Fifty Shades of Cliché and the Taboo Sex Show

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Over at The Huffington Post, their BC section, Erotic Vancouver Managing Editor Reive Doig blogs on the subject of Fifty Shades of Grey and it’s influence and effect on the BDSM community. More to the point it’s influence and effect on those now curious about kink and who will (hopefully) seek out that community.

Those who are frequent readers of Erotic Vancouver already may know of my distaste with Fifty Shades. My one flirtation with reading them was quickly abandoned, and instead in order to silence those who insisted I write about it, and to garner a little Fifty Shades inspired traffic, let’s be honest, I wrote 50 Shades of Sasha Grey. It was a piece that at least interested me.

But with the Taboo Sex Show about to start (it runs through the end of this weekend, January 17-20) I knew I needed to tackle the subject again.

Thanks to Peter Tupper who did the heavy lifting and actually read Fifty Shades, not just the first book but the whole trilogy, and gamely answered my questions. If you’re looking to read some good erotica, you might start with Peter’s short story collection The Innocent’s Progress and Other Stories.

Read Fifty Shades of Cliché: How to Explore the Real Kink World over at the Huffington Post

The Innocent’s Progress by Peter Tupper



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