Hot Sexy Events: November 12-18

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Hot Sexy Events: November 12-18

Erotic Vancouver brings you the week’s Hot Sexy Events a day late (but not a dollar short) after spending the better part of a week beating back a bad cold. That also meant missing some great events this past weekend, including the Whistler Lifestyle Takeover, MVK’s Vancouver Dungeon Party and Sin City Fetish Ball, amongst others. Luckily the week ahead affords plenty of opportunity for beating something other than a cold—consensually, of course!

Wednesday, November 14: Chinese Bondage Rope Night. This month’s edition of Rope Night focuses on the Five Flowers Tie, which is a principle tie of Chinese Bondage. Most of the bondage seen in North America today traces back to the Japanese style of Kinbaku, more commonly known as Shibari today, but the Chinese also had a bondage culture in its day.

Rope night takes place at a private residence in Burnaby, and so all attendees must RSVP in advance. It runs from 7-11pm, with the tutorial getting under way at 7:30. You’ll find details on the night here on Fetlife and you can RSVP, or adress an questions, to

Thursday, November 15: Gastown Shop Hop. There’s plenty of Hot Sexy Events happening this Thursday: from a poly discussion, to a burlesque extravaganza, to a sexy steam bath night. But whatever you get up to, why not start the evening off in Vancouver’s oldest district, shopping for some Hot Sexy clothes to wear out to all this winter’s exotic and erotic events?

Shops in Gastown are open late this Thursday night, and from 5-9pm they’re featuring some great sales to boot. We particularly recommend you check out Erotic Vancouver favorites Hitz Boutique and Why Knot’s Curiosities. The latter is pulling out all the stop, with DJs and refreshments, in addition to some of Vancouver’s best stock for the burner and fetish crowds!

You’ll find details on Shop Hop in general on the Gastown BIA website, and specifically on Why Knot’s soiree event here on Facebook.

Thursday, November 15: Vancouver Poly 101 Discussion. The third Thursday of every month the Poly 101 Group meets to discuss topics of interest to those involved with, or curious about, polyamory. This month’s discussion is about meeting metamours for the first time. What’s a metamour, you ask? It’s your partner’s other partner. Your lover’s lover, as it were.

The evening runs from 6-9pm, with the discussion slated to get under way at 6:30. The Poly 101 group has been meeting in a new place the past few months, and you’ll find them at Yagger’s Pub, 433 Pender Street. Just head for the private room in the back. There’s no cost for the evening other than what you choose to eat or drink.

More details can be found here on Facebook or here on Fetlife.

Thursday, November 15: Slick! Sex Positive Steam Night. Thursday night features the return of MVK’s Slick, a popular co-ed steam bath party that ran from 2008 until it was unfortunately cancelled with the closure of its home venue, Friction. Now it’s back, in a new home, and with some sexy new ideas for fun!

Tickets must be purchased in advance for this evening! You’ll find more details on this event here on Facebook, and you can arrange payment by contacting

If you’re looking for more information–on what Erotic Vancouver frankly believes are some of the city’s best events–you should visit the Metro Vancouver Kink website.

Thursday, November 15: Sweet Sip Thursday’s 2 Year Anniversary. Well it’s been just over two years since the sass pots from Sweet Soul Burlesque began taking over the Keefer Bar every Thursday night with their decidedly decadent dancing. To celebrate they’ve planned a special anniversary show featuring group acts, special surprise guests (hot boylesque anyone?) and a very special burlesque performance by Canadian Bartender Association’s bartender of the year and Georgia Straight cover girl, Keefer manager Dani Tatarin!

Featuring DJ Mykro Douglas, Stage Babe Meg a Tron, plus Keenan, Nav, Gez, Lauren & all your fave Keefer Bar Staff!

Details can be found here on Facebook or visit the Sweet Soul Burlesque website.

Friday, November 16 – Sunday, November 18: 3rd Annual Vancouver D/s Intensive. For the past two years Nubian Imp Events has pulled out all the stops in planning their signature D/s Intensive educational weekend, and this weekend promises not only to be no exception, but to actually raise the already stunningly high bar they’ve set for themselves.

Master Skip Chasey & slave rick present a full weekend of advanced education and exploration of consensual power dynamics and the non-technical aspects of Leather Life. Registration will be limited to 60 people, including event staff.

If you’re into kink, and particularly power exchange, then this is a not to be missed event!

You’ll find more details here on Facebook and on the Nubian Imp website.

Saturday, November 17: Master Geek Theatre – It’s Super Effective. Alas, Erotic Vancouver was sad to learn of the demise of Geeks After Dark, the night that was a mixture of burlesque and comedy while being a tribute to nerdom. That’s the bad news. The good news is that one part of the GAD group, Cameron H. Russell, has teamed up with another of Vancouver’s truly great comics, Liz Oh, and together with some sinfully sensual burlesque beauties they’ve created Mastergeek Theatre!

This Saturday’s Master Geek Theatre is a tribute to…well, apparently for the first time ever a topic is too geeky for Erotic Vancouver to get it! But whatever it is, it’s sure to be a good time. [Ed Note : It’s Pokémon, and you’re old, blogger. – AG]

Featuring burlesque performers Chesty LaRue, Dezi Desire, Hayley Bee and Scott Hurr.

Admission is only $10 in costume or $12 in street clothes.

You’ll find more details here on their Facebook Event listing, and if you’d like to know about upcoming Master Geek Theatre presentations be sure to LIKE their Facebook page.

Saturday, November 17: NOIR Fetish Ball Final Party of 2012. When it comes to down and dirty fetish NOIR Fetish Ball never fails to deliver, and always in the best of ways. Rather than try to put the XXX in Xmas the NOIR crew is taking December off, which means this Saturday is your last chance to experience the hot and heavy fun that this night has to offer.

Hey, if those Mayan calendar watchers are right this could be your last chance ever to fit in some fetish fun there, and you know you don’t want to go careening off the continental shelf, as you watch John Cusack fly away overhead, thinking to yourself “Why’d I miss NOIR?”

Featuring Logik & dj://spaz on the turntables, NOIR’s infamous and signature front and centre dungeon space, and some of the hippest and hottest party attendees you could hope to meet, for sexy good times it’s the night that can’t be beat!

The fun takes place at Open Studios, 252 E. 1st Avenue, just a block east of Main Street. Admission is $15, or $12 before 10pm.

You’ll find all the details over at their Facebook event listing or on the NOIR Fetish Ball website.

Special Offer for Mastergeek Theatre attendees: show your stamp from MGT and get in for only $12 even after 10pm; dress code still applies.

Saturday, November 17: Radical Relationships: An evening with Lee Harrington & Molena Williams. Two of the best names locally for kink education and fun, MVK and Nubian Imp team up to bring you two of the top names in North America: Lee Harringon & Mollena Williams.

Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams will be joining the participants of the 3rd Annual Vancouver D/s Intensive with Master Skip Chasey and slave Rick (see information above), as part of their WhistleStop Tour for their ground-breaking book, Playing Well with Others.

Following a buffet dinner, with option for vegetarians and those with gluten considerations, Mollena and Lee will guide guests through a special panel discussion designed to complement the weekend’s events, and their theme of community building. You’ll find details here on Facebook.

Saturday, November 17: Rascal’s Annual Mitten Drive & Silent Auction. BDSM Dungeon Party Rascal’s holds its annual party to benefit the Lower Mainland’s homeless. Always one of their best and busiest parties of the year, the silent auction will offer plenty of opportunity to bid on some great kinky gifts for that special someone, whether that happens to be someone else or yourself.

Plus the night features Santa in Chains.

While supplies last, each person attending this party will receive a special Rascals Key. Bring this key to the Pre-New Years party on December 29th and try to unlock the chains that their Kinky Santa is bound by. If your key unlocks Santa, Santa will give you a big present out of his sack of gifts.

The night runs from 8pm-1am at The WISE Hall. Admission is $20 at the door.

More details can be found here on Fetlife or on the Rascal’s website.

That’s it for another week’s list of Hot Sexy Events. Know of something we missed that you think should be on the list? Let us, and Vancouver, know about it in a comment below.

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