Hot Sexy Events: February 25 – March 3

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Hello, and welcome to another week’s Hot Sexy list! As always Vancouver’s sexy side is putting the lie to our “No Fun City” reputation, and firmly establishing that as far as Vancouver’s alt-sex, fetish, kink, swing, and burlesque scenes are concerned this is actually “Oh Fun City!” Read on and you’ll discover events featuring all of those exciting possibilities.

If you’re a first time reader of Hot Sexy Events you’ll see that the column most commonly links to one or more of three sources for more information on an event: the event’s own website, a Facebook event listing, or a Fetlife event listing. We’re sure we don’t need to explain those first two to you, but you may not be familiar with the third. Fetlife is a social network for kinksters, those into BDSM and/or fetish. It’s free to join, and a membership is required to view info on the site. While Hot Sexy Events most commonly links to Facebookor a website, since Fetlife membership is less common, because those throwing events for the kinky set are going to go where the kinky set are sometimes the only–and often the most complete–info on those events can be found there, so consider signing up if you find yourself interested in a listing that only links there.


Tuesday, February 26: Show Us Your Wits “The Island Invasion”
Where: Cafe Deux Soleils
, 2096 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
When: 7:30-9:30pm

Comedy improv Troupe The Fictionals brings you their monthly mixture of burlesque and improv, and this time around they’re enlisting the help of the Islanders! First, from Vancouver Island, they are drawing both of their dancing performers: one burlesque, and one boylesque for the evening. Johnny Bottomsworth (Boxers are Brief Boylesque) and Burlesque Tesla Coil (Electric Ginger Productions) are to take if off for you! And there to help put on the comedy shenanigans as the evening’s improv guest is none other than Erotic Vancouver favorite, and creator of the Vancouver Improv’s Naughty Burlesque Musical, Michael Robinson (Vancouver Theatre Sports League) who is headed to the Drive having come all the way from Granville Island! That’s the sort of dedicated comedian he is!

You’ll find more info on the show here on Facebook.


Wednesday, February 27: Choke On Rope Night
Where: A private residence in Burnaby
, location available to attendees
When: 7:00-11:00pm

Rope night is one of several peer-to-peer instructional nights on rope bondage that have appeared in Vancouver in just over the past year. Each event a group of eager rope enthusiasts come to learn about a specific tie or knot, which they then have the opportunity to practice on each other. This weeks demo—well, we’ll let the organizer tell you about it himself.

“In recent weeks, it has come to my attention that rope bottoms mouth off too much. Stoic rope tops everywhere put up with all sorts of bratty nonsense while they are busy tying the ropes. This exploitation of the rope tops’ preoccupation cannot be allowed to continue. To the rescue: The Immobilizing Gag Tie – a tie that gags and immobilizes at the same time!”

Loud mouth, suggestive types might want to consider that before deciding to attend!

More information can be found here on Fetlife.


Thursday, February 28: Richmond Munch
Legends Pub & Restaurant
, 6511 Buswell Street, Richmond
When: 7:00-9:00pm

A munch is a casual dinner gathering at a public restaurant that allows people to get to know each other in a low-pressure environment. Folks don’t dress up in party clothes, and no play happens. It’s just dinner with kinky-minded people! Munches are a great way to meet people so that you know someone when you go to play parties, fetish nights, and other places where kinksters gather.

The Richmond munch is back after a short hiatus. Please note that unlike some munches everyone can’t simply “drop by” and that the restaurant does need a rough head count in advance. For that reason please be sure to RSVP via the Fetlife event listing.

And, of course, that same Fetlife event listing has more info on the munch.


Friday, March 1: Vancouver Polyamory Meet & Greet
Where: The Railway Club
, 579 Dunsmuir, Vancouver
When: 7:30-late

Come and meet others in the Vancouver polyamorous community, ask questions, and participate in poly-related discussions. This month, VanPoly returns to the Railway Club. The group will be in the private room in the back. The drinks are cheap, and food is available for purchase for those wishing to eat.

If you arrive after 8:00pm let the doorman know that you are with VanPoly and you won’t have to pay a cover charge.

This is Vanpoly’s general monthly Meet and Greet. Any poly, poly-friendly or poly-curious adults are welcome to attend. The meet is informal and depending on the numbers and discussion, may or may not be moderated. If there are people new to polyamory, there may be a brief introduction about what polyamory is and best practices, which forms a good stepping off point for discussion and questions. Polyamory — or poly for short — involves openness to multiple loving relationships, with honesty, openness, and consent among all partners.

The organizers ask those who know they will be attending to RSVP to so that they will have an idea of numbers.

For more information you can visit the Facebook event listing.


Saturday, March 2: MVK Dugeon Party & Fire Play Workshop
Where: The Maritime Labour Centre
, 1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver
When: Workshop 6:00-7:30pm  Party 8:00pm-1:00am

Regular readers of Erotic Vancouver know that we consider Metro Vancouver Kink the gold standard when it comes to BDSM here in our city, and with good reason: in most months they provide more kink instruction and opportunities to gather, whether it be play parties, munches, or their sex positive Slick Nights, than most cities get from all the different promoters and organizations putting on events! And it’s all a labour of love—MVK is a non-profit society.

Following on the heels of their Westcoast Bound Conference in February, Vancouver’s biggest and best kink conference EVER, MVK is offering up an opportunity to anyone who didn’t want to listen to their parents when they told them not to play with fire! The workshop is presented by Temptr, who will teach you all you need to know to get started setting people on fire and, more importantly, how to safely put them out!

You can find more info on both the Fireplay workshop and the Vancouver Dungeon party on Fetlife. Or visit the MVK website for more info on all of the great things they are doing.


Saturday, March 2: Club Eden’s Trailer Trash Birthday Bash
Where: Downtown New Westminster
, address available to attendees
When: 8:00pm-2:00am

Club Eden’s own Eve is celebrating her birthday this month, and because she claims she’s gettin’ older and a little washed up, she’s decided to celebrate by throwing a trailer trash birthday bash.  And what trailer trash party would be complete without potata chips, hot dogs, pork rinds and jello shots!  But if you want somethin else to munch on (besides the obvious), it’s a potluck.  Bring a potluck item to share amongst 6 and get a free drink ticket for your first bevvie.

You’ll have to get on the guest list in order to attend, and in order to keep the parties safe and comfortable for everyone there are a couple of hoops you’ll have to jump through in order to do that. For more information visit the Club Eden website.


Saturday, March 2: Kink Underground “Open Heart Surgery”
Where: Paparazzi Nightclub
, 642 Johnson Street, Victoria
When: 10:00pm-2:00am

While Erotic Vancouver’s Hot Sexy Events listings rarely look further a field than the Lower Mainland, we couldn’t pass up listing this offering from Victoria’s Kink Underground. This Saturday Victoria’s ONLY fetish-themed club night brings “Open Heart Surgery” to Paparazzi. Expect some medical themed play, lots of fetish outfits, and a guest stint as MC by Erotic Vancouver managing editor, and NOIR Fetish Ball frontman Reive.

Dance all night long on the medically accessorized dance floor to the sound stylings of DJ Ronnie B and DJ Applecat. Play in the dungeon space, moderated by the Victoria DMTeam, on the cross, two spanking benches and their rope suspension point. Whatever your fetish, Kink Underground hopes to cater to it!

A note for those familiar with Vancouver’s fetish nights: Kink Underground is a fetish attire optional evening. While they hope to eventually be able to enforce a strict fetish dress code, until such time as they can demonstrate that they can FILL the club with fetishists, the venue imposes a $2 cover surcharge on those not in fetish costume. But come out in your fetish finery, show those who haven’t bothered to dress up what they are missing, and hopefully the evening will get that much closer to their fetish dress code tipping point!

More information on the night can be found on their Facebook event listing.


Sunday, March 3: Bloody Betty’s “Love Hurts”
Where: The Cobalt,
 917 Main Street, Vancouver
When: 8:00pm-midnight  Show 9:00pm

Leave it to Bloody Betty to follow up her Valentine’s show with one celebrating such loving topics as Deception, Lies, Broken Promises, and the-Wrath-of-a-Woman-Scorned. A beautiful, half naked woman that is!

The evening features Gorelesque performances by Bloody Betty, Sherry Hymen, Becca Gaijin, The Graffenstyne Creature, Nympho Vainiac, Candy Cadillac, Captain Gopher, and Saliva Plaque & Kenny. With special guests Dirty Dollie, Shameless Amus, and Dollie Dynamite.

Plus there will be a “torture performance” by Burns the Dragon, and the whole crazy night is being MCed by J. McLaughlin.

For more information visit Bloody Betty’s Facebook show listing.


Sunday, March 3: Kitty Nights “March Comes In Like A Lion”
Where: The Biltmore Cabaret
, 2755 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver
When: 8:00pm-midnight  Show: 9pm

If you like your burlesque a little more traditional than horrifying, albeit just as ferocious, then Vancouver’s best known, and best attended weekly, burlesque night might be more up your alley.

So escape the weekly jungle of your life and join The Purrrfessor and a bevy of beautiful burlesque belles: Lady Josephine, Fufflesilkskin, Justine Sane, and, of course, Burgundy Brixx! Plus March also comes in wit a debut dance performance by Honey Crisp!

Music this week is by DJ Steamboat Fattie, and after the show you can stay for a fierce ’45’s dance party.

Fore more info visit the event’s Facebook listing or the Kitty Nights’ website.


Looking Ahead: Friday, March 15-Saturday, March 16 have been dubbed A Fetish Affair Weekend by the organizers of NOIR Fetish Ball. That’s because while normally the 2nd and last Saturday’s of each month are when Sin City Fetish Night happens, and the 3rd weekend features NOIR Fetish Ball, this one weekend features both. We’ll let NOIR explain.

Back a month ago Sin City contacted us to let us know that they couldn’t book the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at a venue, and to ask how we felt about them running on the 3rd Saturday. As we weren’t able to confirm our date yet at that point we said ‘Go for it!’ We’d have felt pretty bad if we said we wanted the date and then we hadn’t been able to get it…

“Unfortunately the only Saturday we COULD book is, in fact, that one! But that’s okay — we’ve decided to make the whole weekend A Fetish Affair, with NOIR on Friday night, and Sin on the Saturday!”

So the third weekend in March is a celebration of kink-cooperation and fetish friendship! Be sure to check out one or both of these great events!

You’ll find more details on NOIR Fetish Ball on their Facebook event listing and the NOIR website, as you will with Sin City on their La Fete Corsete Facebook event listing and their website.

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