Fade to Black – the final Noir

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This coming Saturday, we have the final Noir. When asked why, Reive will only start shouting about Dexter, incoherently, until we move on to a different topic. I suppose that makes this the appropriate time for a bit of a retrospective.

Noir began when Reive was attending another night and in a conversation with a lovely young lady. He asked if she’d like to join him in the dungeon, and was dismayed by her response that the Dungeon was safely tucked away, out of site and out of mind. Feeling that kink/fetish nights should have more prominent dungeon play, he called up his friend Kim, and declared that they needed to do an event with an in your face dungeon. Thus, Noir, with the centre stage dungeon, was born.

Noir celebrated their 5 year anniversary last September. While people enjoy the venue provided by Club 8×6, the question most commonly asked is: “When is Chapel Arts coming back?”

Sadly, issues with the renovations at Chapel Arts have pushed the reopening further into the future. What should have been a three month closure for renovations has turned into a project that’ll likely take two years. With at least another 9 months left to go, it’s time to put the party to bed and focus on other matters; like revamping this bloody website. The bloody part should be covered by all the fresh blood that have expressed an interest in coming on board.

But, before any of that will happen, we have the Final Noir, and with the recent passing of Bowie, you can expect some of his music to enter the rotation of DJs Logik and Unicode. Given that this will be their last party together, I think we can expect them to pull out all the stops and perhaps engage in a little illicit musical mad science.

The dungeon will be set up with the usual collection of gear, the cross and bench by Nick Black of Black and Blue Dungeon Equipment. Nick originally made his debut into the community through Noir, and thus will be on hand for the final hurrah.

Brian, A.K.A. the original Rascal, will be on hand with his suspension frame, as he has been at almost every party, since Noir first opened it’s doors at Chapel Arts, after the first year at the Cobalt. He’s provided easily hundreds of suspensions during these parties. Moreover he’s been a staple of the scene for over twenty years.

And of course the usual support staff will be on hand, though if you’re not a regular, I doubt you’d know them. They are of course the awesome people who work behind the scenes to make it all work. You’ll find them in the coat check, the dungeon, and the smoking area.

While this upcoming weekend marks the end of Noir, I doubt we’ve seen the last of any of the involved individuals. I’m sure they’ll be back for various future projects. I’ve heard rumours of a new ConsentPlus event being bandied about.

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