Hot Sexy Events: February 18-24

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Well Valentine’s Day may be over, but love and lust are still in the air and in abundance! Perhaps it’s the early arrival of good weather, perhaps it’s the fact that Vancouver’s “Oh Fun City” reputation is finally catching hold, or perhaps it’s just coincidence, but once again the week is filled with Hot Sexy Events, and come the weekend you’re going to have to choose between which ones to attend!

There’s one event you’ll see on this week’s list that isn’t Hot and Sexy however, and that’s the PACE event with speaker Dr. Gabor Mate. PACE (Providing Alternatives Counselling and Education) is a charitable organization working with survival sex trade workers on Vancouver’s DTES. That isn’t sexy, but it is necessary, and it’s a job that’s largely been left to organizations such as PACE as various levels of government have paid little more than lip service to the idea of helping out sex trade workers, even in the wake of the Pickton murders and the resulting Missing and Murdered Women’s Inquiry. If you’ve ever given the plight of those plying the sex trade a thought you can help support the fine work done by PACE by attending this event, or you can simply send a donation their way. You’ll find more on both options in the write up below.

As for events that are Hot and Sexy, the week offers up some comic options, some burlesque and two nights of our favorite burlesque spin-off, nerlesque, along with Sin City Fetish night this coming weekend, and of course there’s a night where the Poly crowd want you to get together to talk about it all!

So without further ado, read on to find out all about what’s hot on Vancouver’s alt-sex and sexy arts scenes!


Tuesday, February 19: Improv Against Humanity
Where: Cafe Deux Soleils,  2096 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
When: 7:00-9:30pm

We know, we’re bad people for loving this event so much. Bad, horrible, sick people!

Vancouver improv comedy troupe The Fictionals take all that is best (and by best, we mean horrible) about the game Cards Against Humanity and put it in front of an audience. Lucky (and horrible) audience members then play the game and put together cards to make phrases to make you laugh, groan and question your humanity. The winning combination each round (and it will be horrible) is then acted out in an improv skit by The Fictionals.

Truly, we can’t tell you just how much your sides will hurt from laughing so hard after attending this show, and how much your brain will hurt from wondering “Oh my God, how could I laugh at that?”

You’ll find more details on the evening here on Facebook.


Wednesday, February 20: Dr. Gabor Mate speaks on “Trauma, Addictions & The Sex Trade
Where: PACE Society AGM Part 1,
 2550 Willow Street, Vancouver
When: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Dr. Gabor Mate, renowned physician and author of ‘In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts’ and ‘Scattered Minds’ will be speaking on the topic of “Trauma, Addictions & The Sex Trade“. There will also be a Q & A session following his talk.

The door is by donation and it is entirely optional. No one will be turned away. Please note that PACE does rely on grants, fundraising and private donors for the majority of its funding, so if you can donate it will be much appreciated. Donations of anything over $20 can be issued tax receipts.

As mentioned in the introduction to the Hot Sexy Events column above, PACE does invaluable work here in Vancouver. Erotic Vancouver editor Reive Doig sits on the board, and readily attests that the need for the organization vastly exceeds what they are able to provide due to funding constraints. In fact in the wake of the Missing and Murdered Women’s Inquiry, at a time when the need for organizations such as PACE has been so starkly drawn to the attention of the public and the government, PACE has had to lay off staff and reduce the services it is able to provide because of funding constraints.

You can find out more about this event here on Facebook, and you can donate directly to PACE‘s important work via their website.


Thursday, February 21: Vancouver Poly 101 Discussion – New Relationship Energy
Where: Yaggers Downtown
, 433 West Pender Street, Vancouver
When: 6:00-9:00pm

While we joked about the Poly folks (that’s polyamory – look it up if you need to) always wanting to talk about things, there’s some truth in that; and it’s a very good thing. The key to any successful relationship, the experts will tell you, is communication, and this discussion group fosters better communication skills and better poly relationship tools. As anyone involved in a poly relationship will tell you the first thing you’ll need, after a big heart, is a day timer or calendar if you’re going to make more than one relationship work!

This month the Poly 101 Discussion take on the topic of “New Relationship Energy.” It’s that feeling when you meet someone new and it seems like the world is alive. It happens at the beginning of a relationship bringing heightened sexual and emotional receptivity and excitement. Needless to say it’s a pretty fascinating feeling. NRE then transitions into something else – ‘Established Relationship Energy’ and that’s pretty fantastic too.

There are many conversations to be had around NRE – How does it affect your pre-existing relationship? How does it affect work? How do you naturally transition from NRE to this next step and how does it affect your relationship?

You’ll find more info on the night here on Facebook. If you’re curious about or already involved in polyamory but haven’t been out to a Poly 101 discussion consider starting up a new relationship with them.


Friday, February 22: Geekenders Presents Be Prepared
Where: Grandview Legion,
 2205 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
When: 7:30pm-1:30am

Nerdlesque is the unholy child of a burlesque and geeky comedy, and Geekenders is one of Vancouver’s premiere presenters of the form. This show they tackle all things Disney, with a few other nerdy references thrown in for good measure.

Featuring performers Trixie Hobbitses, H.P. Loveshaft, R’Lyey Y’Up, Nathan Fillyouin, Vanilla Vice, Dezi Desire, Madeline Masquerade, Rocket Summers, Rubly Slickeur, Riannaconda, and Nick Younge. With mad stage kitty skills by Whatshername.

Plus there’s Disney themed trivia, two costume contests (Disney  costumes and general) and a surprise or two along the way.

For more details on the night visit their event listing on Facebook.


Friday, February 22: Blue Morris’ Rock and Roll Burlesque
Where: The Electric Owl,
928 Main Street, Vancouver
When: 8:00-11:00pm

After bringing the city “Beatles Burlesque” and “Motwon Burlesque” Blue Morris is bring Vancouver a Rock and Roll Sequel, and best of all he’s doing it monthly! The show features all live music, with the band fronted by Blue Morris performing numbers from James Brown to Jack White.

The evening promises to be a high-energy production featuring a rotation of Vancouver’s best burlesque performers, and it’s hosted by Vancouver’s variety vamp, Connie Cahoots.

The first night features burlesque performers April O’Peel, Lola Frost, Coco Cinders, and Connie Cahoots, with go-go by Dolly Dynamite.

For more info on the night, the band, and the incredible fun time it all promises, check out the Facebook event listing.


Friday, February 22: Secretary movie showing
Where: The Rio Theatre
, 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver
When: 11:00pm

Friday evening the Rio Theatre and Black Dog Video present a late night, 19+ years of age showing of Secretary, the 2002 mainstream-kink crossover movie featuring James Spader as kinky lawyer, and Maggie Gyllenhaal as his secretary, a recently released mental patient unexpectedly ready to explore her own masochistic side.

It’s a truly wonderful film, and while many in the kink community will tell you it’s hardly an accurate reflection of most kinky relationships they’ll still be quick to agree that it’s a damn site better than 50 Shades of Cliche!

Being a 19+ showing The Rio’s bar will be open for the showing. Hosted by sexy bad girl Lydia DeCarllo the evening promises some raunchy kinky fun!

You’ll find more info on the showing here on Facebook.

If you’re interested in joining up with a local contingent of kinky folk planning to attend the movie in their fetish finery you’ll find details on their plans here on Fetlife. (Please note: In order to view event listings on Fetlife a free membership is required. Fetlife is a social network for kinksters, and boasts over 14,000 members in the Lower Mainland, and over 1 million world wide.)


Friday, February 22: The Naughty Improv Musical!
Where: The Improv Centre
, 1502 Duranleau Street, Granville Island, Vancouver
When: Doors open 10:45  Show 11:15pm

It’s the last Friday of the month, so the worlds only Naughty Improv Musical returns to the Improv Centre on Granville Island for more pure musical naughtiness. This show is not for kids, evangelical christians, devout sunni muslims, orthodox jews, purist zoroastrians, weener dogs, or anybody that believes sex is sinful and one should never, ever make up funny songs about it. For everybody else, head on down, the bar is open, and the improv cast is going to make a whole huge orgy of improvised musical stuff! Actual start time is 11:15pm – the bar is open before hand.

More details on the night can be found here on Facebook.


Saturday, February 23: Mastergeek Theatre presents The Brave and The Bold and Sidekicks
Where: The Cellar Nightclub
, 1006 Granville Street, Vancouver
When: 6:00-10:00pm

Normally Erotic Vancouver likes to provide it’s own write ups for shows but, well, the presenters of this nerdlesque show put in too many puns for us to pass up quoting a whole block of it:

“Are boring Saturdays the BANE of your existence? Tired of CALENDAR MAN mocking your empty schedule? Is staying home driving you MAD as a HATTER? Are thoughts of your loneliness ROBIN you of sleep at night? Well worry no more! Pack your batarangs, your bat shark repellent, your bat rope and your bat pick up lines and head down to” the show.

What does that mean, you ask? We’ll let the folks from MGT tell you.

“Enjoy a night out with Bruce Wayne and Kathy Kane as they embark on a Valentines Day date to remember. Your hosts will quiz and query you with trivia! Delight and tempt you with song and dance! And of course, as usual, The Costume Contest! All DC superheroes and villains need to apply. So what are you waiting for? Not even Aquaman will be turned away!”

Featuring burlesque performers Chesty LaRue, Dezi Desire, Jean Genie and Faye Ramones. Hosted by the inimitable Cameron H. Russell and Liz Oh as Bruce Wayne and Kathy Kane.

Full details on the evening can be found here on Facebook.


Saturday, February 23: Sin City Sex & Candy
Where: Blvd. 22
, 750 Pacific Blvd. Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-3:00am

Fetish night Sin City once again takes to a new venue for their monthly rotating party (as opposed to their set evenings the second Saturday of each month at The Red Room) for another great fetish themed night – Sex and Candy.

While candy themed outfits are not mandatory, they are appreciated, and awfully sweet to boot! However, fetish outfits are a must! Be sure to read up on the evenings strict fetish dress code before attending.

Featuring DJ Pandemonium, DJ R-Lex and more, the Sin City Dungeon and fetish visuals all night long, come see what’s kept this night fresh for 11+ years!

For more information on the night visit their Facebook event listing or the Sin City website.


Looking Ahead: Next Saturday March 2nd features more events for the kinky set, both here in town and over on Vancouver Island.

Metro Vancouver Kink presents their monthly Vancouver Dungeon Party, and fresh on the heels of last months Westcoast Bound, the city’s largest, and in Erotic Vancouver’s opinion best ever kink conference it promises to be a chance for attendees to practice their newly learned BDSM skills! Plus the evening opens with a Fire play workshop, so you know it promises to be hot!

Details here on Fetlife or on the MVK website.

Meanwhile, over in Victoria, Kink Underground presents “Open Heart Surgery” at Paparazzi Nightclub. Victoria’s only fetish themed club night is a little different from their cousins here in Vancouver in that fetish attire is not mandatory to attend. However each and every event the percentage of fetish clad attendees is growing, and with luck soon the night will be able to be supported by only those clad in kink attire. You can help towards that goal by making the trip over to check out the night dressed to impress!

More information on the night can be found here on Facebook.


That’s it for another week’s edition of Hot Sexy Events. Remember to check out the Erotic Vancouver Event calendar for even more of what’s happening around the city.

As always, if you know of something you think should be on the list but isn’t let us, and all our readers, know in a comment below. And of course we’re always interested in hearing about what is hot, happening and upcoming around the city, so do drop us a line in advance with info on your sexy events!

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