Hot Sexy Events: January 21-27

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You wouldn’t think that the week following the one just past, which held NOIR’s Chapel Art’s Grand Opening Party, Kitty Nights Fifth Anniversary and the weekend long Taboo naughty but nice sex show, just to mention some of the great happenings, could be as full and fun of exciting things to do. But not only is it, you’re actually going to be faced with more choices to make between events this coming Saturday night!

Now, before heading on to this weeks event we’d like to welcome our new readers, and we’ve had a lot of them recently. Below you’ll find EV‘s picks for the best of the city’s erotic and alt-sex scenes; it certainly isn’t everything going on, however, and you’ll want to check the Erotic Vancouver Calendar for what else is happening. Often times even the best events get left off this list sometimes in the interest of saving space, and so they don’t appear on the list each and every week. (I’m looking at you, Kitty Nights! We don’t want to be seen to be playing favourites. And we could devote an entire column to all the great workshops held at The Art of Loving.)

You should also be aware that wherever possible we include a link to an event’s own website or a Facebook event listing. In some cases, however, only a Fetlife event listing is available for you to find more information. Fetlife is a social network for kinky people, sort of Facebook for the BDSM crowd. A free membership is required to view the information there.

So, new readers and regulars alike, read on to find out just why Erotic Vancouver has been saying that while other’s might think Vancouver is “No fun city,” we know that Vancouer’s Alt-sex community is making this “Oh Fun City!”


Monday, January 21: MVK Newbie Munch
Where: Tipper Restaurant, 2066 Kingsway, Vancouver
When: 6:30-9:00pm

A munch is a casual dinner gathering at a public restaurant that allows people to get to know each other in a low-pressure environment. Folks don’t dress up in party clothes, and no play happens. It’s just dinner with kinky-minded people! Munches are a great way to meet people so that you know someone when you go to parties

This particular munch is aimed at those new to the scene. Hosted by Metro Vancouver Kink, which should be your first stop if you’re seeking BDSM knowledge and/or the local kink community, the night offers those looking for an opportunity to plunge into the kink waters an opportunity to do so, without having to dive directly into the deep end of the pool.

You’ll find more details on the evening here on Fetlife.

You’ll also have an opportunity to find out about MVK’s Westcoast Bound Conference, happening February 1-3. You can read more on that at the end of this week’s Hot Sexy Events. Or you can find out more about everything Metro Vancouver Kink does over on their website.


Tuesday, January 22: Improv Against Humanity
Where: Cafe deux Soleils
When: 7:00-9:30pm

Brought to you by Vancouver comedy improv troupe The Fictionals, this evening will have you laughing at things so inappropriate that you will have to question your own moral worth as a person by the end of it. But god damn is it insanely funny!

How sexy is the evening going to be? We’re not sure. But rest assured that over the course of the show more than a few sexually inappropriate things will be said, ands some of them will actually be turned into skits!

You’ll find all the details you need here on Facebook.

If you go don’t say we didn’t warn you. And please, don’t judge us for loving this show so much!


Wednesday, January 23: Backside Love Seminar
Where: The Art of Loving
, 1819 W. 5th Avenue, Vancouver
When: 7:30pm start

Monday through Wednesday nights most weeks, The Art of Loving offers up some of the city’s best adult sex education. This week is no exception, and Wednesday’s Backside Love is another great offering.

Have you always been curious to try, but just too anal to do it without first learning all the facts? (Sorry, we had to.) Then this is the class for you!

Learn how to give or receive pain free anal sex; not if, but how a woman can orgasm from anal pleasure; which toys make anal sex more fun and more!

You’ll find more details on The Art of Loving website.



Thursday, January 24: Secrets of the Penthouse
Where: The Penthouse Nightclub
When: 5:45pm doors, tours at 6:15 & 7:15

Vancouver’s Penthouse Nightclub has a storied past, from it’s days operating as an illegal bottle club, through the heady fifties and sixties when some of the world’s biggest stars would come grace its stage or its booths, up until today. Through it all, of course, you’ll here tales of showgirls, exotic dancers, and the happenings of this infamous Vancouver nightspot!

More details, and how to purchase tickets, can be found on tour company Forbidden Vancouver’s website.


Thursday, January 24: Vancouver Poly 101 Discussion
Where: Yaggers
When: 6:00pm

Vancouver Poly 101 is a group that meets  the fourth Thursday of each month to discuss a topic related to Polyamory. This months discussion covers the essential (and, we must admit, very 101) topic of Primaries, Secondaries and Other Partners.

But we’ll let the organizers describe what that means: “This discussion isn’t going to be about the terminology of the words, rather YOU; what is a primary or most-important-partner to YOU. How do YOU view your partner hierarchy differently? Do YOU see all partners as equals or do YOU define one higher based on a specific factor (ie sharing household expenses, body fluids, etc)? I find that these sorts of discussions help individuals who might be having a difficult time finding what works for them and hearing what others have to say sometimes clicks for someone else.”

For more details check out their Facebook Event Listing.


Friday, January 25: Geekenders’ Winter Wonderland on Hoth
Where: Grandview Legion
When: 7:30pm-2:00am, show 8:15

It’s geeky. It’s sexy. It’s funny. It’s the crazy mix up of burlesque and nerd, and in this edition Geekenders bring you a look at all things Star Wars, and more specifically the third film of the first (and only good!) trilogy.

Princess Leia and the sexy (yet strangely femme-y and arousing) Han Solo race home aboard her starship, custodians of the performers that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy….

Those performers are: Riannaconda, Lace Cadet, Chai Tea, Dollie Nox, Sherry Hymen, Dezi Desire, Bryn Stone, Pocket Venus, and Kitten Kaboodle.

There will be burlesque, singing, magic, two costume contests (Star Wars and general) and more! All that followed by a dance that brings back memories of the awkward sexuality of a high school dance! And we mean that in the best way.

Details can be found here on Facebook.

Meet us out back for a smoke, and maybe let us cop a feel?


Saturday, January 26: Den of Pleasure Ladies Pleasure Event
Where: Den of Pleasure
, private address provided upon confirmation
When: 8:00pm-1:30am

Vancouver’s kinkiest swing club opens it’s doors for another Ladies Pleasure Event. The event opens for the ladies to be pampered and spoiled at 8:00pm before the men are invited to join them at 10 o’clock. There will be scantily clad sexy male attendants to serve the ladies every need, with each attendant displaying a list of the services they provide.

Den if Pleasure parties are are welcoming to adventurous couples and singles, both male and female of all sexual preferences. The organizers simply ask that you be respectful and tolerant of others. They also remind you that, just like they say in Vegas, “What happens at the parties stays at the parties.”

Details are available here on Fetlife.


Saturday, January 26: EastVan Pillow Fight Club
Where: Astoria Pub
, 769 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
When: 8:00pm

They told us what to expect. They told us about the various bouts lined up. They told us the where, the when and the what, but really, they had us at Pillow Fight Club!

Just in case you need to know more here’s a quick run down. Vancouver doesn’t just have a Pillow Fight Night and a Pillow Fight Club, there is a conference, or league, or whatever it is that fighters have. Trust us, these girls train, and they take this shit seriously! Doubt that? Just ask the ref who broke his ankle because he wasn’t paying quite enough attention during one bout!

The main bout: watch the Serbian Scramble defend her title against The Butcher’s Daughter.

Other bouts feature: Miss Treats, Tinkerhell, Flame Edna, The Iron Maiden, MediKated, Hanky Panky and MORE.

You’ll find more details here on Facebook and you can purchase tickets through Eventbrite.


Saturday, January 26: Sin City Wild Kingdom Fetish Ball
Where: The Electric Owl
, 928 Main Street, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-2:00am

Finally a fetish night for all those frisky furries! Sin City presents their annual Wild Kingdom Fetish Ball.

While any fetish outfit will get you in the door you’ll get bonus points for matching the night’s theme. Whatever your outfit, however, it must be styled kinky or fetish in order to get you in the door!

Head out and experience everything Sin City, Vancouver’s longest running fetish night, has to offer: the main room dance floor cage and stage dancing, resident DJ’s pandemonium and R-Lex, the theme decorated photo booth hosted by Atratus, the dungeon staffed by the Vancouver DM Team, and more crazy shenanigans than a regular nightclub packs into a whole week of events!

50/50 draw this evening in support of VOKRA, Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue.

You’ll find more details here on Facebook or on the Sin City website.


Saturday, January 26: Man Up Punk Rock Edition
Where: The Cobalt
, 917 Main Street, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-2:00am

Vancouver’s Drag King Night celebrates two years since it moved from the now defunct Lick Nightclub to the larger stage of The Cobalt, and boi do they make great use of that stage!

The evenings show talent includes Majick + Dicky, Edward + Cazzwell, Bloody Betty, Owen, Shameless Amus, Boi Job, Jack Dege + Tony McShane, Turner Over, Mr. Maddick, and host with the most, Ponyboy!

Pre-show dj on the decks is Nikki Never, and the post show spinning will be handled by Trevor Risk.

Tickets for the evening are $12, or just $7 if you show up before 10:30pm. You’ll find more details here on Facebook.


Sunday, January 27: Kitty Night’s Burlesque The Purrrfessor’s Parlour
Where: The Biltmore Cabaret, 2755 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver
When: 8:00pm-midnight  Show at 9:00pm

We know, we know. We said right at the start of the column we were trying not to look like we list this show just about every week, but Sunday nights when you’re looking for something sexy it’s often the only game in town.

Plus this night Burgundy Brixx is away, and we’re curious just how much trouble The Purrrfessor can get up to with her to keep him in line!

The evenings performers are Miss Cara Milk, April O’Peel, CoCo Cinders, and Beatrix Hotter, while Roxette Star will grace the go-go stage during intermission. Plus DJ Cherry On Top!

Everything you need to know can be found on the Kitty Nights website (warning: this site automatically starts with music) or on its Facebook event listing.


Looking Ahead

MVK’s Westcoast Bound is happening Friday February 1st through Sunday February 3rd, and for our money it’s both the best dungeon event and the best kink education event you could attend all year! Actually, there are two dungeon play parties, one on Friday and one on Saturday, so that makes this three of the best events you could attend, all in one weekend.

In fact Erotic Vancouver Editor Reive Doig, in a blog on The Huffington Post about the city’s best alt-sex events of the year, said “personally if I were told I could only go out one weekend this year, this would be it!”

If you’re serious about kink, or even just really, really curious, this is a not-to-be-missed event.

If you’d care to look even further ahead, April 12-14 is Rubbout, a weekend for men into rubber. Why are mentioning something so far off? Because if you like their Facebook page before the end of the month you could win a weekend pass!


That’s it for another week’s Hot Sexy Events. As always if you know of an event that we haven’t listed that you think should be here you can let us, and all of the column’s readers, know in a comment below!

Finally, a special thank you for all of the folks who came to say “Hi” to Erotic Vancouver Managing Editor Reive and our style and content editor Ange at the Taboo Sex Show, where you could find us doing double duty in the dungeon manning the NOIR Fetish Ball table and representing EV. Your warmth and well wishes were much appreciated.

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