Hot Sexy Events: April 1-7

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April showers bring May flowers, the saying goes, but when it comes to Vancouver’s sexy scene you don’t have to wait a month to see things in full bloom, you need only pick a day of the week, pick something to wear, and set out on an adventure. There’s a reason that here in Hot Sexy Events we’ve started to refer to Vancouver as “Oh Fun City!” Down below you’ll find plenty of reasons to as well.

Please note that this week’s listing features several links to Fetlife for more information. Fetlife is basically Facebook for the fetish crowd. A free membership is required to view listings there, and as a result we usually try to list Facebook event listings instead. But sometimes, including with some of this weeks listings, that isn’t possible. We also wanted to take the opportunity to let some more people know about Fetlife in any case – while you may have to make sure that your Facebook profile is safe for your kids, your mom, or your employer to see, on Fetlife you can leave those concerns and constraints behind – just keep in mind that depending how far you leave them behind might mean the difference between putting up head shots or head shots!

Now read one! Because there’s plenty happening this week, and you’re going to have some choices to make if you intend to get any sleep.


Monday, April 1: Ladies Night at the Katanna – Bellydance
Where: Storm Crow Tavern
, 1305 Commercial Drive, Vancovuer
When: 7:00pm

Every first Monday of the month Dance NerdCore Assembly brings a different nerd themed bellydance show to the Storm Crow’s patrons.

April is “Zombie Jesus Month,” so the easily offended might want to give this show a miss. Actually, given that on any given night you’ll likely overhear some group playing Cards Against Humanity at one of the tables, the easily offended might always want to give drinking here a miss!

Show up early – this is always a packed venue.

For more information see their Facebook event listing.


Tuesday, April 2: The Sexy Funny Burlesque Show
Where: Guilt & Company
, 1 Alexander Street, Vancouver
When: Doors 8:00pm  Show 9:00pm

Gastown eatery (and drinkery, for that matter) Guilt & Co and burlesque comedienne April O’Peel have combined forces to present The Sexy Funny Burlesque Show! The show is slated to be hosted by a roating cast of local comics, and features burlesque performances from some of the best in the local scene – and this being Vancouver that means some of the best in the world!

This month’s show is hosted by Graham Clark, and features the burlesque talents of Burgundy Brixx, Melody Mangler, Violet Femme, and Connie Cahoots.

More information can be found on their Facebook event listing.


Wednesday, April 3: Poly 101 Discussion – Time Management
Where: Yaggers Pub
, 433 W. Pender Street, Vancouver
When: 6:00-9:00pm

The Vancouver Poly 101 discussion nights have grown so big that they’ve not split them into two separate evenings. One that typically happens on the 3rd Thursday of the month, and this newer one on the 1st Wednesday of the month, and which is aimed at the kinkier crowd within the Poly 101 family.

This month’s discussion focuses on something very important when it comes to polyamory: time management.  How do you structure your dates? How do you make sure that each individual you’re dating gets enough time? There are resources available to everyone that allow them to help manage these, but what about you? And as you’re making time for everyone else in your life, it’s important to make time even for yourself.

For more information visit their Fetlife event listing.


Wednesday, April 3: Vancouver Westside Munch
Where: Boston Pizza
, 1333 W. Broadway, Vancouver
When: 6:30-8:30pm

The first Wednesday of each month you can join the good folks from Metro Vancouver Kink for the Vancouver West Side Munch. What’s a “Munch?” you ask. It’s a casual, no stress, easy going dinner and an opportunity to discuss anything kink related. Whether you’re just curious about kink, beginning your explorations, or someone who has been in the “scene” for decades, there’s bound to be something discussed that will interest you!

Presented by Metro Vancovuer Kink, which regular readers of this column will know Erotic Vancouver considers the gold standard when it comes to BDSM, you know you’re going to meet great people for good conversation if you choose to head out here.

You’ll find more info here on Fetlife, or on their Facebook event listing.


Thursday, April 4: Chick Habit – F.A.M.E. Fundraiser
Where: Vinyl Retro Lounge
, 455 Abbot Street, Vancouver
When: 9:00pm-2:00am

CHICK Habit is a fundraiser for the Female Music and Arts Exhibition, or F.A.M.E. The evening features an all-star line up of female DJs, many of whom are well known for playing local events. BreO (Vancouver), Apple Cat (Victoria), Elevenn (Vancouver), J.F. Killah (Vancouver), and Ninjette (Vancouver), are the night’s featured DJs, plus there will be a special performance by Quanah Style.

If all that wasn’t sexy enough, $1 from every ticket purchased will be donated to the deserving charity Beauty Night, which helps women and youth living in poverty in our communities.

You’ll find details on Thursday evening here on Facebook, including links for more info on F.A.M.E. and on Beauty Night, for those interested.


Saturday, April 6: MVK presents Jealousy Decontstructed
Where: Maritime Labour Centre
, 1880 Triumph, Vancouver
When: 4:30-7:30pm

Metro Vancouver Kink may be the gold standard when it comes to kink, but they certainly aren’t afraid to tackle subjects a little outside the BDSM wheelhouse, as this seminar on dealing with jealousy within polyamorous relationships proves.

Presented by Kiki, founder of Victoria’s Poly 101 Discussion Group, which spawned Vancouver’s similarly named discussion nights, the afternoon promises to be intelligent, informative, and inspiring. Participants will learn about the mechanics and methods for recognizing and coping with jealousy in poly relationships. Some may even discover jealousy is their most valuable tool for personal growth and happiness — it’s definitely worth some effort!

For more information see their Fetlife event listing.


Saturday, April 6: MVK’s Vancouver Dungeon Party
Where: Maritime Labour Centre
, 1880 Triumph, Vancouver
When: 8:00pm-1:00am

Gold Standard for kink. You’ve read it here several times in just this column, and here at Erotic Vancouver we’ve been repeating it for months. If you’re serious about BDSM then you have got to check out one of these parties. Hell, if you’re playful about BDSM, or just downright silly about it, you should probably check out one too.

If you’re a regular at local fetish nights NOIR or Sin City you know what a kinky party looks like – but go to an MVK Dungeon Party and you’ll leave knowing what a kinky community looks like!

At most parties you can expect to find 100+ kinky individuals playing on 20+ pieces of dungeon equipment, and while at the afore mentioned fetish nights the four or five pieces of dungeon equipment might spend a good portion of the night unused at an MVK night there are sometimes waits for any piece of equipment to come free! But don’t worry, if you want to play you’ll certainly get the chance.

For more information see their Facebook event, their Fetlife event listing or visit the MVK website.


Saturday, April 6: Rock Star Groupie Swingers Party
Where: Den Of Pleasure
, South Vancouver
When: 8:00pm-1:30am

This Saturday night swing back to the 80’s for some fun at this party where 80s costumes are highly encouraged. But don’t worry if you’re costume seems downright embarrassing – there will be opportunity to get out of it soon enough!

From the swingers to the groovy lovers to the hard rockers…It’s time to dress up as your favorite Rocker and play with some slutty groupies. The Den of Pleasure always promises a party that offers you the freedom to partake in whatever turns you on!

Please note that there is a Dress Code in Effect: lingerie,swimwear, fetish wear or less, in effect at 9:30pm, with theme costumes highly encouraged.

For more information see their Fetlife event listing.


Sunday, April 7: Man Up – Amateur Hour
Where: The Cobalt,
917 Main Street, Vancouver
When: Doors 9:00pm  Show 10:30pm

Vancouver has established itself as a real player on North America’s Drag Map, and when it comes to the Drag King scene a big reason for that is the Map Up show that regularly happens at The Cobalt. Well as the promoters of that show are happy to tell us “Vancouver’s roaring drag event Man Up birthed an equally hilarious and (barely) less belligerent sibling, and it’s called Amateur Hour.”


Come join Man Up’s irregular regulars, host PonyBoy, co-host and stage hand Cazzwell, in house ridcu-tron Shameless Amus and DJ Lisa DeLux as the welcome drag king hopefuls to the stage to compete and to win your affections.

If you’re interested in competing, be you a drag rookie, or 2nd, 3rd or 4th-ish timer, email manupdrag@gmail. com to sign up.

You’ll find details on the night here on Facebook.


Comforting Skin – Screening One Night Only
Where: The Rio Theatre,
 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver
When: 9:15pm

While we wouldn’t call it sexy per se, this BC produced and shot film is certainly HOT on the festival circuit. Director Derek Franson’s Comforting Skin has screened at numerous festivals across the world, including SlamDance in 2012, and the Fantaspoa Film Festival in Brazil, where Victoria Bidewell earned a Best Actress Award for her intense performance.

As the the brief synopsis has it: “A lonely young woman’s desperate need for emotional and sexual companionship draws her into a surreal and ultimately destructive relationship with a shifting and whispering tattoo she has willed to life on her skin.”

Y’know one thing that is sexy about thrillers and horror films? That moment when your date crawls into your lap! Or in the case of Erotic Vancouver editor Reive, that moment when he screams, grabs hold, and starts asking when he can open his eyes. Y’know, sexy, if that’s your kind of thing!

Details on the screening can be found here on Facebook, and for more on the movie visit the Comforting Skin website.


Looking Ahead

Looking for something to wear out to the next fetish night? Can’t fit into that set of leather pants any longer and looking to sell them? In either case next Saturday, April 13 you’ll want to be checking out Rubbout’s Gear Swap.

This is the third mention of Rubbout here in the Looking Ahead section of this column in recent weeks, and that’s with good reason: because while the weekend as a whole may be aimed at men into men into rubber, parts of it offer something for everyone. And the gear swap offers some of those some things, and some of it is offered damn cheap!

The fun takes place at Vancouver’s favorite gay watering hole, The PumpJack Pub, at 1167 Davie Street, Vancouver. Intake of goods for sale at the Gear Swap is from 11am-1pm, with no goods being accepted after that. The sale itself goes from 1-5pm.

After you’ve shopped you might consider wandering across the street for Rubbout’s Puppy Play Party, which promises to be rip roaring good time itself!

You’ll find all the details on the Rubbout Weekend, including both of these great events, here on Facebook or on the Rubbout website.



And that’s all she wrote this week. As always, if you know of something you think should be on the Hot Sexy Events list but isn’t let us, and all our readers, know in a comment below. And of course we’re always interested in hearing about what is hot, happening and upcoming around the city, so do drop us a line in advance with info on your sexy events!


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