Hot Sexy Events: August 10-12

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Hot Sexy Events: August 8-12

I’m afraid that with the post pride recovery Erotic Vancouver’s editor required, the workday week had passed by before this events list was ready. It’s a shame, as some there were some exciting things happening.

Monday featured Cruisey-T’s Pride Recovery Cruise, and Tuesday played host to some great literary events, Queerotica, a night of erotic readings as part of Vancouver’s Queer Arts Festival, as well as a talk at The Railway Club by Christopher Ryan, co-author of Sex at Dawn.

Wednesday there was a Rope Night that featured a web tie that SpiderMan himself would have been proud of, and Thursday night the Rhizome Cafe held a discussion entitled “We’ve grown up together: The Intersections of Queer, Trans, and Leather Communities with Non-Monogamy/Polyamory.” (Excuse us while our keyboard pauses for breath.)

Apologies for all the great things you may have missed because of our tardiness here at Erotic Vancouver, but rest assured there’s more in the days ahead.

Tonight, Friday August 10th is the One Year Anniversary party of Electro Swing Club Vancouver. With special guests The Correspondents from the UK, great local DJs, burlesque, belly dancers and a fire display it promises to be a night to ignite sensuality. The fun all takes place at Joseph Richard Nightclub on Granville Street from 10pm until 3am. Details can be found on Facebook.

Now until August 17 is the “16 Deadly Sins” Fetish Art Show at The Fall Tatoo and Art Gallery. If you didn’t make the fabulous opening night gala last Friday you missed one hell of a party, now make sure you don’t miss this show entirely. Presented by Restricted Entertainment, producers of Sin City, the features photographers and artists who ahve been spotlighted their over the years, in addition to ones that were entirely new to E.V. You’ll find details the show on Facebook.

Speaking of Sin City, this Saturday night is one of the their most anticipated and exciting theme parties of the year: Church of Sin.

Sin City’s regular venue, Club 23 West, was unfortunately forced to close under emergency circumstances last week and is not yet ready to re-open, putting this weekend’s party in danger when, as if by divine providence, a new venue was found! So join a host of catholic school girls & boys, naughty nuns, pervy priests, fallen angels and more from 9pm until 3am at The Electric Owl, located on Main Street near the foot of the Georgia viaduct.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to check out one of Vancouver local fetish nights (though, really, who needs an excuse!) the chance to be there for the Electric Owl’s first date with debauchery could be it! The night runs from Details can be found on Facebook.

Looking for something to do earlier in the evening? From 6-10pm it’s Geeks After Dark: Aim to Misbehave. Regular readers of this column know that Erotic Vancouver can’t say enough great things about the GAD crew. Organizers Tyler and Cormorant (yes, that’s a name) are proof of what you can do with a prodigious geek knowledge, a lot of hard work, a sense of humour, and an untreated mental illness!

Aim to Misbehave celebrates all things Joss Whedon. Don’t know who Joss Whedon is? No point in reading on, just skip on down to see what else is happening on Saturday night.

Still with us? Then start frantically planning your best Firefly, Buffy or Dollhouse costume in order to enter the Whedon Warrior costume contest. Not enough time to get that costume ready, because the damn editor at Erotic Vancouver couldn’t get off his ass to get this column ready earlier in the week? Never fear, there’s also a General Geekery costume contest as well.

Plus the night features lots of what all the geeks really turn up for – nerd burlesque! Really, it has to be seen to be believed. See. Details can be found on Facebook or on Fetlife (free membership required.)

Our final Hot Sexy recommendation for the weekend is Boulez Contra Cage. Part of the Queer Arts Festival this show is described as “an interdisciplinary argument for two musicians and two actors.” We know what you’re thinking, “That doesn’t sound all that sexy.” But, really, it is. 

We’re not even going to try to describe the show. Check out the event listing on Facebook or the show write up on the QAF site. It might not be the sort of Hot Sexy Event you’re used to reading about here, but it’s likely to be a gem that those lucky enough to attend will be talking about for weeks and months.

That’s it for another column of Hot Sexy Events. Know of something that didn’t make the list that you think should have? Leave a comment with all the relevant details below.

Until next week, stay sexy!

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