UPDATE: Tory Senator Criticizes Minister of Heritage over musuem Sex Ed Exhibit uproar

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Updated at 12:10pm Friday May 18th: Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth has criticized the comments and actions of the Minister of Canadian Heritage, suggesting that because he doesn’t have children he is out of touch with their needs.

“It’s what every teenager needs to see,” Ruth commented. Here at Erotic Vancouver we agree. You’ll find the latest media story in the kerfluffe below.


Here at Erotic Vancouver we’ve linked to articles on the museum show Sex: A Tell All Exhibition before (see Science and sex ed in a rational society) and after its debut at the Montreal Science Centre and an exhibition in Saskatchewan we’d hoped it might make its way west out here to Vancouver. But the exhibition made its way to Ottawa first, to The Canada Science and Technology Museum, where it quickly raised the ire of Canada Heritage Minister James Moore, who, on Wednesday, first labelled the exhibition “insulting to taxpayers,” suggesting that the exhibit had no place in the science and technology museum, before stepping back on that criticism on Thursday.

As a result of the Minister’s criticism (which, implicitly or not, carries with it the possibility of a funding cut for the institution) and in the wake of about 50 complaints that the Museum received, the age of unaccompanied admission for the exhibit was raised from 12 to 16. In addition an animated video providing information on masturbation was pulled from the exhibit.

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore

It’s interesting that a minister in the Conservative government feels that fewer, and older, children should be considered responsible enough to view this exhibit than sex and educational experts believed, at the same time that said government argues that more, and younger, youths should be considered adults for criminal sentencing purposes.

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