Domlander: Why it’s worth the trip

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For years now I’ve seen Ladyfish calling for Domlander contestants, without really having much of a clue what Domlander is. I had some ideas about what it might be but they failed to capture the best part of the event: Domlander is fun.Take everything that makes a karaoke bar with your boldest and most disturbed friends a great night out and turn the knob up to 11. That might give you an idea of what Domlander feels like if you have some really awesome friends.

Domlander 2014 began with a short scene wherein a man sitting on stage, focused on his phone, is distracted and seduced by a lady in a business suit. She kept her hat on, though not much else, while that apt and familiar song played.

Afterward was an introduction by MC Ladyfish who knew well the crowd and the event. Given the history that’s only natural. Domlander 2014 was the twelfth , and I for one wish I had headed over for it sooner. (That’s why I’m writing this article, and why I plan to strong arm or sweet talk Reive into publishing it.) (Editors Note: Ouch!)

Following the introduction we were treated to a series of acts the likes of which I have trouble even describing. Some were fairly simple, some were extremely elaborate, but they were all the result of that lovely marriage of creativity and passion that you can’t help but admire. A dozen different acts, each one taking the variety show concept and perverting it into something lovely and disturbing.

These acts are in no particular order—aside from the last one, which was saved as a special treat for regular readers of Erotic Vancouver and attendees of the Noir Fetish Ball.

  • The simplest act was a young gentlemen manscaping his nether regions with a straight razor while bouncing to the rhythm of Japanese Hip-Hop/Jazz Fusion. After his close shave, he began singing along.
  • Inspired by a strange song about his recent abduction by a gang of angry mimes, a trio proceeded to act out the tale of his abduction.
  • In a nod to the then still upcoming Easter holiday was the disturbing performance of Little Bunny Foo Foo, her simple white bunny suit decaying into black leather as the music went darker. The crowning touch of her outfit was her dong-dazzled strap-on, complete with functional ejaculate.
  • A hooded and bound secret agent was in deep trouble, at the hands of a vicious and vivacious villainess… when she grew bored torturing him and found her implements were more entertaining when applied to herself.
  • Dressed in homage to Mrs. Doubtfire, we were treated to an energetic drag act by way of Miley Cyrus, complete with twerking and fist pumping. All of this to the classic rock tune “Dude looks like a Lady.”
  • Raping my childhood memories, we had a lovely kinky rendition of “I want to be where the People are” from the Little Mermaid perverted into “I want to be where the Kinksters are”. Fans of the Disney Musical might have been distressed by this portrayal, but I found it rather charming.
  • Further staining our childhood, we have the story of how the Grinch stole Sex-mas, because his Yule kindling was two sizes too small. Luckily he was taught a lesson by a-now-22 year-old Cindy Lou Who in a very cute onesie, complete with rear flap cleavage.
  • A latex bound Prince Valiant attempted to awaken Sleeping Beauty with extravagant kisses to her nether lips. His efforts were in vain, as her awakening was brought about by Little Bunny Foo Foo and her previously mentioned dong-dazzled strapon. He then was forced to his knees and fed a shot from the enlarged organ.
  • The finale was an Evil Scotsman who proceeded to wave his not-so-wee willy about before shagging his Dylonesque, cue card dropping, Sheep Assistant.

Finally, an act that has specific significance for EV readers is The Fall of Pope Reive, wherein Managing Editor Reive attempted to maintain his faith when confronted by a pair of seductive temptresses. Distracted by the coquettish kitten before him, he was completely blind to the danger stalking him from behind, armed with a pair of scissors. He tried to stay strong, tried to maintain his faith, but ultimately his PVC vestments, weren’t able to resist these lovely ladies.

When the stealthy and impish terror sliced away his robes he was revealed in his full glory. Seeing this her disdain was obvious when she dropped the flogger and flounced off stage, her kitten in tow. The expression of sad disappointment on the abandoned Pope’s face was priceless.

Sagacity has always had a great reputation for putting on amazing events. Having now seen Domlander, I can understand why. The idea of travelling to Victoria from Vancouver may seem a bit of a hurdle, but it’s a hurdle that won’t be stopping me in the future.

Sagacity has taken a step back from “full-time” event organizing, now focussing on once-a-month Esoteric Exchange (EE) gatherings and on presenting unique, exclusive, specialized events, such as Domlander and Murder in the Dungeon. These events are always advertised on their website and their Fetlife group.

I have been encouraging my friends who have talent or passion to consider sketches for next year. As well as attending Domlander 2015, given the quality of this show, when I hear more about other Sagacity events this year I’ll want to head over. Already Workshops on the Water sounds intriguing— a series of single day workshops attendees will travel to by boat. Further details will be provided in a future article or can be found here on Fetlife for the impatient. [A free Fetlife membership will be required to view the site.]

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