Hot Sexy Events: February 11-17

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Well Valentine’s Day may well be for lovers, but here at Erotic Vancouver we don’t believe in limiting ourselves to just one day, so we’ve got another week’s line up of Hot Sexy Events for you.

In addition to bringing you the list of the city’s best erotically charged events we’re happy to play a small part in some of them; this Saturday’s NOIR Fetish Ball is co-produced by Erotic Vancouver managing Editor Reive Doig; and Erotic Vancouver played a small part in the securing one of the photographers for the Muesuem of Vancouver show you’ll read about below, putting the organizers in touch with Sin City resident photographer Michael Barrick, who will be having some of his photographs exhibited.

Or as Reive likes to put it, “I helped procure Michael Barrick for a sex show!” You’re welcome, Michael, you’re welcome. Between a sex show and your status as the man who made Pedo Bear an Olympic mascot you are officially one of Erotic Vancouver’s favourite people ever!

So read on to hear more about that, fetish nights, swing parties, burlesque evenings, and the whole host of exciting things happening on Vancouver’s alt-sex scene that make this “Oh Fun City!” (If you haven’t guessed yet, we’re determined to make that catch on.)

Now being that you need to start buying chocolates and flowers and planning some special time with your significant other (or significant others for the polyamorous crowd) we’ll get onto the week’s events with out further ado.


Tuesday, February 12: Opt’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Day Breakfast
Where: Marriott Pinnacle Downtown,
1128 West Hastings, Vancouver

Options for Sexual Health (formerly Planned Parenthood) holds it’s inaugral Sexual and Reproductive Health Day Tuesday at the Marriott Pinnacle Downtown. The event’s keynote speaker will  be  syndicated sex advice columnist Dan Savage (locally his column appears in The Georgia Straight) whom Opt has named their 2013 Sexual Health Champion.

Tickets for this event are largely sold out, but if any last minute ones are to be had you’ll find them here.


Wednesday, February 13: Sex Talk in the City Opening Night
Where: Museum of Vancouver,
  1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver
When: 6:30-10:00pm
Exhibition runs from February 14-September 2,2013

It’s a busy week for Options for Sexual Health (then again, when don’t they have a busy week) as their co-produced event with the Museum of Vancouver,opens on Wednesday night. Sex Talk in the City is a multifaceted exhibition that teases out how people in Vancouver learn about sexuality, define pleasure, and respond to particular politics. Sex isn’t only biological, it’s cultural. Sex Talk in the City addresses issues of sexual expression, diversity, politics, and education in a fun, approachable, and thought-provoking manner.

Visitors can expect to gain context on the materials and stories they are exposed to every day – from online dating to safe sex ads to the pride parade. You’re sure to leave recalling your own “birds and bees” talk with your parents and other such stories.

Please note that the opening gala is an advance ticketed event!

Full details on the exhibition can be found on the Museum of Vancouver’s website listing for the show.


Wednesday, February 13: Cuckold Dinner Discussion III
Where: Yaggers
, 433 West Pender, Vancouver
When: 7:00-9:00pm

Cuckolding is fetish where both the man and a woman in a relationship gain satisfaction from the woman’s involvement with other men; this is not the keeping of lover’s on the side in order to shame a husband, well, not non-consensually anyway, but rather—well, Wikipedia has an explanation here.

The Cuckold Dinner Discussions are designed to stimulate conversation on a large range of topics that arise within cuckolding, usually with an emphasis on practicality and, of course, things that make us go zing. All people’s within the fetish are welcome, alpha’s, bulls, cucks, queens, wives, the curious and the practiced.

This month the primary topic of discussion will be about “bulls”, or the third partner, be they fantasy or factual.

Kind of makes you wonder where the relationship in “When Harry Met Sally” ended up given Sally’s penchant for liking everything on the side…

More info can be found on the their Fetlife event listing.


Wednesday, February 13: Parrallel Parables Art Show Opening
Where: The Fall
, 644 Seymour Street, Vancouver
When: 8:00pm-1:00am
Exhibition runs February 13-March 11, 2013

Well, while February 14th is for lovers, it seems that in Vancouver the 13th is for lovers of art! In addition to the MOV opening the Fall Gallery hosts this little gem organized and presented by local artist Kalynn Kallweit, featuring an all female line up of artists for this “dark, yet whimsical, dream-like art exhibition.”

Inspired by the world of fairy tales, this exhibition has some decidedly adult content: a naked caged fairy, voluptuous curvy ladies, and a painting that raises some interesting questions about the relationship between the Chesire Cat  and the Caterpillar of Alice in Wonderland!

All that and burlesque dancer Voodoo Pixie as a rather provocative Little Red Riding Hood. Those childhood tales may never seem quite the same again…

Full details can be found on this Facebook event listing.


Wednesday, February 13: Babes of Burlesque Valentine’s Edition
Where: Faclonetti’s,
1812 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
When: 8:30 doors

Falconetti’s celebrates Valentine’s a day early, with a show that features an extra special treat – four burlesque dancers instead of the usual three!

Come enjoy the seductive ways of Jenny Magenta, Sweet Sashay, Lily Lovepie and Bobbi Whiskey, as they bring you everything from heart throb to heartache! Plus enjoy the sauch MCing of Mz B Haven, and the sweet, seductive sounds of band Return of the Stern. $5 has rarely bought so much entertainment. Really, it’s less than the price of a chocolate heart, much more memorable, and doesn’t go to anyone’s hips!

More details can be found on the Facebook event listing.


Thursday, February 14: Slick! MVK’s Sex Positive Steam Night
Where: Hastings Steam & Sauna
, 766 East Hastings, Vancouver
When: 7:30-10:30pm

Fresh off the success of their Westcoast Bound Conference, an event that Erotic Vancouver has called the city’s best full-on-kink event EVER, Metro Vancouver Kink hosts this sex-postive steam bath night for all genders and orientations. What’s exactly does that mean you ask? Well, if you’re looking for lust as much as love this Valentine’s, or even a bit more for that matter, then this might just be the event for you!

Tickets for this event must be purchased in advance, and you can arrange for purchase (and ask any questions you might have) by emailing Slick@metrovancouverkink (dot) com.

More details can be found on Fetlife. Really, if you’re curious to learn more click through to find out! When it comes to responsible kinky sex, and living the Safe, Sane and Consensual mantra of the BDSM community, no one does it better locally than MVK.


Thursday, February 14: Burlesque Duos
Where: The Rio
, 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver
When: 8:00pm Doors  9:00pm Show

Looking for something sexy to do on Valentine’s, but not quite as sexual as Slick? Well you’ll be hard pressed to find something quite so great at getting your romantic motors running than Burlesque Duos. The evening is a chance to witness some never before seen burlesque duets featuring eight of Vancouver’s top teasers. 

With performances by:

  • Cherry OnTop & Melody Mangler
  • Burgundy Brixx & Nicky Ninedoors
  • Lola Frost & Bloody Betty
  • April O’Peel & Miss Fitt 

As producer and performer April O’Peel describes it “Celebrating partnership and feminine creativity, Burlesque Duos are a perfect way for singles and couples alike to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

Full details can be found on their Facebook event listing.


Friday, February 15: Beam Me Up Sexy
: The WISE Hall, 1882 Adanac Street, Vancouver
When:  8:00pm Doors  9:00pm Show

Nerd-lesque is taking over the city’s comedy burlesque scene, and it’s a good thing! So this Friday evening set course to the WISE Hall, set your phasers to stunning, and join your hosts April O’Peel and Tyler James Nicol to enjoy a night of Star Trek, Star Wars, Video Games and generally nerdy-inspired burlesque performances.

Featuring burlesque performances by Dezi DesireLace Cadet, Ruby Slickeur, Pocket Venus, Pudding Jay, Tesla Coil, Precious Metal, Trixie Hobbitses, Johnny Bottomsworth, Whatshername, Sherry HymenLily Lovepie, and featuring a brand new number by April O’Peel. Plus a musical interlude with Nick Yonge.

What more can we say? Sit down, give it some thought and then “Make it so.”

For more details check out their Facebook event listing.


Saturday, February 16: Club Eden Cupid’s Valentines Ball
Where: Club Eden
, New Westminster (exact address available to attendees)
When: 8:00pm-2:00am

The Lower Mainland’s largest swingers club celebrates Valentine’s Day they way they do every party—in style! Come celebrate at their most decadent and extravagant event of the year. The evening features such delights as a sensuous masseuse who will be roaming the party to offer massages, a chocolate fountain where lovers can feed each other delicious treats, games with whip cream and cupid’s arrow shoot, and a sinfully scandalous costume contest!

As with all Club Eden parties you MUST get on the guest list in advance, and their is a dress code!

For more details visit the Club Eden website, and check out their FAQ for answers to specific questions you may have.


Saturday, February 16: NOIR Fetish Ball
Where: Chapel Arts
,  304 Dunlevy Street, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-2:00am

After the success of their first party at Chapel Arts in January NOIR Fetish Ball is doing it again, bringing their front and centre dungeon space and in your-face-kinky-sensibilities back to this former chapel and funeral parlour. If you were there for their last party you already know what an amazing time was had by all.

As described by one happy party goer: “NOIR and Chapel Arts go together like latex and lube! I’m thrilled that this venue and this event hooked up. There are multiple spaces and dance floors that provide different vibes for everyone to enjoy. Hot people and pulsing energy push together for a great big sexy time!”

The new venue has allowed NOIR to make some exciting changes to their signature style, adding a second, upstairs dance floor and lounge, featuring DJs catering to some different musical styles, and expanding their dungeon with some new equipment, and adding a separate suspension frame watched over by Vancouver’s infamous Rascal!

Featuring Logik and dj://spaz manning the downstairs decks, and Tango and DJ Applecat, musically the night is just as exciting as the on-stage dungeon action!

Things to note: Being a fetish event NOIR has a strict fetish dress code that you can read more about here. Also, because of the nature of Chapel Arts liquor license you need to RSVP in advance. You can do so by clicking “Join” or “Maybe” on the Facebook event, or by emailing rsvp@noirvancouver (dot) com with “RSVP February 16” as the subject, and with the names of all attendees (pseudonyms are fine, they get that some of you are shy about your kinks) in the body of the email.

For more details visit their Facebook event listing or the NOIR website.


Sunday, February 17: Kitty Nights Burlesque Celebrates Sexy Stockings
Where: The Biltmore Cabaret
, 2755 Princess Street, Vancouver
When: Doors at 8pm  Show at 9pm  Dancing until midnight

To mark the 76th birthday of nylon Kitty Nights burlesque raises a glass, not to mention a leg or two, to Du Pont chemicals wonder fabric, the first synthetic substitute for silk!

Featuring performances by:

  • Rita Star
  • Burgundy Brixx
  • Veronica VEx
  • Pocket Venus
  • and go-go by birthday girl Nicky Ninedoors

So pull on your own sexy stockings, you know you want to, and head on down to The Biltmore to cap off one Hot & Sexy week! You’ll find full details on the night here on Facebook or on their website. (Warning: their website opens with rather catchy music playing, something to keep in mind if you’re at work!)


Looking Ahead

PACE Society holds it’s AGM with guest speaker Dr. Gabor Mate on Wednesday, February 20th. The renowned physcian and author will be speaking on the topic of “Trauma, Addictions and The Sex Trade.” You’ll find more details on the evening here on Facebook, and if you’d like to learn more about PACE and the valuable work they do with survival sex trade workers you can visit their website.

Since last summer local fetish night Sin City has been on the move, since their regular home Club 23 shut down. While that might have spelled the end for some club nights, or at least a drop in quality, Sin City has taken lemons and distilled them into some kick-ass, potent, kinky liquor! After regular events at both The Electric Owl and The Red Room recently, the night affectionately known simply as “Sin” to regulars now takes on a couple of new venues in the coming weeks. First on, on Saturday February 23, their Sex and Candy Party is at Blvd 22. Then, on March 30th, the Granville strip officially get’s cool again as Sin City invades Fan Club!

Erotic Vancouver has had a chance to talk to Sin City and Restricted Entertainment head honcho DJ Pandemonium, and we can tell you they’ve got some amazing ideas to make exciting use of both those spaces! You’ll find details on their Sexy and Candy party here on Facebook, and visit the Sin City website for information on their Fan Club debut in the coming days.


That’s it for another week’s edition of Hot Sexy Events. Remember to check out the Erotic Vancouver Event calendar for even more of what’s happening around the city.

As always, if you know of something you think should be on the list but isn’t let us, and all our readers, know in a comment below. And of course we’re always interested in hearing about what is hot, happening and upcoming around the city, so do drop us a line in advance with info on your sexy events!

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