Science and Sex Ed in a Rational Society

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Recently I had the chance to visit Vancouver’s Science World (yes, I know, it’s the “Telus World of Science” now) to see their exhibit featuring animatronic dinosaurs, and while it was pretty exciting to see a T-Rex waggle it’s jaws at me, visitors to the Montreal Science Centre were having to a chance to learn more about a different kind of excitement: orgasm!

Leave it to the French to take sex ed out of the classroom and into a full exhibit hall with Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition. And they’ve apparently done a great job with it; The Canadian Association for Science Centres has awarded it prize for best exhibition or show in 2011.

The show aimed at teens has already traveled to Saskatchewan, and we hope to see it make it’s way further west in the future. And while teens are busy asking questions at the show, we’d like to ask our political leaders to take a stance as brave as the scientists and educators in Québec and start a sex ed program featuring sexual gradualism.

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