Hot Sexy Events: January 7-13

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Welcome to another edition of Hot Sexy Events. It’s a shorter list than the last couple of weeks’ – but then again, unlike New Year’s Eve you won’t be forced to choose between a score of great events happening on just one night!

There aren’t any fetish, swinger or poly events this upcoming weekend either, as everyone takes a bit of a break after the rush of December. Still, while the line up is shorter this week and a bit less sexual it’s no less sexy, and whatever you make it out to, Erotic Vancouver is confident you’ll have a great time!

Be sure to also check out Looking Ahead at the end of the column, because there are some great events coming at you in the coming weeks that we wanted to make sure you knew about. After all, while spontaneous is sexy sometimes you’ve got to plan your moments….

Please note, wherever possible in the Hot Sexy Events column, we provide Facebook event listings or link to the event’s website. In some cases, however, only Fetlife event listings are available. Fetlife is a social network for kinky people, and a free membership will be required to view that information. If BDSM and kink are your thing, join, you’ll be glad you did.

Now onto this week’s events!


Tuesday January 8: Open Relationships Seminar
Where: The Art of Loving,
1819 W. 5th Avenue, Vancouver
When:  7:30pm

The Art of Loving isn’t just a source for some great sex toys, it’s also the store that regularly brings a great line up of adult sex ed classes to those in the know.

This Tuesday’s seminar is presented by Mark and Lianna, a couple that enjoyed 15 years of monogamous marriage before decided to open their relationship up to having sex with others. Join them as they honestly and frankly discuss the joys and pitfalls they encountered along the way, and the ways they’ve made it work.

For full details and to find out how to register see the seminar write up on The Art of Loving Website. You can find also find other seminars happening at The Art of Loving on the Erotic Vancouver event calendar.


Tuesday January 8-Sunday, January 13: The Gay Mafia
Where: Jericho Arts Centre,
 1675 Discovery Street, Vancouver
When:  8:00pm

This “hit” comedy from queer improv group The Bobbers actually started last week, and since then it’s been received with rave reviews.

Come join the fun as the Don announces his retirement and sets a series of tests in order to choose his replacement. The audience takes part, suggesting the elements of the scenes taking place, and occasionally one or two audience members might get dragged into the action!

So grab a friend or two, grab your hat, and head on out to see The Gay Mafia, it’s a night of entertainment you simply can’t refuse!

You’ll find more info, including how to purchase tickets, on the Jericho Arts Centre website. And there’s also a Gay Mafia Facebook event listing.


Wednesday, January 9: Philosophers’ Cafe: Moral Panics
Where: False Creek Community Centre,
1318 Cartwright St. (Granville Island) Vancouver
When: 7:00pm start

What’s this doing on the Hot & Sexy list, you ask? Because smart is sexy!

SFU’s Philospher’s Cafe is an award winning series of informal public discussions that engages the interest of scholars, seniors, students, philosophers and non-philosophers alike through stimulating dialogue and the passionate exchange of ideas.

This Wednesday’s discussion at the False Creek Community Centre  concerns Moral Panics.

Whether it’s about recreational drugs, booze, the sexual revolution (see it does belong here), or the effects of media such as comics, movies, TV, Internet, and video games on the young, Western civilization has had a number of encounters with moral panics. What causes them? What do they cause? Are they rational behaviours justified by observed facts, or do they cause us to blame others rather than encouraging us to look carefully at real social problems?

To read more on the whole Philosohers’ Cafe line up from January-August you’ll find their schedule online here.


Wednesday, January 9: Rope Night-The Straitjacket Tie
Where: A private residence in Burnaby
, email for details
When: 7:00pm-11:00pm

One of the great developments in Vancouver’s kink community in just the past couple of years is the up-swell in peer to peer learning. This is most evident among rope bondage enthusiasts, who seem to have something planned every other week – if not more often – to get together, tie, and learn. Leading the pack in that regard has been the monthly Rope Night, which focuses on a different “tie” each time.

This time around the focus is on the “straitjacket” tie. As conceived by Rope Night’s organizer, this tie builds around the classic notion of a straitjacket. With rope, this idea is glorified and turned into a really unique piece of bondage.

For those with their own rope wishing to try the tie themselves, approx. 90′ of rope will be required.

You’ll find more about Wednesday’s Rope Night here on Fetlife, or you may email the organizer at for more info or to get on the guest list.


January 12: Elements of Tease workshop with Burgundy Brixx
Where: Vancouver Burlesque Centre,
124 W. 6th Avenue, Vancouver

This is a two part class, the second part of which takes place on Saturday, January 19th.

The first lady of Vancouver’s burlesque scene, Burgundy Brixx, is here to teach you how to tease it up in style! Learn the elements and theory of classic burlesque striptease at the VBC. This critically acclaimed course covers history, classic moves, and the fine art of tassel twirling in order to get you started doing burlesque right!

The cost for this two afternoon course is $80 and includes printed materials and a pair of professional burlesque tasseled pasties.

To register, or for more info, visit the VBC website.


Saturday, January 12: No Joke Movie Premiere
Where: Collingwood Cinema (Formerly Raja)
3215 Kingsway, Vancouver
When: 7:00pm-midnight

What’s hot and sexy about this? Well a sense of humour is pretty sexy, many people agree! Although apparently some people debate on whether these guys have a good one.

Then we learned that Vibrato, the Human Vibrator was in this we knew it had to get listed! If you’ve been to many fetish events in Vancouver over the years you’ve probably run into Vibrato, he’s a staple at local events. The human equivalent of those massaging chairs you’ve all seen, a hug from him is unlike any other you’ve ever experienced!

According to the press materials, this “…hilarious documentary follows three struggling Vancouver comedians trying to prove they’re funny. They travel with their hapless tour manager, Vibrato: The Human Vibrator to LA to get evaluated by the owner of the world famous Laugh Factory.” The film is directed by award winning filmmaker Matt Frame (Baghdad or Bust)
World Premiere.

After the film there will be a short Q & A followed by Michael Jackson karaoke. How could you not go for that?

For more information on the night visit the No Joke Facebook event listing.


Saturday, January 12: Electro Swing Circus
Where: Grandview Legion,
2205 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-2:00am

The Electro Swing Club crew always presents a night that tends to bring out the sexual animal in folks, and their Electro Swing Circus lends itself to some crazy sexy costuming if that’s where your desire takes you.

When this event was first held the venue had to open a second room to try and contain the madness! That being said, the venue this time, The Grandview Legion, doesn’t lend itself as well to such times, but we’re confident that if anyone can do it the Electro Swing crew can!

Featuring DJ Defunk (Calgary) laying down ghetto funk/electro swing/glitch tracks, and DJ Eliazar (Montreal) with some Speakeasy Electro Swing.

The live entertainment is what will really grab you, though! Expect stilt walkers, fire breathers, juggling, clowns acrobats, circus slaves and a side show! Plus New York Burlesque Queen Amber Ray, and wild animal go-go dancers!

For full details on the night’s exciting line up of entertainment and more info visit their Facebook event listing.


Looking ahead:

The end of next week brings with it the Taboo Sex Show, happening from January 17-20 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and also the NOIR Fetish Ball GRAND OPENING in its new venue. (Disclosure: Erotic Vancouver managing editor Reive Doig is a partner in NOIR.)

If you’re checking out the Taboo Sex Show be sure to come say hi to Erotic Vancouver Managing Editor Reive and Copy Editor Ange. We’ll be there in the dungeon representing both Erotic Vancouver and NOIR Fetish Ball, right by the Erotic Vancouver Show Stage! (We’re pretty damn excited about that!) You’ll also find Sin City and Metro Vancouver Kink representing the kinky side of the city’s alt-sex community there along with us.

Saturday, January 19th, NOIR Fetish Ball hosts Vancouver’s first fetish party of 2013 at Chapel Arts, a former chapel and hall, that became a funeral parlor for nearly 100 years, and which is now Vancouver’s most unique event space. You’ll find details on the NOIR’s Grand Opening here on Facebook or on the NOIR website.

Then, two weeks later at the start of February, MVK presents their Westcoast Bound Conference. In our opinion it was through their conference last year that Vancouver made the leap from really great kink town to World Fuckin’ Class Kink City! Seriously, if you’re into kink, or even just curious about it, and you plan to go out just one weekend this year and spend the rest of your time as a shut in, this is the weekend to go out!

You’ll find details on Westcoast Bound on the conference website. If you’d like to know more about the fine work Metro Vancouver Kink does, and the great events they put on, visit their website.

That’s it for another Hot Sexy Events column. Be sure to check the Erotic Vancouver event calendar for other great events happening around the city.

Know of something we didn’t list that you think should be here? Let us know about it in a comment below.



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