Hot Sexy Events: March 4-10

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Welcome to another edition of Erotic Vancouver’s Hot Sexy Events column. The week ahead is as diverse as any, and highlights the variety of sexy events on offer in the city.

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If you’re a first time reader of Hot Sexy Events you’ll see that the column most commonly links to one or more of three sources for more information on an event: the event’s own website, a Facebook event listing, or a Fetlife event listing. We’re sure we don’t need to explain those first two to you, but you may not be familiar with the third. Fetlife is a social network for kinksters, those into BDSM and/or fetish. It’s free to join, and a membership is required to view info on the site. While Hot Sexy Events most commonly links to Facebook or a website, since Fetlife membership is less common, because those throwing events for the kinky set are going to go where the kinky set are sometimes the only–and often the most complete–info on those events can be found there, so consider signing up if you find yourself interested in a listing that only links to Fetlife.


Tuesday, March 5: 2 Live Crew & The XXX Dancers
Where: Fortune Sound Club
, 147 E. Pender Street, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-1:00am

Whether this is Hot and Sexy or Horrible and Sad is certainly up for debate, but there is no arguing that there was a time when 2 Live Crew dominated discussions about portrayals of sex in music and freedom of speech. It’s for that reason we felt this reunion show (potentially memorable or, alternatively, sad reunion show) merited inclusion on this week’s list.

If you’re old enough you remember the controversy surrounding 2 Live Crew and their sexual themes and lyrics, and particularly the media storm surrounding their album As Nasty as They Wanna Be, with it’s single Me So Horny. If you’re not you can read about all of that here on Wikipedia.

You’ll find details on the show here on Facebook.

Full details can be found here on Facebook.


Wednesday, March 6: Vancouver Westside Munch
Where: Boston Pizza
,, 1333 Broadway, Vancouver
When: 6:30-8:30pm

A Munch is a casual, no-stress dinner and discussion group for kinky and kink-curious people. There are several that happen in the Lower Mainland each month, organized by different individuals and groups. This particular Munch is presented by Metro Vancouver Kink, considered by many (including Erotic Vancouver) to be the gold standard for kink in our city!

Simply ask for “the munch” at the front counter. There is no cost other than what you eat or drink. Please note that this is held in a family friendly restaurant, so dress accordingly.

For more details on the Munch you can visit its Facebook event listing. To learn more about MVK you can check out their website.

Full details can be found here on Facebook.


Thursday, March 7: Dining Out For Life
Where: Restaurants all over Vancouver
All day – check participating restaurants for hours

Dining Out For Life is an annual fundraiser, involving restaurants and corporate sponsors to support people living with HIV/AIDS. The organizers and beneficiaries of the event are A Loving Spoonful and Friends For Life. Participating restaurants donate 25% of their food sales on this night to these important charitable organizations supporting local people living with AIDS.

Over 200 restaurants, from Whistler to White Rock and into the Valley are participating. If you only eat out once this month make this the night! Participating restaurants can be found here on Facebook and on the Dining Out For Life website.


Thursday, March 7: Porn For Everyone Launch Party
Where:  Beaumont Studios
, 316 W. 5th Avenue, Vancouver
When: 8:00pm-1:00am

Described as an “XXXperiment in Online Media,” Porn For Everyone! is a Canadian queer porn production company founded by adult performer Charlie Spats. The purpose of PFE! is to construct a solid, shameless community of porn viewers. Their goal is to provide free/affordable content that their viewing community will want to actively financially support, versus having a pre-determined price or membership rate. You’ll find full details on the project on the Porn For Everyone website.

The launch party to celebrate this new venture promises burlesque by Lola Frost, On-screen PFE! performances by James Darling, Arabelle Raphaelle and more, music courtesy of DJ NSFW, and it’s all hosted by PFE! creator Charlie Spats!

Full details on the night can be found on the PFE Facebook event listing.


Thursday, March 7: A Clandestine History of Contraception
Where: The Museum of Vancouver,
 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver
When: 7:00pm

The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) currently features the exhibition Sex Talk in the City, a multifaceted exhibition that teases out how people in Vancouver learn about sexuality, define pleasure, and respond to particular politics. Sex Talk in the City addresses issues of sexual expression, diversity, politics, and education in a fun, approachable, and thought-provoking manner. Sex isn’t only biological, it’s cultural.

The first Thursday of each month the MOV will have a Curators Talk and Tour, and this first one is entitled “A Clandestine History of Contraception. Join Sex Talk in the City curatorial lead, Viviane Gosselin, and Professor Christabelle Sethna in a Talk & Tour that looks into the history of contraception in Canada. Discover its intertwining history with the law, attitudes towards sex, secularization of society, and women’s changing status.

For details on the tour, or to purchase tickets in advance, visit the MOV website here. A full write up of the “Sex Talk in the City” exhibition can be found here.


Friday, March 8: Trans*sexxxual
Where: VIVO
, 1965 Main Street, Vancouver
When: 6:00pm-1:00am

Trans*sexxxual is a quarterly accessible play party where trans and genderqueer people are the rule rather than the exception.

In the spirit of the No More Apologies events that happened last year in Toronto and Ottawa this first Trans*sexxxual party will centre trans female-spectrum folk’s desires, sexualities, and perversions in the hopes of getting it on, while at the same time explicitly raising awareness of and challenging transmisogyny in queer (women’s) spaces.

The evening’s schedule is as follows:

  • 6:00pm: Doors open ONLY to trans women, cis women, and genderqueer, non-binary, intersex and two spirit folk who strongly identify with women’s communities.
  • 7:00pm Film Screening of clips from “Doing it Ourselves: The Trans Women’s Porn Project,” as well as some yet to be released scenes from “Doing it Again: In Depth.”
  • 9:00pm Doors open to people of all genders
  • 11:00pm Doors close. No attendees will be admitted after this time. The party continues until 1am.

For more details on this evening visit the Fetlife event listing.


Saturday, March 9: Sex Talk in the City Group Outing
Where: The Museum of Vancouver, 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver
When: 7:00pm 

The Sex Talk in the City exhibition at the MOV currently features the work of two local fetish photographers, Michael Barrick (aka Atratus) of Gothic BC and Sin City, and resident NOIR camera man Frankie Panky. Because of that the organizers of Sin and NOIR both thought it would be a great idea to organize a group outing to see the show. That and, y’know, it’s all about SEX!

If you’re feeling game the organizers encourage you to dress in outdoor/public-friendly fetish attire. Please keep in mind that this is still a public space! Of course if you’re more comfortable in street attire in public you’re free to dress accordingly, and they day also makes the perfect opportunity for those curious about the local fetish scene but to shy to venture out for the first time in fetish attire to check it out.

After visiting the museum the group may look for somewhere nearby to grab dinner.

Details on this fetish outing to the Sex Talk in The City exhibition can be found here on Facebook. For more details on the exhibition itself visit the MOV website.


Saturday, March 9: Kiss Me There Shamrock Swingers Party
Where: Club Allure
, Langley BC

Swingers Club Allure celebrates St. Patty’s Day a week early with their Kiss Me There Shamrock Party. To help break the ice and get the naughty shenanigans started, every party-going leprechaun will receive a “Lucky Shamrock” upon arrival at the event. Each shamrock is placed somewhere sexy you want to be kissed.

Dress to impress: It’s a St. Patty’s Day Party, so you must have something green on. It doesn’t have to be your entire outfit, a simple addition of a green hat, beads, or shamrock will get you in the door, but you’re welcome to be more creative. Other than that, standard Allure attire is required. Lingerie, club wear, classy evening attire or fetish wear mandatory for entry (no jeans or athletic attire).

Details, and information on how to register, can be found on the Club Allure website.


Saturday, March 9: Electro Tea Party
Where: Grandview Legion
, 2205 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Those who have attended a party by the Electro Swing Club Vancouver will tell you that they really defy description. One thing you can count on, the night will offer at least a few Hot Sexy surprises.

Dress up as your favorite themed character from Alice in Wonderland or simply come as you are, everyone is welcome at this tea party.

The Master of Ceremonies for the Evening is Mackenzie Gray, who will introduce you to a list of talents muti and varied too long to list here! Suffice to say it promises to be one strange trip down the rabbit hole.

Details on the evening can be found here on Facebook.


Sunday, March 10: Kitty Nights Burlesque Springs Ahead!
Where: The Biltmore Cabaret,
 2755 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver
When: Doors 8:00pm  Show 9:00pm  Open to midnght

Kitty Nights, the burlesque evening that’s always been ahead of it’s time, celebrates daylight savings this Sunday night.

This week featuring the talents of: Ava Lure, Vanity Feral, Burgundy Brixx, and from Seattle special guests Mafia Minx and Man Johnson! Plus, as always, the crazy festivities are hosted by The Purrrfessor, and the night finishes with a tetro-sexy dance party with DJ Steamboat Fattie.

For more on this Sunday’s party visit the Facebook event listing, and to learn more about Vancouver’s best known and most frequent burlesque affair visit the Kitty Night’s website.


Details on the night can be found here on Facebook, and to learn more about Kitty Nights visit their website.


Looking Ahead

Next weekend is full of fetish events, and over at NOIR Fetish Ball they’ve actually dubbed it A Fetish Affair Weekend.

The festivities start on Friday night with the NOIR Fetish Ball happening at Chapel Arts. This party is also the first event where NOIR memberships will be available to purchase. You can visit their website for more details on the pervlidges that come with a membership, but if you’re hoping to snag one you best get there early – only 100 memberships, at $50 each, are being offered for sale, and those arriving first for the night will be given the first opportunity to purchase them. Details can be found here on Facebook.

The fetish fun continues here in Vancouver on Saturday evening with Sin City’s La Fete Corsette. Vancouver’s longest running fetish night celebrates the corset in style at The Red Room.

Featuring a corset costume contest, the Sin City Dungeon, and a dance floor that will be as tight as the night’s outfits courtesy of DJs Pandemonium and Catherinna.

While we’re mentioning Sin City we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the ongoing Donation Drive for Atratus, the night’s resident photographer. As many of those in the fetish scene know Atratus was recently dosed at an event, and had several expenses arise from that unfortunate incident. If you’re interested in helping him out, you can do so here and you can learn more about what happened here on Facebook.

Vancouver isn’t the only city doing Fetish in style. Over in Victoria this weekend is the annual Domlander competition. Part leather-contest-spoof, part gong show and all fun, if you haven’t been to Domlander before it’s a fetish event quite unlike anything you’ve experienced before! Erotic Vancouver can’t recommend this night highly enough. Seriously (and this is the only time we’d ever use the word “seriously” about Domlander) if you’re on Vancouver Island and into fetish, comedy or both you have to go! If you’re from somewhere else it’s worth the trip over.

Domlander is presented by the semi-retired Sagacity, which previously hosted monthly dungeon parties in Victoria. We’re certainly glad they’ve come out of retirement at least to keep the Domlander tradition alive! You’ll find all the details on the Domlander webpage.


That’s it for another week of Hot Sexy Events. As always, if you know of an event you think should have been listed which isn’t let us, and the rest of Vancouver, know about it in a comment below. Until next week, stay sexy.


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