Have you heard the news?

August 17, 2011 at 1:50 am  •  Posted in Media Criticism, Public Acceptance by  •  1 Comment

Have you heard the news? No. Of course you haven’t. Because nobody in the Vancouver media is covering it.

I’m talking about sex, of course.

Sex coverage in our daily papers is limited, for the most part, to the entertainment section and the sex lives of celebrities. Otherwise the majority of sex coverage you’ll read is negative in tone, as Club Allure was unfortunate enough to discover recently. When was the last time you read in the paper something positive about what those in mainstream media would term “alternative sexuality?”

Sex negativity is unfortunately the norm in mainstream journalism, perhaps more so here in Vancouver than elsewhere, but it’s something that can change. Something that I hope everyone here reading this will help to change.

Every time you read an article or even a gossip column item about celebrity sex take the time to leave a comment asking why the sex lives of everyday folk don’t warrant a little consideration in the publication. Didn’t read the article online? Well go home and Google it so you can leave that comment.

See an article that’s sex negative in tone? Take the time to write a letter to the editor – not just a comment, an actual letter to the editor, expressing your dissatisfaction with the publication’s coverage of sex issues.

We can’t expect the change we hope to see to happen overnight, but given a little time and a lot of pushing and it might just happen sooner rather than later.

Until then Erotic Vancouver will be doing it’s best to let you know about the sources outside the mainstream offering the coverage of sex we deserve.

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  1. Stigmata / April 25, 2012 at 2:31 am / Reply

    Not surprising to find a lack of coverage of healthy sexuality in mainstream media. This media coverage bias reflects our predominantly sex negative culture. How refreshing to find your very sex positive website.

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