look at this weeks list and you’ll see it speaks for itself. OH FUN CITY! indeed.


Monday, April 14

This ain't yo mumma's bingoThis Ain’t Yo Mumma’s Bingo

Where: The Pint, 455 Abbott Street, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-midnight

This Ain’t Yo Mumma’s Bingo promises to bring you the kind of bingo you deserve, the dirtiest of dirty bingo’s! Join bawdy babes and hosts, Villainy Loveless and Just Call Her Heather every Monday night downstairs at The Pint!

Expect your hosts to be scantily clad and to call for words like “Moist” “Taint” and “Porno” instead of boring ol “Bingo”. To add to the evenings entertainment, they’ve thrown in “magic balls” and when one is drawn, funny, silly and sexy things happen that could win you prizes and free drinks!

The title says it all, this ain’t yo mumma’s bingo!

Details on Facebook


Tuesday, April 15

April 15 Strip Spelling BeeStrip Spelling Bee

Where: The Rio Theatre, 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver
When: Doors 7:00pm  Show 8:00pm

The Rio Theatre makes frequent, often several times a week here in the Oh Fun City! column, and with good reason—it seems there’s always something sexy going on there.

Another frequent name to grace this column is that of Tyler James Nicol, who hosts this evening.

But what’s brand spanking shiny new is the event itself, a scholastic competition unlike any you will have seen before, unless your schooling was a whole lot different and more exciting than ours—because it’s a Strip Spelling Bee!

We won’t even try to explain. Go, check out their official event listing, and then get yourself down to The Rio, putting the S in Ex-citement!

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GlitteroticaApril 15 Glitterotica

Where: Guilt & Company, 1 Alexander Street, Vancouver
When: 8:00-11:00pm

Designer Misty Greer presents her newest collection since 2012’s American Guru. Magic QueenDom “brings to life the esoteric dreams of some of our most beloved Disney archetypes. What happens when our princess evolve and find that they are the magick queens they always feared & desired to be? What happens when our dark queens enlighten? Can we live happily ever after in a world beyond good & evil? Magick QueenDom has arrived; the future is now.”

Featuring burlesque, striptease, fashions galore, and a line up of some of the cities most recognizable and talented burlesquers.

Together a grand spectacle of innovate fashion, flesh and fantasy!

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Wednesday, April 16

Improv Against HumanityImprov Against Humanity

Where: The Rio Theatre, 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver
When: 8:00-10:30pm

Really? You want to hear about this? Because it’s truly for horrible people!

Improv Against Humanity is the unholy marriage of card game Cards Against Humanity with its emphasis on sick, sick humour, and unbelievably funny burlesque troupe The Fictionals with… well, there emphasis on the same!

You will laugh. A lot. And while you should probably feel bad about some of the horrible things you think are funny you won’t, because that’s just the sort of terrible person you are.

What makes this a sexy event? Besides the fact that funny is sexy trust us, sex will come up more than once this evening.

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Thursday, April 17

Yaggers DowntownPoly 101 Discussion

Where: Yagger’s Downtown, 433 West Pender, Vancouver
When: 6:00-9:00pm

Polyamory. It’s a subject that seems to come up in the media more and more these days, and while many people are curious about it they’ve got a lot of questions. More than the Wikipedia entry can easily answer. But rest easy – because that’s where Vancouver’s Poly 101 Discussion has you covered.

Every couple of weeks you’ll find them meeting at Yaggers Downtown to cover a topic of those living a polyamorous lifestyle, or those simply curious about it. This Thursday’s discussion  covers how to meet polyamorous people, and how to go about dating them once you have. In short, if you’re potentially poly yourself, where do you find other like minded people?

You’ll find this likable and lovable crew of people in the back room at Yagger’s Downtown, from 6pm to 9-ish, with the discussion getting underway about 6:30pm.


April 17 Ruffone PartyruffONE

Where: Fan Club, 1050 Granville, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-3:00am

Ruffone is a party for MEN who like their MEN RUFF.

And all in caps, or at least that’s what the website tell us.

Taking place at Fan Club, a bar that has set itself apart from what you’ll typically find on Granville Street in terms of both it’s decor, reminiscent of New Orleans, and it’s diverse and vibrant event variety.

WIth DJs Brayden Marc, and Vancouver favourite Nick Bertossi.

Website for Tickets


April 17 Ruffplayruff:play

Where: Steamworks Bathhouse, 1050 Granville, Vancouver
When: 11:30pm-8:00am

Following hot on the heels of the dancing at ruff:ONE comes the sexy good times that can be had at the official bathhouse after-party, ruff:play, taking place at Steamworks.

That’s Steamworks, the gay bathhouse/sex-club, not the brew pub.

Did you meet someone hot and sexy at Fan Club earlier in the evening? Grab ’em, head to the after party, and see where the night might take you.

Website for Info


Friday, April 18

April 18 Confessions Bisexual Husband ReadingConfessions of a Bisexual Husband Reading

Where: Y’s Bookstore, 4307 Main Street, Vancouver
When: 2:00pm-4:00pm

Mark Bentley Cohen reads from his new book,

a candid, riveting, erotic account of how a married bisexual man’s coming out to his wife saves their ailing marriage. The book redefines our most dearly-held beliefs about sexuality, monogamy, authenticity, and what it means to truly love someone.

Cohen takes us into his intimate world of sexual exploration as he tries to solve the mystery of his lifelong struggle with bisexuality. After 15 years of marriage, two kids, and illicit experimentation with men behind his wife Gabrielle’s back, Marco confesses it all to her.

But where most folks this confession would be a deal breaker, for them it was the start of an amazing journey.

Details on Facebook


Tarts & Vicars Event with a Twist

Where: Den Of Pleasure, near Vancouver transit, address provided to attendees
When: 8:00pm-1:30am

“A Tarts and Vicars Party is a type of British costume party where men are expected to dress as church vicars and women are expected to dress as tarts, which both involve revealing clothing.”

That’s the general idea behind a Tarts & Vicars party, a sort of better predecessor to the “Pimps and Hoes” party we hear so much about (and hopefully all roll our eyes at when we do.)  However, this being a party at infamous Den of Pleasure, they’ve decided add their own twist, so instead of the women dressing as tarts they are inviting the men to cross dress as the tart (not mandatory) and women, as they prefer, either a vicar, priest, nun, clergy, or tart; the more provocative the better.

Consider the Den to be like a sexy house party, where you have the freedom to partake in whatever turns you on, and the freedom, of course, to not partake in anything that doesn’t.

So get in contact soon if you’d like to attend – this event will fill up! And be sure to get an appropriate outfit, be it theme, lingerie, or fetish—there’s no street clothing permitted after 9:30pm.

Details on Fetlife
Please note that a free Fetlife membership is required to access the site. Fetlife is the kinky set’s social network, sort of Facebook for Fetishists.


Saturday, April 19

NOIR-Knows-GearNOIR Fetish Ball

Where: Chapel Arts, 304 Dunlevy Street, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-2:00am

From ignoble upstart in 2010, to regularly Vancouver’s largest fetish night, it’s been an amazing journey for NOIR Fetish Ball and it’s partners, Reive and Logik. Based upon the idea that real, up front and centre kink can exist right next to the dance floor, rather than being relegated to the back room—not such a brave move in the days since 50 Shades of Grey came to such popularity, but these guys were doing it before that!

With two dance floors, The Chapel and The Rectory, and music that runs a gamut of styles and tastes, come find out why NOIR has become the club party of choice for those serious about their kink, those who want to play voyeur, and those simply open minded enough to want to be part of a night that is about so much more than costuming.

That being said, NOIR Fetish Ball does have a STRICT Fetish Dress Code, details of which you can find on their website. You’ll perhaps get a little more leeway with some sexy cos-play for this party, however, given that it’s the same weekend as Fan Expo and there is certainly some cross over between the crowds.

Details on Facebook


April 19 Fan Expo After PartyFan Expo Afterparty

Where: Five Sixty, 560 Seymour Street, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-3:00am

For nerds, geeks, and those who love them Vancouver’s Fan Expo is the place to be this weekend, and afterwards there’s no bigger party than Fan Expo After Party presented by Rue Morgue and The Ghostbusters of BC. While this might not be the official afterparty, it’s several times the size and a fraction of the price of the one where you aren’t allowed to ask for autographs in any case!

Plus 50% of the proceeds go to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, a charity near and dear to the heart of Erotic Vancouver Editor Reive, so you know this party needed to be on this weeks list.

Plus, y’know, superhero costumes are perhaps the one remaining sexy use of spandex left…

Details on Facebook


April 19 Vatican PartyVatican Party

Where: Heaven’s Door, 1216 Bute Street, Vancouver
When: 10:00pm-3:00am

For those looking for their leather and fetish to be a little more male centric, Davie Street’s latest hot spot Heaven’s Door presents The Vatican.

While we can’t say that this is a strictly fetish and leather event, the website states that “street clothes will be frowned upon.” And trust us, you do not want to upset the bears!

With Portland DJ Jakob Jay playing tirbal, house, progressive and vocal, while the day before may have been Good Friday, you can expect this night to be a Better Saturday!

Details on Facebook


Sunday, April 20

Kitty Night’s Go Ask Alice!

Where: Biltmore Cabaret, 2755 Prince Edward, Vancouver
When: Doors 8:00pm  Show 9:00pm

According to the minds behind Canada’s most famous burlesque party, Kitty Nights, The Easter bunny is bringing us big basket of special grass this year as Easter lands on another special date – so they’re slipping down his rabbit hole and cooking up a crazy, psychedelic night of fun for EVERYONE by saying GO ASK ALICE!

Featuring a wacky mixture of Easter and wild 420 themed burlesque by April O’Peel, Riannaconda, Burgundy Brixx, Jenny Magenta, and Whats’ername. The whole evening is hosted by THe Purrrfessor, and on the decks is birthday girl and Vancouver’s fetish goddess extrodinaire, DJ Evilyn Thirteen.

Details on Facebook


Looking Ahead

In just a few weeks short time one of Vancouver’s Hottest & Sexiest festivals takes place, and it’s one that certainly proves that this is indeed OH FUN CITY! From May 1-3 it’s the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, 3 days of sparkly and sensational shows, classes and events. It’s a gathering place for all that glitters here on the west coast, and an attraction that brings many of North America’s best to what is truly Canada’s best burlesque city – Vancouver!

VIBF Website

 VIBF Banner

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