Hot Sexy Events: April 23-29

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Hot Sexy Events April 23-29

The first opportunity many of us had to indulge our kinky sides was as teenagers attending a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at a midnight showing. Well this week, until Thursday, you have a chance to revisit that madness, or to experience it for the first time if you haven’t been. Starting last Friday, The Ridge Theatre is showing a whole week of Rocky Horror, and you’re all invited. Witness the cult classic as it was meant to be seen–Surrounded by a theatre full of dressed-up weirdos, screaming catch-phrases and throwing all kinds of things at each other. Join the hosts from the Vancouver Rocky Horror Shadowcast, as they present the biggest cult hit of all time! Music! Sex! Toast! The Mayor from Spin City in a corset! All this and more can be found at the Ridge Theatre for the WHOLE WEEK! Bring your friends, your family and your fishnets, because the show starts at 9:20 PM.

Wednesday April 25th Rope Night hosted by Jaoman spotlights “The Very Handy Crotch Rope,” because who doesn’t like some hand in their crotch? The fun gets under way at 7pm, and you’ll find all the details on their event listing on Fetlife. If you’re not a Fetlife member you can email the organizer at

Thursday April 26th is the 9th Annual Exotic Dancers for Cancer. Featuring the inestimable The Samantha Mack, and taking place at the newly-refurbished-post-fire Penthouse Nightclub, it’s an evening not to be missed. The fun starts at 8pm and runs until 1am. You’ll find all the details at their Facebook event listing.

Finally, Saturday April 28th is Club Allure brings back it’s XXX Party in the wake of popular demand. Billed as being for “the most adventurous” of their members, lingerie or less is the dress code, with “shag tags” for all. We’re not sure what it all means, but we know it sounds like fun! For more details on Club Allure, including how to become a member and how to RSVP, visit their website.




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