Making Love and Trouble: The surprisingly woman-friendly roots of modern polyamory

March 15, 2012 at 4:24 pm  •  Posted in Polyamory by  •  0 Comments

Slate features an article on polyamory this week with the above mentioned title.

It’s a great look at the history of poly movements before, and clearly contrasts polyamory from both polygamy and swinging. I also appreciated the honesty of the article, too often discussions of one of polyamory’s early pionerrs, John Noyes, tends to sugar-coat his world view and leave out that he was a pro-ponent of incest in addition to poly. As far as information goes it’s an appetizer, not a meal, but it’s a tasty and filling one, and perhaps most importantly it’s one that’s likely to be digested by many in the vanilla world.

Read the article at Slate


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