Kat’s Fantasies celebrates 10 swinging years!

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This Saturday night local swing club Kat’s Fantasies celebrates 10 years of operation, an impressive milestone for any business, but one that’s all the more amazing given the obstacles that swing clubs and the like often face. Erotic Vancouver was lucky enough to get Kat for an interview ahed of this beg event.


Hi Kat, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me and to tell Erotic Vancouver readers a little about Kat’s Fantasies during what I know must be a very busy week.

So this weekend is your ten-year anniversary celebration. Could you tell our readers exactly what Kat’s Fantasies is, and how you got started?

Kat of Kats Fantasies


Did you face many challenges in making it to ten years?

I’m not one to toot my own horn but I feel that making it to ten years, here in Vancouver, is a huge accomplishment in this industry.

I got my start in Australia where they’re much more European minded about sex. Swinger clubs are common place and lots of people attend regularly enabling the clubs to thrive. I had no idea what I was in for starting a swinger club in Vancouver! The GVRD had a population of 2.1 million at the time and swinging/swinger clubs had just been legalized in Canada in 2005 so my thinking was build it and they would come! I couldn’t have been more wrong.

My club in Australia was in a coastal region with only 40,000 locals and it flourished rapidly. Opening up here was an entirely different story. Vancouver obviously had a lot of swingers but in my experience most were meeting one on one through online adult dating sites, going to lifestyle dances or private parties. Meeting at an organized club was still taboo or misunderstood by many. There were only 2 other professionally organized clubs open at that time and neither were doing what I was. Ten years later I’m still the only mfm club in the city. Kat’s is the second longest running organized swinger club in Vancouver today.

Back in 2006 there was no place to advertise the club to people and get the word out, except for Craig’s List. Luckily intothelifestyle.com came along in early 2009 and gave me a swinger focused online community to advertise my events.


I’m guessing you’ve got something special planned for this milestone party, anything you’d care to share in advance?

Kats Fantasies pic 1I’m planning something special but not over the top. I wanted to put together something that captured the best parts of the past 10 years and decide to go with what I’m calling “The Ultimate Swinger Party”. I’ve chosen the word ULTIMATE to describe the event theme and specifically for this occasion, ultimate means epitome, as in the perfect example of something.

For me the perfect party is filled with sexxxy, fun, friendly and adventurous couples, ladies and men dressed in classic swinger attire such as naughty Schoolgirls, nurses, doctors, police officers, firemen, playboy bunnies and Hef’s, pirates, superheroes, pimps, hoes, French maids, togas, angels, devils, tuxedo underwear & collar & cuffs, kilts, cowboys & girls etc.,

It will be a Greedy Girl Event (our most popular theme) which is for ladies & couples who truly love the multiple men experience and the men who want to be part of pleasuring a woman beyond her wildest dreams! Ladies can pick & choose their ‘dream team’ and enjoy a private room or the more adventurous can rock the orgy room.

First timers & experienced welcome. There is never any pressure to participate and NO MEANS NO. Guests play however they choose (doesn’t have to be multiple men) however guests can expect and should be comfortable with extra single men in attendance.

We’ll have prizes for best classic swinger costumes, Jennifer, a certified Sex Educator, Counselor and Clinical Sexologist from Sexuality matters will be on site with Sybian & Monkey Rocker sex machines offering rides to the ladies, Holly from Passion Parties with be here with titillating goodies for purchase and the entire main floor of the club will be converted to a dance floor with performance nightclub-style DJ Chrome here to blow the roof off!! Weather permitting we’ll unveil two new patio spaces for outdoor play.


Kats Fantasies EntryWhat makes Kat’s Fantasies different from some of the other local swingers’ events?

We are the only club that caters to couples & ladies seeking single men, and openly welcomes select and pre-screened single men to our events.

 W e also offer different themed events such as Greedy Girl (our most popular mfm party) the GBXperience (a professionally organized gang bang held in a safe & controlled environment) and Cougars & Cubs (special event for single ladies aged 35+, single men aged 19 – 40 and couples where the lady is 35+ and the man is 19+)

We also have a reputation for being inclusive, welcoming and not cliquey. I’m proud of that and work hard to keep it that way.


What sort of people attend your parties, and how many folks are at a typical one?

Our guests are from all walks of life with a mix of looks and body types. When people ask what type of guests to expect I always tell them “from hot to not” because beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.  The main age range for couples & ladies is 35-50 with some younger/older and single men 28-50. On average we have 30-50 people in attendance except for about 5 times a year when we have special events, such as our anniversary, which will see anywhere from 70-100.


Where is Kat’s located? Generally, obviously, I know you’re not going to share the address with just anyone who might stumble across this interview.

We’re located on 10 very private acres in South Surrey. Easy access to several major hwys and only 40 minutes from downtown.


So in your ten years running Kat’s Fantasies what’s been your happiest accomplishment?

Kats 10 year anniversary cakeI’ve had many and they tend to be when someone sincerely thanks me for providing a clean, safe, friendly place for them to live out their sexual fantasies and how it’s improved their relationship, expanded their horizons, opened up a new world for them and become an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. Oh and making it to ten years!


If someone were to approach you and say that they were curious about swinging, but that they’d never done it before, what’s the most important thing you’d tell them before they ventured into the lifestyle?

For singles I’d encourage them to attend a lifestyle Meet & Greet and talk with experienced guests. I’d recommend Meet & Greets for couples too but I’d also add talk, talk and then talk some more. Set rules for yourselves that you’re both comfortable with, happy with & agree upon and when venturing out stick to those rules no matter what. You can always change the rules later on when you’re back home and discussing it but never change them on your partner when you’re out at an event. Always put your partner & relationship first before your own individual needs, or desires, in that moment.

Jennifer from Sexuality Matters does workshops at Kat’s Club on topics such as Introduction to the Lifestyle, How to Score and Ethical Non Monogamy & How to get There that I highly recommend for anyone new to the scene. We also offer couples interactive classes and workshops on a variety of topics such as the Art of Foreplay, Anal Sex Play, Female Ejaculation & Finding the G-Spot, Male Pleasuring Techniques, Pussy Licking and more. I have a meetup group that people can join if they’d like to be informed of the classes, all held in South Surrey, without being a Kat’s member. Details on Surrey Sex Ed and Lifestyle Introduction can be found here http://www.meetup.com/Surrey-Sex-Ed-Lifestyle-Exploration


Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer all my questions. Good luck with Saturday’s party, and here’s looking forward to 10 more years!

If you’d like to know more about Kat’s Fantasies check out their website which isbest way to learn more about the club and The Ultimate Swinger Party 10 Year Celebration. If you’re interested in attending you can  submit a quick and easy application via email as outlined on the join pages, either for couples and ladies or for single men. Kat asks that you include a note that you’d like to attend the July 23 Ultimate Swinger Party to expedite your application and booking.

Donations for the event are at the door.

Single Ladies – $40

Couples – $70

Single Men – $80

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  1. Kat / July 22, 2016 at 11:27 am / Reply

    I forgot to mention that after 13 years of organizing play parties I’ve decided to branch out into lifestyle Meet & Greets held at restaurants, pubs and nightclubs in a variety of locations in the GVRD & Fraser Valley. These events are social outings, not play parties.

    Attendees will mix and mingle with newbies, seasoned lifestylers, people who are polyamorous or in open relationships, couples, single women, select single men with a variety of ages, races, body types and sexual orientations.

    We’ll offer two distinct meet & greets. One strictly for dedicated couples & single ladies with no single men in attendance and another for mfm crowd – couples, ladies and select single men. I’m even open to doing a pansexual meet & greet in New West if the interest was there.

    We’ve had 3 events so far – live band at a pub in Langley, a comedy show & pub night in Vancouver and a nightclub takeover in New West. I’m working on more events as we speak and have booked the nightclub in New West for August 11 and September 22 already.

    We’re just starting out and don’t have a website yet but we have a meet up group where people can create a free confidential profile, see other members and guests and RSVP to attend. More info can be found at http://www.meetup.com/Everything-but-Vanilla-Events/about

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