Hot Sexy Events: August 27-September 2

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Hot Sexy Events: August 27-September 2

The month of August is rolling to a close, and no doubt a number of you are finishing up the last of your summer vacation. It sometimes seems as if every other person we know has flocked off to Burning Man or Montreal Fetish Weekend (which has now stretched out to 6 days and nights worth of events) but never fear – for those left here in Vancouver – we’re once again prepared to put the lie to the moniker “No-Fun City.”

Things get off to a start on Monday, August 27, with the Vancouver Gentlemen’s Club Pool & Chess Tourney. The VGC describes itself as a “group for male/male identified Gentlemen & those who appreciate them, to celebrate their masculinity as well as meet others who seek, appreciate & understand old school etiquette & the ‘Gentlemen’s way’ of being.” So despite the name, people from all areas, cultures, genders and sexualities are most welcome.

Think of it as “The Old Boys Club” minus the sexism, misogyny and gender-judgements. Personally, here at Erotic Vancouver we think that anything that encompasses the Mad Men attitude without the Mad Men attitudes is a good thing!

The VGC Amateur Pool & Chess Tourney runs from 6 to 10pm at Guys & Dolls Billiards. You’ll find more details about the night here on Fetlife, and about the VGC itself in their Fetlife group. (NOTE: Fetlife membership – it’s free – is required to access any Fetlife links listed.)

Tuesday night, August 28, is Show Us Your Wits. It’s a monthly evening of burlesque and improv presented by The Fictionals comedy troupe, and this time around the show is entitled Hobos, Gentlemen and Sparklepussies! Why, you ask? Because this month the gang welcomes special improv guests Kyle Fines, Cam MacLeod and Colin Cown–otherwise known as 3/4 of Hobos and Gentlemen–and on the burlesque front they have Shea Deville and Blush Lane from Sparklepussies Burlesque and Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society.

Show Us Your Wits takes place at Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive. Doors are at 7:30pm, the show is at 8pm and admission is just $5 at the door. All the details can be found on Facebook.

Speaking of the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, last week here on Hot Sexy Events we mentioned their burlesque musical Oliver Fannie. It’s playing through Saturday, September 1st, so we thought we’d give ’em another plug. Details can be found on Facebook here.

It looks like it’s going to be a burlesque heavy week here in Vancouver. Have all the kinksters and swingers fled for other parts?

Thursday, August 30, the Vancouver Burlesque Centre presents the class Tassel Twirling with Villainy Loveless. Ladies (and guys  well endowed in the chest department) have you ever been out at at a burlesque event or fetish night and seen someone bouncing up and down while nipple tassles spun like little helicopters or the newest weapon on the Fembot Mark II and thought “I want to be able to do that?” Well now’s your chance!

Join well known local burlesque celebrity Villainy Loveless as she teaches you all the tricks to get you a twirl. Check out the details on Facebook and get yourselves over to the Vancouver Burlesque Centre. It’s the breast thing going on Thursday night.

Friday, August 31, nobody puts Baby in a corner! That’s right, folks, it’s Dirty Dancing! As part of their late night Friday screenings The Rio Theatre presents “The Best Summer Romance Movie EVER!” (Okay, well that might be taking things a bit far, but anyway….)

Doors at 11pm. Admission is $8, or $6 in film related costume. 19+  no minors because the bar is open. You’ll find details here on Facebook and on the RIO’s website.

Dirty Dancing not your thing? Going to a film too low brow for you? Think that live theatre is high brow? Well it’s not!

The last Friday of every month, and Friday, August 31, is no exception, the Vancouver Theatre Sports League presents The Naughty Improv Musical. It’s part of their Scared Scriptless  series that runs Friday nights.

The show starts at 11:45, rather than at 11:30 or midnight, because these people are improvisers; they do things a little differently! You’ll find details on the show here on Facebook. Even if you aren’t able to go, it’s worth clicking just to read the write up.

Saturday, September 1, Erotic Vancouver favourites Geeks After Dark present It’s Time To Play the Music.  That’s right, folks. A GAD tribute to everything Jim Henson.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, you’d be hard pressed to have more fun with your clothes on than at a Geeks After Dark Show. And what clothes those will be, because if you’re like most of the attendees at a GAD show you’ll have put some thought into a costume!

It’s time to play the music! It’s time to dress up right! It’s time to meet some freaks because it’s Geeks After Dark that night!

In addition to the crazy, and only rarely illegal, comedy of the GAD duo, this evening features burlesque talents Trixie Hobbitses, Lace Cadet, Precious Metal, Sherry Hymen and Donna Jazz. Stage Kitties duties by Tawdry Audrey.

Plus there’s the Geeks After Dark Sudden Death Incredibly Unfair and Random Trivia Contest. If you decide to enter be warned: it’s not as easy as the name implies.

We could go on. We usually do about these shows, but really, if you want to stay our friend and keep reading this column you’re obligated to go see at least one Geeks After Dark Show. This could be your first. So go already! The fun gets started at 6pm. Details can be found on Facebook.

Also Saturday, September 1st, Metro Vancouver Kink is back with their monthly BDSM play party, along with a kink workshop preceding it.

From 5-7pm MVK is offering Double Impact: Florentine and Other Two-Handed Impact Play Techniques. If you’re into kink and you’ve got some basic skill with either floggers or single tails this is a workshop for you. You’ll find more details on Fetlife and on the featured party listing on the MVK website.

After the workshop, from 8pm to 1am it’s MVK’s Vancouver Dungeon Party. Join this great group of kinksters for their final party of the summer. If you’ve never been to a dungeon party now is the time to start, and you won’t find a friendlier group of folks to learn from. Details on the party, as well as answers to just about any of the questions you’d like to ask about BDSM, can be found on the MVK website.

Concluding this week we wrap up with a Finale. Sunday, September 2nd, is Cruisey T’s Grand Finale Cruise. The gay party cruise wraps up its 2012 season aboard the MV Brittania from 5-9pm, with boarding beginning at 4:30. Come dance on three different decks, enjoy the on-board BBQ to benefit charity, and simply enjoy the amazing people every Crusiey T event brings out. Featuring DJs Zach Shore and Mattilda Ho, along with drag shows by Joan-E and Sienna Blaze, it’s going to be a party to remember.

Details on Cruisey T’s Grand Finale can be found on Facebook and on the Cruisey T website.

That’s it for another week’s worth of Hot Sexy Events. If you know of something that’s been left out you can leave a comment about it below. And if you know of an event that should be included in a future Hot Sexy Events column drop us a line to let us know.


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