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What is Erotic Vancouver?


Welcome to Erotic Vancouver, your guide to parties, events, resources, stores and (we hope) everything related to the erotic here in Vancouver. From fetish nights to swingers parties to polyamory meet ups to strip clubs to BDSM dungeon parties to sex stores to where to get tested… Well, you get the idea, we hope to cover it all in time.

On each of our pages, be it Fetish and Kink, Swingers, or Sex Stores, there will be sub-pages: for instance Fetish and Kink will then divide into each of those two categories. It’s a keeping the front page uncluttered sort of thing. There you’ll find a brief summary of the various events and stores, along to a link to their webpage (if they have one) and/or facebook page or group.

We’re sex positive and we’re also pretty damn opinionated. Part of this is website will be dedicated to blog posts linking to news articles and our views on them or to offering views about the negative attitudes towards various aspects of sexuality that might arise from government, community, or the folks living next door to someone we know.

Not all of our opinions will necessarily be consistent or fall in line with each other. Here at Erotic Vancouver we speak with more than one voice. The potentially controversial opinions will be signed – probably by Reive. He’s a bit radical at times!

And while most of the blog posts and news articles here will deal with the erotic, the sexual and the kinky, sometimes they might just be about Vancouver itself. We’ve got a bit of a thing for the city, and we think you should too. We think there are few better cities in the world to be in love (or in lust) and because of that we’re in love with it.

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