Hot Sexy Events: November 19-25

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Hot Sexy Events: November 19-25

There’s plenty happening this week, and it’s not all bunched up on Friday and Saturday this time around—although rest assured, there’s plenty happening on the weekend too. We’ve also got a special announcement/request that you’ll read about at the end of this week’s column.

First though, we’d like to answer a few of questions we frequently get about the Hot Sexy Events column.

Why isn’t my favourite regular event listed this week?
We can’t list every event that’s happening. We give precedence one off or irregularly held events, ones that people are less likely to know about. We also give precedence to special nights for regular events. If it’s an Anniversary Party or a special theme night of your favourite event it’s more likely to be listed.
Weekends are particularly busy times. Regular events held earlier in the week are more likely to hit the list than a Munch that is held on a Friday or Saturday.
Finally, if a given week has fewer events you’re more likely to see a regular night of a weekly or monthly event listed. If the week is chock-a-block full, it’s less likely to be on the list.

For event information you alternatively link to dedicated websites, Facebook, and kinky social network, Fetlife. How do you decide what link to provide for information to the event?
Wherever possible we provide a Facebook link, simply because for most people it’s the easiest way for them to get information. We also try to provide a link to dedicated websites when an event has one. Fetlife is the kinky folks answer to Facebook. If only a Fetlife link is provided it’s because they do not have (or we didn’t know about) a Facebook event listing.
If only a Fetlife event listing is provided you can get that info by getting a Fetlife membership; it’s free, and one of the best ways we know of to get to know more kinky folk. Join, you’ll be glad you did.

How can I find out more about events that might not be listed here?
You can visit our various pages for links to the different groups and events in town.  Our Kink Page includes listings for Fetish Nights and BDSM Play Parties, and we’ve got a page dedicated to Swingers and Polyamory events, to name just a few of the resources here on Erotic Vancouver.

How do I get my event listed on Hot Sexy Events?
Email us and let us know, and we’ll do our best to get you listed. Info (@) Erotic Drop those spaces and the parentheses, they’re just there to beat the spam-bots.

Now, without further ado, onto the week’s listings.


Monday, November 19: Newbie Munch presented by Metro Vancouver Kink.

Munches are casual gatherings of kinky folk to talk about what their interests over drinks or a meal. There’s none of the expectation of a play party or the need to get dressed up to meet dress code as their is at a fetish night; in fact casual dress is the norm, as often times these events are held in family friendly restaurant.
In this case the restaurant is The Tipper, located at 2066 Kingsway. The evening runs from 6:30-8:30pm, and it’s hosted by Metro Vancouver Kink, the first name in BDSM here in Vancouver.

This new munch is specifically aimed at those new to (or hoping to become new to) the kink lifestyle.

Interested in going to a play party, but aren’t sure what to expect (or wear, or do…)

Want to gush about an experience that was new to you, to understanding ears?

Curious about what real kinky lifestyles and relationships are like, beyond what you’ve read in recent blockbuster novels?

MVK is pleased to announce a new event on the 3rd Monday of each month – the Newbie Munch!!

You’ll find more details on the evening here on Fetlife.


Tuesday, November 20: Improv Against Humanity.

Vancouver fabulous (and often risqué) improv grp The Fictionals presents their first-ever Improv Against Humanity Show. We knew this needed a Hot Sexy Event listing the moment we saw the warning: “May contain some strong language, sexual content and mature themes. Viewer discretion is advised.”

Head on down to Cafe Deux Soleil on Tuesday night and enter your name for your chance to play Cards Against Humanity live in front of our studio-audience against other randomly-selected players. Amazing CAH, Fictionals and Cafe Deux Soleils prizes to be won! Plus see the winning card combinations be brought to life by our team of skilled improvisers!

Due to overwhelming interest advanced tickets are available for this show. All others are advised to get there early.

The evening runs from 7-9:30pm, and admission is only $5.

You’ll find details on the night here on Facebook.

For more information on the game itself (not the night) visit the Cards Against Humanity website.


Wednesday, November 21: Vancouver Eastside Munch.

The third Wednesday of every month this munch meets at Zawa Restaurant, located at 920 Commercial Drive. It’s a casual gathering, with no fetish dress up or BDSM play, simply a chance to dine and converse with other kink interested people.

The evening runs from 6:30-8:30pm. There’s no cost other than what you eat and drink.

You’ll find more details here on Fetlife.


Friday, November 23: Geekenders presents Supervaudevillains.

Geekenders is the newest entry in Vancouver’s blossoming Geek Burlesque scene. No, we’re not talking circus freaks, but instead that unique and clever mix of nerd smart and sexiness.

Join hosts Trixi Hobbitses and Victor Hunter as they introduce performances by an amazingly fabulous cast of Super Vaudevillains: Riannaconda, Dusty Goldmine, Bruce Wang, Lace Cadet, April O’Peel, Whatshername, Sparkle Plenty, Sweet Sashay, Jill Binder, Tawdry Audrey, Spooky DeLune, Jessica Mayhew, and Stephen Blakley. We’re breathless just listing them all, and not because of the lists length either!

Plus after the show you can dance the night away to the tunes of DJ Navi. Be sure to check out the vendor table and all the fabulous wares of Maggie Pie.

The evening takes place at Commercial Drive’s Grandview Legion. Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8:15. All tickets are $10. Costumes strongly encouraged.

You’ll find all the details here on Facebook.


Friday, November 23 – Sunday November 25: Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week.

Check out the inaugural weekend of what is sure to become one of the must attend annual events on any alternative leaning folks Calendar, Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week[end]. While it might just be 3 days this year, you can expect this event to G-R-O-W. Given that it’s 2012, and all the madness surrounding the Mayan Calendar bunch, there was no way the organizers, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, couldn’t choose the theme “The End Of The World As We Know It.”

The theme is further broken into three parts for their three consecutive parts: Decadence, Defiance and Delight. Armageddon, at least with this bunch, isn’t all doom and gloom!

Showcasing fashion collections, artworks, performances and musical acts that loosely speak to their cynical narrative, it promises to be a weekend quite unlike any other in Vancouver.

You’ll find more details on the weekend here on Facebook, and for even more information check out the VALT website.


Saturday, November 24: VBC presents Breaking the Fourth Wall.

In addition to their weekly drop in classes, the Vancouver Burlesque Centre regularly features workshops by both local and visiting performers and divas. This Saturday afternoon from  Lady Jospehine (Montreal) delves into the secrets of that most essential strip tease element for really engaging your audience: breaking the fourth wall.

This class explores techniques for how to reach out to those vague figures sitting behind your blinding stage lights. The class will discuss why this is important and use practical exercises to rehearse the approaches we uncover.

The class runs from 2-3pm and the cost is $25. Pre-registration is required.

Check out the VBC website’s workshops’ page for details.


Saturday, November 24: Club Allure’s xXx Party.

Local swingers night Club Allure  is once again hosting their infamous xXx Party. Join them for some advanced fun with more experienced couples and singles. These parties they expand the play zones to increase the sexy vibe in the club and encourage all sorts of sexy fun almost anywhere in the club!

Take your lap dance to an all new level in “The Inferno” or enjoy new friends in the ITL Lounge. Club Allure is yours to explore. These xXx parties are great fun for our exhibitionist and voyeuristic members, as well as those who enjoy group play and hot action!

Note that for xXx parties, that there is a dress code of Lingerie or less. You must RSVP as usual by calling the Club Line @ 778 789-PLAY (7529)

You’ll find more details on the party on the Club Allure website .


Saturday, November 24: Party Gras Movember Pub Crawl.

You know what isn’t Hot & Sexy? Prostate Cancer. You know what is? A pub crawl party to help combat it!

Party Gras Party Bus is proud to announce their first first ever Movember pub crawl!

This Saturday the fun gets under way at 7:30pm as the Party Gras Bus departs on a 3 stop bar crawl Movember and their efforts to raise money and awareness while sporting a wicked stache. The party theme is Lumber Jacks & Jills, so break out your favorite flannel and comfy toque.

Details can be found here on Facebook and on the Party Gras website.


Saturday, November 24: Ginger Boxer presents Tasty Teaser Burlesque Cabaret.

When it comes to strip “tease” this is the night that puts the emphasis on the second word. They’re ready to take their clothes off… or are they?

As a ‘teaser’ cabaret, they’ll leave you hanging off of every breath- will they bare it all?

Come on down and check out some amazing talent as they jiggle and dance our way into your hearts and pants.

Featuring burlesque and boy-lesque performances by: Bruce Wang, Chai Tea, Dezi Desire, Jemma Riot, Johnny Bottomsworth, Lil Miss Glambam, Matt Hazard, Pocket Venus, River Wilde, Tesla Coil, Tranny Zukko, and Dirty Richard.

The show takes place at East Vancouver’s WISE Hall. Doors are at 8pm, and the show starts at 8:30. Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door.

You’ll find more details on the night here on Facebook.


Sunday, November 25: Nubian Imp D/s Discussion Salon.

NubianImp is an Independent producer of Passion Initiatives that provide forums for advanced education, communication, and celebration — which value sex-positivity, social justice, and community building — in order to strengthen the bonds within the community, tribes and chosen-family of queers and their allies.

Now that we’ve gotten that description out of the way, you are invited to be a part of the 10th in a series of conversations & idea exchanges focused on the consensual power dynamics and non-technical aspects of Leather. Come laugh, learn, share, disagree, clarify, ask, answer, inform, recount, educate, offer, receive, question…

Space is limited to only 25 guests! If you want to attend this great opportunity for kink learning and networking get in touch with the organizers NOW.

You’ll find details here on the NubianImp website.

Update: NubianImp has now added a Facebook event listing.


Sunday, November 25: Naked Girls Rock! 2 Year Annivesary!

The Naked Girls Reading series has become a unique staple of Vancouver’s burlesque scene. It’s a monthly show featuring readings by burlesque beauties instead of, and in addition to, performances.

For this special anniversary show the Naked Girls present readings about bands, rockstars, music and much more. Expect readings from the biographies of notorious performers, articles from Rolling Stone, and lyrics from some favourite songs.

Featuring your rocking performers Maggie Pie, Malvina Masvina and Mz BHaven. And of course it’s all brought to you by the hostess of Naked Girls Reading Vancouver’s show, these last two years, Diamond Minx.

The show takes place at Granville Island’s Backstage Lounge. Doors are at 7pm, and the show starts at 8:00. $20 for reserved table seating, $15 general seating or $20 at the door.

You’ll find more details on the party here on Facebook.


Special Hot Sexy Announcement: Local actor, producer and jack-of-all-entertainment, not to mention friend of Erotic Vancouver, Christopher Logan has put together ‘dr.a.g’ a coffee table book of the top drag performers captured by fashion and celebrity photographers. The book is published worldwide by Tectum Publishers and available through any book store in the world.

When we say it’s available through any book store in the world we mean they can carry it, but of course not all of them yet do. In particular the big chain book stores haven’t realized yet just how much people need to see this book. And that’s where Chris would like you to help out. Please check out the preview at their website and then call your local big bookstore (Chapters, Barnes And Nobles, etc.) and ask that they carry the book in their store. Ask for ‘dr.a.g.’, spelled for ‘dressed as girl’ (author: Christopher Logan, publisher: Tectum Publishers.)

There will be varied responses including an offer to order the book for you. You do not need to order the book, to make the request, but if you do we’re sure you’ll be glad you did!

If you already know the book you can also help out by writing a review over at Amazon. You’ll find the book listing here.


That’s it for another week’s listing of Hot Sexy Events. Know of something not on this list that you think should be? Let us and the world know about it in a column below!

If you’d like to let us know about an upcoming event, or to tell us what you do and don’t like about Erotic Vancouver (including what you think of our new Hot Sexy format) you can email us at info (@) Erotic Again, remember to drop the spaces and parentheses in that email address, they’re just there to beat the spam bots.

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