Hot Sexy Events: December 17-23

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Xmas is almost here, and Erotic Vancouver fully believes that ’tis the season to be naughty! And apparently many of you agree with us because unlike in holiday seasons past there are plenty of great events happening over the holidays. A few of them might hit you as a little different from the usual fare you’d find on the Hot Sexy list, but we’ll explain our reasoning for each inclusion. Besides, at this time of year any excuse to escape another family gathering or office christmas do should be a welcome one!

Now read on, and have a very sexy solstice, a kinky Christmas, and happy (ending) new year!


Monday, December 17: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Day.
Where: Various points on the DTES
Time: 5:30pm – late

While it’s certainly not a day or events that you would associate with this list, we wanted to include this to remind everyone that for some people sex isn’t always sexy or hot, it can be damaging and dangerous. This is a day to remember that, and to hopefully work to stamp out the risks in their lives.

This is also the day that the Missing Women’s Commission of Inquiry releases its final report detailing the errors, oversights and more of the Pickton investigation. We hope that report will represent the dreadful under funding of organizations on the DTES that are working to help improve life for sex workers.

That’s where you can come in. There are many organizations on the DTES, and throughout province and the nation, that work to make lives better for people. If you’ve got the inclination and a little extra cash this holiday season you can make a donation to one of them. Erotic Vancouver would like to recommend PACE, which is doing invaluable work with the sex trade workers of Vancouver. [Disclosure: Erotic Vancouver editor Reive Doig sits on the board of PACE. It is an unpaid volunteer position.]

You can learn more about PACE on their website or from their Facebook page. While you’re there consider “Liking” them on Facebook in recognition of the valuable work they are doing.

Those wishing to can make a donation to PACE care of this webpage.


Monday, December 17: MVK Newbie Munch
Where: The Tipper, 2066 Kingsway, Vancouver
Time: 6:30-9:30pm

Munches are casual gatherings of kinky folk to talk about what their interests over drinks or a meal. There’s none of the expectation of a play party or the need to get dressed up to meet dress code as their is at a fetish night; in fact casual dress is the norm, as often times these events are held in family friendly restaurant.
In this case the restaurant is The Tipper, located at 2066 Kingsway. The evening runs from 6:30-8:30pm, and it’s hosted by Metro Vancouver Kink, the first name in BDSM here in Vancouver.

This new munch is specifically aimed at those new to (or hoping to become new to) the kink lifestyle.

Interested in going to a play party, but aren’t sure what to expect (or wear, or do…)

Want to gush about an experience that was new to you, to understanding ears?

Curious about what real kinky lifestyles and relationships are like, beyond what you’ve read in recent blockbuster novels?

MVK is pleased to announce a new event on the 3rd Monday of each month – the Newbie Munch!!

You’ll find more details on the Munch here on Fetlife. To learn more about Metro Vancouver Kink visit their website here.


Tuesday, December 18: Improv Against Humanity: An Interactive Comedy
Where: Cafe Deux Soleils, 2096 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Time: 7:00-9:30pm

After the enormous success of their first Improv Against Humanity night, Vancouver fabulous (and often risqué) improv grp The Fictionals are doing it again. You’ll know why this is on the week’s list of Hot Sexy events if you know The Fictionals. If you don’t consider the show warning: “May contain some strong language, sexual content and mature themes. Viewer discretion is advised.” Indeed it is!

Head on down to Cafe Deux Soleil on Tuesday night and enter your name for your chance to play Cards Against Humanity live in front of our studio-audience against other randomly-selected players. Amazing CAH, Fictionals and Cafe Deux Soleils prizes to be won! Plus see the winning card combinations be brought to life by our team of skilled improvisers!

Due to overwhelming interest advanced tickets are available for this show. All others are advised to get there early.

The evening runs from 7-9:30pm, and admission is only $5.

You’ll find more details here on Facebook.

For more information on the game itself (not the night) visit the Cards Against Humanity website.


Tuesday, December 18: MAsT Vancouver Discussion
Where: Lord Braven’s, address available to RSVP
Time: 7:30-9:30pm

The third Tuesday of every month Lord Braven opens his home for this evening of thoughtful and intelligent discussion about Dominance and submission. The evening is open to everyone, single or in a relationship, and will particularly appeal to couples and poly families who are in a D/s relationship or are considering D/s.

While most D/s relationships include a BDSM element, many do not. Discussions will relate to the D/s dynamic.

December’s topic of discussion is the term “slave.” More details can be found here on Fetlife.


Wednesday, December 20: Decembeaver Dirty Bingo
Where: Hyde Restaurant,
2960 Main Street
Time: 6:00-9:00pm

According to the organizers they’ve planned this bingo night “because the dirty minded need a home for the holidays too!”

Hosted by burlesque sensations Villainy Loveless and Beatrix Hotter, scantily clad for your dirty minded delight, you can expect them to be calling for such winning exclamations as “Moist,” “Penis,” and “Rough” instead of plain old “Bingo!”

Plus to add the element of surprise they’ve thrown some magic balls into the mix. When one is draw you can expect funny, silly and sexy things happen that could win you prizes and free drinks!

So head on down for some good, dirty fun! You’ll find more details here on Facebook.


Thursday, December 20: Vancouver Poly 101 Discussion
Where: Yaggers Downtown,
433 Pender St. Vancouver
Time: 6:00-9:00pm

The third Thursday of every month the Poly 101 Group meets to discuss topics of interest to those involved with, or curious about, polyamory. This month’s discussion is topic is “When do friends become lovers?” The other side of this questions, “When do lovers become friends?” will be discussed.

The evening runs from 6-9pm, with the discussion slated to get under way at 6:30. The Poly 101 group has been meeting in a new place the past few months, and you’ll find them at Yagger’s Pub, 433 Pender Street. Just head for the private room in the back. There’s no cost for the evening other than what you choose to eat or drink.

More info can be found here on Facebook. In order to view the listing you may have to join the Poly 101 Facebook group.


Thursday, December 20: Hard Candy Christmas
Where: Celebrities Nightclub, 1022 Davie Street, Vancouver
Time: 9:00pm-3:00am

This is it – you’re last chance to enjoy Celebrities hot go go boy action before they close for remodelling.

Expect non-stop eye candy all night long, as well as some very special performances from The House of Celebs and Santa’s Elves.

Get your picture taken with Sexy Santa “Lucas,” dance the night away to DJs Drew and Mittilda Ho’s floor pumping tunes, and by the way, did we mention hot go go boy action?

Bring a non perishable food item for free cover; for those who don’t your $5 cover will benefit the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

You’ll find all the info you need here on Facebook.


Friday, December 21: End of the World Party
Where: EXP, 309 W. Pender St, Vancouver
Time: 6pm-late

Well, certain folks would have you believe that this Friday is THE END OF THE WORLD! Whether it is nor not we think the folks over at EXP had it right when they decided to celebrate it Vault Boy style!

Each table will have a “Choose Your Own Adventure” menu card, in addition to EXP’s rather fabulous regular menu, so you’ve got the chance to pick whatever you want for what just may be your final meal. And of course you’re going to want a few drinks in case this is your final hour, and rest assured the bartenders have you covered there.

Now why is this a Hot Sexy Event, you ask? Apparently you’re unaware of just what a computer game geek your Erotic Vancouver managing editor is, and just how many hours, days and weeks of his life were lost in the brilliance that is Fallout 3.

You’ll find all the details here on Facebook. And if you make it out to the evening (again, this could be your last chance!)  consider giving to EXP’s Level Up Charity Drive.


Saturday, December 22: Suspension 101 – Unpacking the Mystery
Where: Available upon registration
Time: Noon-5pm

Local bondage artist (really, the term fits) and the presenter of Vancouver’s most popular bondage event, Rope Night,  Jaoman presents an afternoon designed to help you with your hang ups!

But we’ll let him explain:

“Suspension is much admired and heavily employed among rope practitioners. It’s it beautiful, elegant, and is regarded as a mark of status in the kink scene. Unfortunately, the technical complexity required for suspension makes it hard for up and coming riggers to join in on the fun. This workshop seeks to lift away the veil of technical sophistication surrounding suspension and demonstrate that this seemingly complex process is really a very simple transaction.”

So if that’s whet your appetite you can check out this afternoon for just $30 per person, or $50 per couple. For first rate bondage instruction the price can’t be beat – unlike those folks who you’ve hung from the roof, and can now beat like they’re a piñata .

More info can be found here on Fetlife.


Saturday, December 22: Sin City XXX-mas Party
Where: The Electric Owl, 928 Main St. Vancouver
Time: 9pm-2am

Vancouver’s most frequent fetish event is hot for the holidays, and back at the Electric Owl for night aimed at all of you who think it’s nice to be naughty.

With main room stage and cage dancing, the Sin City play dungeon, and an XXX-mas photo booth, come join their reindeer games. Music by DJs Pandemonium and R-Lex.

Please remember that this night features a strict fetish dress code.

More info on the night can be found at their Facebook event listing and on the Sin City website.


Saturday, December 22: After The Rapture
Where: The Rio Theatre, 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver
Time: 11pm-1am

Well if you’ve gotten this far those new age Mayan enthusiasts were wrong and you’ve survived what was supposed to be the end of the world. But the questions is can you come out and survive After the Rapture?

Get ready for gut wrenching, blood gushing, hilariously sadistic torment! Expect hook supsensions and more from Russ Foxx, the human tacklebox. There will be a side-show-esque Shock show by Burns the Dragon, and more, all hosted by Dead Walken, apparently Christopher Walken’s zombie alter-ego or something like that.

But what makes this a Hot Sexy event? Wow, you people seem to be asking that a lot this week. Three words: Bloody Betty Gorelesque. We rest our case!

You’ll find the all the info you need to decide whether you’re up for this night here on Facebook.


Sunday, December 23: Descent Naughty or Nice
Where: The Cobalt,
917 Main St. Vancouver
Time: 9:00pm-2:00am

Just in time for Christmas Descent Sunday’s have relocated to their new, monthly location, The Cobalt. And once again at Descent it’s time to tell them how you’ve been Naughty or Nice this year!

In generous Christmas nature you are invited to come as you are, whether that be in your favourite comfy clothes, that ugly Christmas sweater you’ve promised Aunt Willomene you’d wear sometime, or in full on scantily clad, naughty to the nines fetish wear.

Plus look forward to Mistress Surreal’s collection of assorted gifts that will find their way into the hands of the most enthusiastic. Be careful though or you may find that lump of coal among the gems!

You’ll find all the details here on Facebook.


That’s it for another week’s Hot Sexy Events. Join us next week as we list not just a week, but 8 days of Hot Sexy Events, in order to fit in all those New Year’s Eve Parties of interest to the city’s sexy people. Be warned, however: in more than a few cases if you haven’t gotten your tickets by then you’re not getting in!

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