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Vancouver’s newest kink event, CUFFED FETISH, burst onto the scene with a wildly successful party the Sunday night of the May long weekend, and while the venue it’s held in The Hindenburg is well known to Vancouver kinksters, they hadn’t experienced a night quite like this there before.

I know, I’ve been a part of many nights that have occurred at the club located at 23 West Cordova over the years. I was an attendee of the Bettie Page Social Club in the 90s when Vancouver’s first fetish night moved there. When Sin City first opened it’s doors I was their very first dungeon monitor, and as part of BIO I helped co-ordinate the DMs that watched over the dungeon the first couple of years.

And now I find myself being referred to as the man behind CUFFED. But the truth is I’m just one member of an amazing team of individuals who want to deliver a fetish and kink experience for Vancouver that is based on new ideas, as well as respect for old traditions. It’s a night that’s different because it isn’t just one person’s vision, it’s a team of people with different visions, all of who care about delivering the best possible party for the night’s attendees.

In short they’re my sort of people. And while most of the good ideas are theirs, I’m fully willing to share in the credit for them!

Over the course of this week, leading up to their next party on Saturday, July 2nd, we’re going to be introducing you to the partners in CUFFED, one individual each day. You’ll find the new addition for each day listed at the top of the list.

Erotic Vancouver is proud be a sponsor of, and helping to spread the word about, CUFFED FETISH. If you’d like to know more about their upcoming events be sure to join the CUFFED Facebook group.


Time in Scene: A little over four years, but it’s hard to keep track when you’re having so much fun.

First Event Attended: Scarlet Harlots Sin City at The Red Room.

Most memorable kink moment: Being on the dance floor at NOIR when one of your favourite songs comes on and you look up to the stage and see three scenes going on, all synchronized to the beat. Too many times to number!
Aside from that my favourite moments are talking to people, learning what particular things get them going; what makes them tick.
There are so many misconceptions about kinkers…which to me is absurd because nobody is 100% vanilla.

Past accomplishments: I was lucky enough to be set-up coordinator for NOIR for a few years before it came to an end.
I was also part of spearheading Overture, along with Jarret and Grimly, and I’m really proud of how that turned out. Mind you we couldn’t have done without a lot of help from our friends, many of who I first met attending fetish events.

What inspires you when it comes to throwing events: I know it sounds a bit self absorbed, but I was most inspired by myself. Now before you label me a narcissist allow me to finish.
I was inspired to put on CUFFED by how much I’ve grown since entering the kink community. If it’s possible that someone else gets a fraction of how much gratification I’ve gotten from all of this, if they can get that from an event that I’ve been a part of putting on, then I ‘reckon I’ve made a positive difference in my own way.

Christophe Grimlyaaa-cufffed fetish-may-22043

Time in Scene: 3 years and a bit

First Event Attended: NOIR Fetish Ball

Most memorable kink moment: Receiving one hell of a beating at the NOIR after party one night which left me quite sore—a good thing.
I also can’t forget how much work went into organizing Overture, and how well it turned out despite so many roadblocks. The feeling of actually putting on an event for the first time that people enjoyed is something I won’t forget.

Past accomplishments: I was one of the key organizers for Overture, and that was my first accomplishment as far as events are concerned. Attending private play parties has been the majority of my kink experience, though I would go to NOIR as often as I could, given I usually worked Saturday nights until late.

What I hope to achieve with Cuffed: What I envision for CUFFED is to provide a bare bones, essential play party that I feel has been mission in this city’s club scene for some time. One where the atmosphere is gritty and focused on the play more than anything else.

I’m hoping we can have the level of play you see at a public dungeon party, combined with the sense of ease and lack of social politics you’ll find at the best private parties, and finally add in some of the best music and DJs you’ll encounter out at the clubs. In short I want us to try and be the best of all kinky worlds.

Photo Credit: Frankie Panky

Photo Credit: Frankie Panky

Yvonne Tink

Time in Kink scene: 17 years

First event attended: I volunteered to work the door at a fundraiser for Club Inferno, because I had tried to go to the Bettie Page Social Club twice by myself but had chickened out at the door. I knew if I volunteered, I would make myself go. I did, and my eyes were forever opened!

Most memorable kink moment: Peering through the curtain as I volunteered at my first event watching a 60+ year old naked woman splayed on a cross being whipped by her even slightly older Dominant. She rocked back and forth to the beat of the whip and howled. She didn’t care about how her body may have looked or that she was not a hot 20 year old. She was in her element and completely free. Watching her blissed out and flying high made me realize I had found my people.

Reasons you joined CUFFED team: Token vagina
Penis wrangler
Food provider, Mom.

Past Accomplishments:
BIO Events Productions (BDSM playparties, Cirque De Sade Fetish night, the Sex Conferences, the Kink Conferences, and many more one-off events), a for-profit community-based organization that we turned over to the non-profit society, MVK.
WET– Women-only playparties
Friday Fixe -regular casual kinky social gatherings at a private restaurant.
•The Sex Party – I ran as a candidate in the 2005 provincial election for, of course, District #69.
BDSM and Sex workshops – for many years, at many places, teaching many delightfully naughty things.
NOIR -Door Mistress (Editors Note: Door Mistress Extrordinaire!)


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