Hot Sexy Events: March 18-24

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Erotic Vancouver is happy to have another week of great events to let you know about. But keep in mind, this isn’t everything that’s happening on Vancouver’s sex-positive and sexy scenes this week. In particular we haven’t listed all of the burlesque events happening around Vancouver this week.

Nope, if you’re going to want to know about what’s happening in Vancouver’s Burlesque scene (and there’s a lot) you’re just going to have to go and look yourself. Check out Burlesque Vancouver group on Facebook, visit the websites of Sweet Soul Burlesque, Kitty Nights and the Vancouver Burlesque Centre, to name just a few.

Head on over to the kinky person’s social network, Fetlife, join, and then do a search of groups with the word “Vancouver” and learn just how much there is going on for the fetish and BDSM crowds in our city.

Go explore, we can’t do it all for you! And if you discover something new, something you’ve never seen mentioned here in Hot Sexy Events, drop us a line—because we’d like to know about it too!

Now onto the weeks events that we are listing.


Now-Sunday, March 24: Broken Sex Doll
Where: The Cultch, 1895 Venables Street, Vancouver
When: 8:00-10:00pm nightly

From the producers of the smash hits “1984” and “The Zombie Syndrome” comes a hilarious sci-fi musical! The rapid pace of technological advancement in 2136 has only been matched by a dramatic decline of morality. Embedded at birth with sensory implants, people can now record and share experiences with one other. Known as “feelies,” these immersive memory files are celebrated and exchanged on the free market by an obsessed public hungry for distraction. Robots have become lifelike, humans are robotic, and the two intermarry.

When an ordinary man named Daryl wakes up from routine implant upgrade surgery, he discovers that he has unexpected sensory skills… and a crush on his mysterious nurse, Ginger. After the two upload an intimate encounter for an amateur “feelie” contest, Daryl becomes the next big star in the world’s bizarre sex industry, only to discover love in the most unexpected place…

A “feel good” musical that’s so wrong it’s right!

You’ll find more details on The Cultch’s virtual stage website here.


Tuesday, March 19: Improv Against Humanity
Where: Cafe Deux Soleils, 2096 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
When: 7:00-9:30pm

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again,we’re bad people for loving this event so much. Bad, horrible, sick people!

Vancouver improv comedy troupe The Fictionals take all that is best (and by best, we mean horrible) about the game Cards Against Humanity and put it in front of an audience. Lucky (and horrible) audience members then play the game and put together cards to make phrases to make you laugh, groan and question your humanity. The winning combination each round (and it will be horrible) is then acted out in an improv skit by The Fictionals.

We don’t know if it’s “sexy” but we can guarantee that each and every night it will get “sexual.”

Truly, we can’t tell you just how much your sides will hurt from laughing so hard after attending this show, and how much your brain will hurt from wondering “Oh my God, how could I laugh at that?”

You’ll find more details here on their Facebook event listing.


Tuesday, March 19: The Breaking Point – A Special Benefit Performance
Where: PAL Studio Theatre
, 581 Cardero Street, Vancouver
When: 8:00-10:00pm

Screaming Weenie Productions – the West Coast’s Queer Theatre Company – is hosting a Special Benefit Night for QMUNITY called The Breaking Point on March 19, 2013, 8pm at the PAL Studio Theatre (581 Cardero St, off West Georgia).

The evening will feature a double-bill of performances about sex and the rules by which we love: Screaming Weenie’s world premiere of Unstuck by Evan Tsitsias, and a one-night-only show of Bi, Hung, Fit…and Married, an autobiographical show about a man who comes out as bisexual to his wife of eighteen years, written and performed by Mark Bentley Cohen.

For more details on the evening visit their Facebook event listing. And to learn more about the great organization they’re supporting check out the Qmunity website.


Thursday, March 21: Poly 101 – Managing Jealousy
Where: Yagger’s Downtown
, 433 W. Pender, Vancouver
When: 6:00-9:00pm

Polyamory, the concept and practice of having more than one loving relationship, presents an unique set of challenges and benefits. The Poly 101 Discussion group exists to help its attendees tackle those challenges.

This month’s subject is Jealousy. It’s an issue that happens in all relationships, but in one that is poly in nature it can have a greater impact due to multiple relationships being in play. How do you successfully navigate those feelings of jealousy? Are you able to have rational conversations with your partner about these or not? How do you mitigate these feelings? For most people it’s natural to have feelings of jealousy, how you deal with them is the important thing and that’s what we hope to gain some insight into this month.

The group meets in a private back room, so when arrive in just head to the back, and you can’t miss it. The moderator for the evening will arrive at 6 o’clock, and the discussion gets under way at 6:30pm.


Friday, March 22: Geekenders’ 90s Saturday Morning at Night
Where: The Roxy, 932 Granville St, Vancouver
When: 7:00pm-midnight

Geekenders, one of the jewels of Vancouver’s nerdlesque scene, moves to a brand new home this Friday night, the world famous Roxy Nightclub! And to celebrate the move they’re also introducing a brand new feature to the night – a live band following their staple variety acts, burlesque, comedy trivia and costume contests.

The evenings scheduled entertainment is Dollie Nox, Precious Metal, Burns the Dragon, Whatshername, Vincent Vice, Dick Gayson, Bryn Stone and Mz. B Haven. And after that amazing slate of entertainers has done their thing the band Troys R Us takes the stage.

It’s a Geekenders unlike any that has come before, and you’ll find out more details on it here on Facebook.


UPDATE: When the list was originally put together this got left off it – a HUGE OVERSIGHT as it’s something we’ve been looking forward to it here at Erotic Vancouver for some time.

Friday, March 22: Beatles Burlesque (Rock ‘n’ Roll Burlesque)
Where: The Electric Owl, 
928 Main Street, Vancouver
When: 7:30-11:00pm

Blue Morris, creator of the monthly live-music burlesque show at the Electric Owl, brings back their much requested Beatles Burlesque show which played to raves last year at The ANZA Club. This is the show that combines music of the “Fab Four,” theatre, and burlesque inspired by The Beatles.

The show is hosted by Ed Sullivan, the Queen of England, and Yoko Ono, all performed by the incredible Connie Cahoots!

Lucy’s Diamonds have never sparkled quite like this before! This is a saucy ’60s spectacle you won’t want to miss!

The show’s cast/night’s dancers are: Melody Mangler, Calamity Kate, Connie Cahoots, Miss Fitt, and Veronia Vex, with Go-Go by Riannaconda!

For more details on the show, including some very flatter quotes from those who have seen it, visit their Facebook event listing.


Saturday, March 23: Club Allure’s xXx Party
Where: Club Allure
, Langley (exact location available to attendees)
When: 8:00pm-2:00am

Swingers retreat Club Allure hosts one of their xXx Parties, and they’re not for the faint of heart! Join their more experienced couples and singles. They expand the play zones to increase the sexy vibe in the club and encourage all sorts of sexy fun almost anywhere in the club! They even open up “The Inferno” for dancing and what ever fun you desire.

NOTE: You must be a Club Allure member in order to attend. You’ll find more information on the night and on membership on the Club Allure website.


Saturday, Rascal’s “To Perv & Protect
Where: The WISE Hall
, 1882 Adanac, Vancouver
When: 8:00pm-1:00am

Vancouver’s kink scene boasts many jewels in its crown, and Rascal’s Play Parties are certainly amongst them! With some of the finest dungeon equipment you’ll find not just in the city, but in all of Canada or on North America’s West Coast. Really, built by the original Rascal, it’s that good!

Rascal’s features a fully equipped, large dungeon with 12 play stations in the main dungeon area. Four more play stations can be found on the stage where it is more intimate for those who wish to play with some privacy – over 2500 square feet of FUN! Custom designed spanking benches with stocks, suspension frames, whipping posts and tables, double crosses and A-frames, you’ll find it all in the Rascal’s dungeon!

For more on this Saturday’s party visit the Rascal’s website.


Saturday, March 23: Erotica Electronica
Where: The Sunset Room, 401 Herald Street, Victoria
When: 9:00pm-5:30am

Erotic Vancouver has been looking a little further a field of late, over to Victoria, and that’s because of the number of great sex positive events that are being produced over there.

This Saturday it’s Erotica Electronica, an all night dance party with some amazing DJs, rope suspensions, burlesque and dance performances, an aerial performance and more!

If you’re on Vancouver Island making it out to this party is a no-brainer, and if you’re on the mainland it’s yet another reason that it’s worth grabbing a ferry to Victoria! For more details visit their Facebook event listing.


Looking Ahead

This past weekend the men behind Rubbout were making a splash here in Vancouver, with their Rubbout Kickoff party at The PumpJack on Saturday night, and a special appearance at NOIR Fetish Ball on Friday evening that left much of the crowd in awe! Now imagine what an entire weekend with the Rubbermen will look like!

Running Friday April 12 – Sunday April 14, the weekend features a Rubber Bar Night & Invasion Club Crawl to start the weekend off, a Gear Swap and a Puppy Play Party at two different venues on Saturday afternoon, followed by a Rubber Play Party that night, and the weekend finishes off with the traditional Rubbout Brunch on Sunday. It’s Vancouver’s longest consistently running fetish or kink event of any kind, North America’s longest running Rubber weekend, and one of the best reasons to call Vancouver “Oh Fun City!

You’ll find details on both the Rubbout website and their Facebook event listing. Plus look for a feature article on Rubbouts past and present here on Erotic Vancouver Magazine soon!


That’s it for another week’s edition of Hot Sexy Events. Remember to check out the Erotic Vancouver Event calendar for even more of what’s happening around the city.

As always, if you know of something you think should be on the list but isn’t let us, and all our readers, know in a comment below. And of course we’re always interested in hearing about what is hot, happening and upcoming around the city, so do drop us a line in advance with info on your sexy events!

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