Erotic Vancouver gets a facelift.

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DON'T PANIC!If you’ve visited our site before, then this page is probably a bit of a shock to you… because it’s VERY different than what you’re used to seeing.  But don’t you worry – everything is still here, and in the long run this might make life easier for us all.

So – here’s a little introduction to the NEW Erotic Vancouver…

  • In the centre of the homepage, (most obviously), is a rotating gallery of what articles we’re spotlighting.  At the moment, five articles are featured – but as we grow in number, (and the content rotation increases as a result), we’ll increase that number so you can easily access what’s new.
  • Directly above that is a menu that features all of the new categories of articles in Erotic Vancouver.  It’s all been reorganized so that you can find what you’re looking for with greater ease, and also to make sure it STAYS easy as we grow.  Each of the tabs brings down a menu of options to choose from, and they’re bound to grow as we do too.
  • In the white bar above that, which contains the Erotic Vancouver logo on the left side, you’ll find the site’s social media links.  These will be expanding soon, but no matter what we add in – you’ll find it all there.
  • Above the white bar, from the centre to the right-hand side, you’ll find links to all of the pages.  In the old version of Erotic Vancouver, these presented pull down menus, which are now no longer visible.  We’ll be making sure that you can access links to it all on these single pages ASAP.
  • Beneath the gallery, there are four quick links to: (1) our events calendar, (2) the Erotic Vancouver team info page, (3) the resources page, and (4) our contact information page.
  • Lastly, at the very bottom – in the white box – is a little reminder of who and what we are as a magazine and an invitation to those who are interested in being a part of our diverse and visionary team.


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