Hot Sexy Events: December 10-16

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Welcome to another edition of Hot Sexy Events. The holiday season is in full swing, and as those holiday niceties and necessities pile up on the calendar, those naughty events everyone loves to attend get a little more scarce. But never fear! There’s still enough to do this week to ensure you have a A Wonderful Life, even if our week’s list is shorter than you’re used to.

Of course, not every event happening in the city is going to make the Hot Sexy List every time it happens, so if you want to stay up to date on what else might be happening in the city be sure to visit the Erotic Vancouver Calendar. While it’s still a little bare at the moment, all of the major sex-positive event promoters and organizations in the city have the ability to add their events to the calendar, and you can expect to see it fill up in the coming weeks.

Now onto the week’s events.

[Please Note: Fetlife membership is required to view information and event listings on that site, just as a Facebook membership is on that one. Fetlife is a social network for kinksters, and membership is free. Join, you’ll be glad you did.]


Tuesday December 11: Rope Bite Vancouver.
Where: Double One Chinese Restaurant, 4057 Hastings Street, Burnaby
Time: 6:30-9pm

Rope Bite is a monthly gathering of bondage enthusiasts to talk techniques, passions, ideas and more. It’s an open forum discussion and social event. Because this is an open discussion to exchange ideas about rope any topic issues about rope that interests attendees is on the table. Since this month Rope Bite is being held in a public space, there will be no opportunities for demonstration…but who knows who (or what information) you might go home with afterwards!

If you plan to attend please RSVP to so that the host will have an idea of numbers in advance.

You’ll find more information about Rope Bite here on Fetlife.


Wednesday December 12: Rope Night – Final Party of 2012
A private residence in Burnaby. Please RSVP for the address

Well it seems like the rope bondage crowd is the one group not so tied up in holiday traditions that they can’t also fit in some tied up sexiness early in the week over the holidays!

Normally the host plans a “tie” to demonstrate to the group, but this evening as a special gift he’s letting those in attendance pick what will be demonstrated. Expect the demo to last until approximately 8:30, after which time people can practice what they’ve learned, and tie or be tied as they see fit. There will be some hemp rope available for use by those who don’t have some of their own.

More details are available here on Fetlife, and you can email for the address and for answers to any questions you have.


Thursday, December 13: The New Westminster Munch
Where: Chronic Tacos
, 66 – 10th Street, New Westminster

Well, it seems all the early week action is happening out in the ‘burbs. New Westminster now has its own munch!

A munch is a social gathering of kinksters and kink-curious individuals ,in a casual, no-pressure social setting, to talk about their interests. For newcomers it’s a chance to get to know some folks that are into kink, and to find out what they might expect when they first attend a fetish or dungeon event. For those who’ve been in the scene awhile it’s a chance to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.

In addition to good times and good kinky company, this munch features the unveiling of plans for an MVK/Westcoast Bound photo shoot in January and the first details about the next Vancouver Photo Night.

For full details on the munch you can visit this Fetlife event listing.


Thursday, December 13: PACE Christmas Party

The next event Erotic Vancouver would like to tell you about is one we hope you aren’t attending yourself. That’s because we’re hope you’re fortunate enough that you aren’t a client in need of the services of PACE.

PACE is a sex worker led and driven organization offering low-barrier programming, support and advocacy for survival sex workers in Vancouver,” reads their website, but the words hardly convey the incredible work done by their staff. [Full disclosure: Of course, Erotic Vancouver editor Reive Doig, is a PACE board member.] It is wonderful and humbling, the amazingly hard work done by the people working at PACE. Day in and day out they see some of the worst that can be thrown at people, and rather than throw up their hands and say”there’s nothing we can do” they’re down there each and every day on the DTES, working to try and make the lives of survival sex trade workers better.

And they could certainly use some help, so this holiday season as you’re being thankful for all that you have, perhaps give some thought to helping out some of those less fortunate. There are a lot of great charities out there, but you’ll be hard pressed to find one more needing and deserving of your help than PACE.

For more information on PACE you can visit their website. You can make a donation to PACE by visiting this page and clicking the Donate Now button which will take you to the CanadaHelps website.


Friday December 14: The Wet Spots Eastside Spectacular Family Christmas!
Where: The Rio Theatre
, 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver
Doors 7pm, Show 8pm

The Wet Spots Eastside Spectacular is one of the highlights on the monthly calendar of those in the know. It’s an outrageous and hilarious show that, despite the inclusion of the word “family,” in this special Christmas edition, is definitely NOT for everyone. Comedy-singing duo The Wet Spots, who front the show, are known for their raunchy, NSFW songs such as “Do You Take It In The Ass?” (Click to see the video for this song on You Tube, but don’t say we didn’t warn you about it being NSFW.)

“So much theatrical entertainment these days is geared towards a family market” says Woods, one half of the Wet Spots. “It’s good to have a night of music, dance, film and comedy that’s a little more sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.”

Expect a mixture of burlesque dance, blue stand-up comedy, weird short films, and decidedly naughty outrageous variety, but most of all expect the unexpected! While you do actually have to bring your own drugs, The Wet Spots are sure to provide more than enough sex and rock n’roll to go around!

The Wet Spots Family Christmas features:
Christine Tiny Taylor
Miss Fitt
August Wiled
Outrageous Variety acts
house band The Broken Mirrors
Weird films
& Surprise Guests

Tickets are $12 in advance, or $15 at the door. You’ll find more details here on Facebook.


Friday December 14: Taboo Revue Burlesque Variety Show Christmas Special
Where: The WISE Hall
, 1882 Adanac Street, Vancouver
Doors 8pm, Show 9pm

Taboo Revue, Vancouver’s longest running showcase of singing, dancing, variety, comedy and strip tease acts, returns with a show billed as funny, sexy and empowering, and a great time for everyone.

Featuring a huge cast that includes some of Canada’s top performers, it’s a night that promises to be more fun and full of more laughs than you could shake a feather boa at.

Taboo Revue is presented by The Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, perhaps Vancouver’s most lauded burlesque troupe, since having won numerous local awards and been twice nominated for “Best Group” by the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door.

You’ll find more details here on Facebook.


Saturday December 15: Mastergeek Theatre The Chamber of Hotness
Where: The Cellar Nightclub, 1006 Granville Street, Vancouver
Time: 6-10pm

Erotic Vancouver was very saddened to learn of the dissolution of the sinfully successful geek-burlesque-comedy extravaganza that was Geeks After Dark. But like break-up of a favourite band, it doesn’t leave us with less music just more choices as we see phoenixes [Ed Note: phoenices] arise from the ashes of GAD and Mastergeek Theatre is soaring for the stars this month!

This Saturday, MGT tackles all things Harry Potter. You’re invited to put on your formal dress robes and head down for a truly magical night as Hogwarts alumnus Harry Potter and veteran journalist Rita Skeeter attend his ten-year class reunion–and the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts–for a hard-hitting interview and retrospective on exactly how he did get his OWL levels!

The entertainment for the evening includes:
Professor Hayley Bee, who will astound with her magic
Professor Vesper Sephony, who will delight with her mastery of fire spells
Professor Chesty LaRue, who will amaze with her magical melodies
Professor Justin Saint, who will educate you in the way he knows best
and Professor Diamond Minx, who will dazzle you with some burlesquery!

MGT promises all this and more. You’ll find all the details here on Facebook.


Sunday, December 16: Kitty Nights Naughy or Nice Show
Where: The Biltmore Cabaret
, 2755 Prince Edward St, Vancouver
When: Doors 8pm, Show 9pm

Canada’s best known burlesque night brings the city a Christmas themed show this Sunday night. Santa’s made his list and he’s checked it twice, but now he needs your help to decide which of these burlesque babes have been Naughty and which are Nice. Frankly, Erotic Vancouver doesn’t see this as an either/or situation!

The names on his list up for debate are:
Rita Star
Burgundy Brixx
Voracious V
and Precious Metal
with go-go by Cara Milk!

The XXXmas festivities are hosted by The Purrrfessor, and afterwards you can delight in some dancing decadence courtesy of DJ Cherry OnTop.

Tickets are $7 at the door and include a chance to win the exciting Bag of Sex!

Further details can be found on Facebook or at the Kitty Nights website. (Warning: The Kitty Nights website is music enabled. It’s good and it’s LOUD, so keep that in mind, depending on where you are when you visit.)


That’s it for another week’s worth of Hot Sexy Events. Know of something happening in the city that we’ve missed and you think should be on the list? Let us, and our readers, know about it in a comment below.


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