Hot Sexy Events: March 11-17

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This week’s Hot Sexy Events column features a little more cut & paste and a little less blood, sweat and tears in its copy. That’s because your trusty writer, Erotic Vancouver Editor Reive, lost all the original copy that was done (a wordpress glitch!) and had his hands too full to rewrite the column; between some charity work (PACE Society) and prepping for this upcoming weekend’s NOIR Fetish Ball, and the NOIR Membership offering, it was cut & paste or nothin’.

By the way, you’ll find a little more info on both NOIR, and PACE (which benefits from the 50/50 draws at both NOIR and Sin City this weekend) further on in this column.

Speaking of Fetish, NOIR certainly isn’t the only thing on offer on that front this week! In fact, NOIR has dubbed this coming weekend A Fetish Affair! Here in Vancouver NOIR happens on Friday evening, and Sin City happens on the Saturday. Meanwhile, over on Vancouver Island it’s the 11th Annual Domlander Competition. If you like your kink with a little bit of humour thrown in then there is no better event in the Pacific Northwest, hands down!

Now without further ado, onto the week’s events!


Tuesday, March 12: Get Away With Pandora & The Locksmiths
Where: Guilt & Co
,  1 Alexander Street, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm

Craving an escape but can’t afford to go on vacation? Well then, the lovely Pandora ladies and their band the Locksmiths have just the night for you!

Pandora and the Locksmiths are a dynamic collective of professional singers, dancers, striptease artists, and musicians who offer extravagant and inspired live productions fit for a range of audiences. Best known for their triple-threat talents and timeless elegance, these lavish productions pack sentiment with excitement to spare! Stylistically speaking, you could be in for a show paying tribute to classic jazz, an evening of swingin’ 60s, groovy funk’n’soul, or contemporary music done with their signature jazzy twist; they are sure to delight every palate. The performers of Pandora showcase their talent and wit with a sultry touch as The Locksmiths set the tone for a compelling journey into both the past and future of burlesque. You are invited to join them and experience a glamorous evening of unforgettable live entertainment!

For more info on the night visit their Facebook event listing.


Wednesday, March 13: Vancouver Poly 101 Pub Night
Where: The Pint
, 455 Abbott Street, Vancouver
When: 7:30pm

Vancouver’s Poly 101 Discussion Group  takes a night off from moderated discussion to simply get together, hang out, mix and mingle.

Poly 101 is a group for those who are curious, or who already practice, desire or accept having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.

In addition to occasional social events like this, they also host a Poly Discussion group the 3rd Thursday of each month – but to learn more about that you’ll have to check Hot Sexy Events next week!

For details on the pub night you can check out their Facebook event listing.


Wednesday, March 13: This Ain’t Yo Mumma’s Bingo “Surrender the Booty”

Villainy Loveless

Where: Hyde Restaurant, 2960 Main Street, Vancouver
When: 8:30pm

Each week This Ain’t You Mumma’s Bingo brings Vancouver a twisted take on the classic contest, and packing the night with burlesque action. Expect your hosts, Villainy Loveless and Beatrix Hotter, to be scantily clad and calling for words like “Moist” “Taint” and “Porno” instead of boring ol “Bingo”. To add to the evenings entertainment, they’ve thrown in “magic balls” and when one is drawn, funny, silly and sexy things happen that could win you prizes and free drinks!

This week’s edition is a pre-party for Beatrix Hotter’s “Nautical By Nature” show happening Thursday night at the Cobalt, so expect some high seas adventures to ensue!

Details on Facebook.


Thursday, March 14: Nautical by Nature
Where: The Cobalt
, 917 Main Street, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-2:00am

Join host Beatrix Potter as she welcomes a bevy of burlesque beauties to the stage for some rum drinkin’ and rump shakin’. If you’re looking for booty to plunder the night offers treasures galore!

With performances by April O’Peel, Peach Cobblah, Voracious V, Peter Pansy and the evenings lovely host, Beatrix herself. Plus music for the show and all night dance party courtesy of Biggest Crush.

A map featuring hidden treasure, here there be dragons motifs, and other necessary info for the evening can be found here on Facebook.


Friday, March 15: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Where: The Rio Theatre
, 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver

The Rio offers a prime time screening of the midnight classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show accompanied by a live shadow cast.

As always audience participation is encouraged, so come join the madness. $2 prop bags will be sold in the lobby, and you’re encouraged to bring your own squirt guns and noise makers.

8pm Friday: It’s time to do the time warp again!

More details are on the Facebook event listing, and the RIOs full line up of great and kooky offerings (plus regular film fare) can be found on their website.


Friday, March 15: G String Fling Burlesque Showcase
Where: The Electric Owl, 928 Main Street, Vancouver
When: Doors 8:00pm

The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival is still a ways away, happening May2nd-4th, but the VIBF offers up a little taste of that weekend’s offerings, with some of Vancouver’s latest batch of burlesque beauties appearing alongside some of this city’s best known and most entertaining performers.

This evening welcomes the budding blossoms from both Burgundy Brixx’s School of Tease & Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society’s Becoming Burlesque.

With performances by LuLu Rulette, Scrumptious Suzy Q, Ruby Slickeur, Honey Crisp, Justine Sane, Boomer Von Schnitzel Hosen, Ginger Tonic, and Madame Mae I. Hosted by the radiant Violet Femme and featuring stage kitty stylings by Vanity Feral.

More details can be found here on Facebook.


Friday, March 15: NOIR Fetish Ball
Where: Chapel Arts, 304 Dunlevy Street, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-2:00am

Hot on the heels of the success of their first two parties at Chapel Arts, widely acclaimed as some of Vancouver’s best fetish events in years, NOIR is back with a Friday evening party.

Why a Friday, you ask? Because Sin City wasn’t able to book their regular 2nd, 4th or last Saturday of the month originally in any venue, and so asked NOIR if they might run the 3rd Saturday without competing with them. NOIR said yes, anticipating they’d be able to book another Saturday – alas, the only Saturday available at The Chapel also turned out to be the 3rd one, and so it was decided the whole weekend should be A Fetish Affair!

This party also marks a chance to buy a NOIR membership. Given that only 100 are being offered for sale it might by your only chance! Details on memberships can be found here on the NOIR website.

It’s going to be night to remember! Two rooms of music, 4 DJs, NOIR’s signature front & centre dungeon space, and more good tmes than you can shake a stick at. Note: If you see a stick shaking in your direction it’s likely someone wanting to cane you. You’ve been warned/intrigued, whatever the case may be.

Please remember: NOIR features a strict fetish dress code which is strictly enforced!

For more check out their Facebook event listing or visit the NOIR website.


Saturday March 16: Beware The Brides of March
Starting location Blarney Stone, 216 Carrall Street, Vancouver
5:00pm until the last Bride falls!

Who says you only get to wear your wedding dress once? Who says you can’t make your husband wear your wedding dress as payback for all those times he complained about how much you spent on it? Who says this wasn’t a good idea? (Okay, well the answer to that last question is actually “More than a few people…)

This Saturday Say Yes to the Dress for this Greater Vancouver pub crawl/Scavenger Hunt/Wedding Ceremony. The only condition for participating is that you wear a wedding gown. So dig to the back of that closet or hit your local thrift stores. If you’ve ever moaned that you only get to wear that dress once you don’t want to miss this event!

You’ll find all you need to know here on Facebook.


Saturday March 16: Master Geek Theatre “Winter is Coming”
Where: The Cellar Nightclub, 1006 Granville Street, Vancouver
When: 6:00-10:00pm

Master Geek Theatre returns with a show honouring, spoofing, and in terrific tribute to Game of Thrones.

Introducing Lord Cameron, of the house Russell, first of his name. Blond of hair, blue of eye, medium of wiener, and Lord of Partying, and his partner, Lady Liz, house of Oh, first of her name, red of hair, brown of eye, overseer of awesome times, as they bring you Burlesque, Trivia, Comedy, Dancing and MORE! 

Performances by Haylee Bee, Chesty LaRue, Aviva Bellydance, Brandan Borque, and Dothraki stand-up comic Kenny Khalasar.

So grab your sister and force her to come down with you to Master Geek Theatre. More details can be found on Facebook.


Saturday, March 16: Domlander
Where: Victoria Events Centre,
1415 Broad Street, Victoria
When: 8:00pm-1:00am

While Victoria’s long standing kink organization, Sagacity,  may have gone into retirement, we’re happy to report that it’s only semi-retirement, and that one of North America’s most unique, and quite possibly the most comic, leather contests is once again happening!

Come join Ladyfish, Fisherman and the rest of the Sagacity Gang as the contestants for Mr. and Mrs. Domlander square off to determine just who “Has the LOOK!”

Think you might have the comic chops to be the next Domlander? Well don’t delay, drop the folks over at Sagacity a line.

So head out, enjoy the fetish farce, and afterwards stay for the kinky play party! Fetish has never been so much fun!

Full details are available here on the Sagacity website.


Saturday March 16: Sin City “La Fete Corsette”
Where: The Red Room
, 398 Richards Street, Vancouver

Vancouver’s fetish night known for it’s themes presents its most uncomfortable one of the year—and we mean that in the very, very best way! La Fete Corseete celebrates that tightest of fetish fashions, and it celebrates it in uniquely kinky style!

Sin City’s promoter would like everyone to note that that this event is indeed on the third Saturday of the month. “This is an exception and we are indeed normally on the second Saturdays of the month! The venue had a major special event only available on the second Saturday to them, and our friends at NOIR Fetish Night gave us the green light for the date as they had nothing confirmed for this month yet, so this one time, the third Saturday of the month it is!”

While corsets, waist cinchers and the like are encouraged, all fetish attire is, as always, all you need to attend. You do need fetish attire, however! This is, after all, Sin City, and not only does it pay to look your fetish best, you’re required to!

More details can be found here on Facebook.


Saturday, March 16: Rubbout 22 Kickoff
Where: The PumpJack
, 1167 Davie Street, Vancouver
When: 9:00-1:00am

North Amercia’s longest running rubber weekend is still a month away, but they kick things off this Saturday night at The PumpJack. Look forward to the unveiling of this year’s official Rubbout poster, expect to see some hot guys bound up in rubber, and thrill to some “other world” surprises!

So if rubber and latex is your thing, then this Saturday get “back to black,” and experience all that Rubbout has to offer! More details on Saturday’s event can be found here on Facebook, and for more details on Rubbout weekend itself visit the Rubbout website.


That’s it for another week’s worth of Hot Sexy Events. As always, if you know of an event you think Vancouver should know about that didn’t make the list feel free to let folks know about it with a comment below.

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