Destination Calgary – “The Garden” Interview

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Here at Erotic Vancouver we’d hoped to have this interview up sooner, but the unfortunate incidents of the past week (in addition to a general life outside of kink and sexiness) have kept us busy.

But we wanted to let you know about a fabulous party that’s worth the drive if you were thinking of a road trip this weekend. The Garden, is a not to be missed event for Calgary kinksters or anyone with the opportunity to visit cow town.

Here to answer Erotic Vancouver’s questions about this exciting event is Persephone’s Playhouse.


Erotic Vancouver: How familiar are you with Vancouver’s kink scene and what do you think of it?

Persephone’s Playhouse: I’ve been attending Vancouver’s Kink events for well over a decade, on the occasions that I’ve passed through. I also stay in contact with some of the Vancouver-ites that I’ve met in other locations. I think it’s quite a good scene, with a nice amount of events, however it seems to be really picking up in the last few years, with more parties and even larger weekend events that incorporate workshops and parties.

E.V.: What events did you have a chance to check out?

P.P.: I’ve been to ones so long ago I really don’t know what they were – but notably Sin City and the Noir Fetish Ball.

E.V.: Tell Erotic Vancouver’s readers what they can expect to encounter at The Garden.

P.P.: The Garden is an interesting all-in-one party that was based off what I have only ever seen in Calgary. I worked with “Kinky?”, here, for many years (a monthly nightclub event that ran for 7 years but ended 5 years ago), and traveling taught me how lucky we were in the uniqueness we had. I’ve held to that – with much more than a fashion show -dance party, it’s a truly kinky event. It sure helps that I’m a major kinkster, myself, and do what I actually like- but Calgary is such that if you give us a pool table we’ll make our own play space. It’s an incredibly friendly, laid back scene that really just likes to have fun – so we dress up and get to be ourselves, dance and have shows, demos, prizes, a DJ and usually an MC (this event in July will not have a MC), and at my events there is a play space with the added caveat that if there is enough consensual room, you can fairly go for it anywhere…It’s also held at a club so it is also a fully licensed bar.

Prizes are incredible this time, from a suede dragon tongue from Priape as the VIP door prize, to a hand made leather-bound copy of a Marquis de Sade as the regular prize ticket, as well as  many gift certificates and other things.

E.V.: Is there anything that you think differs the Garden from other events, something that’s going to have attendees saying “I haven’t seen that before,” or “I wouldn’t have expected that”?

P.P.: This answers your next question too, really – Most events are really either a play space OR a dress up and dance/model. At the Garden it’s a mix, but the scene is just so friendly that it’s great to meet people too! Most wildly, the heaviness of play often catches people off guard. These are not only ‘fetish-like’ playful scenes. Sure we have them too, but we like to challenge many of our BDSM roles, play and dynamics, and often get quite serious for a nightclub….

E.V.: What drew you to get involved with throwing events?

P.P.: I am one kinky lil woman. Have been since I was making boyfriends ‘force my legs apart and get between them’ to ‘earn’ a kiss. I originally came out in Montreal with some fabulously sexy ganged-up on play. Eventually I started doing shows for our “Kinky?” nights, and did that for many years. I’ve always thrown parties, but then I started throwing sexy birthdays which, after “Kinky?” ended with our constant losses of venues, I finally got to throw my own.

E.V.: I know when we talked earlier you said that you travel a lot, and that impacts your ability to throw events, but can we expect more from you in the future?

P.P.: Absolutely! If you keep an eye out for me you never know where I may turn up. On stage in New Zealand happened, England and Scotland are next,  Montreal is a hope for next year’s Fetish Weekend (we have a great trio prize pack from them as a prize this July event!), and I hope to be back in Calgary throwing more Garden events by next summer. Keep an eye out on Persephone’s Playhouse profile on Facebook.

E.V.: Finally, if you had one thing you impart to people to entice them to make the trip over the Rockies to check out The Garden, what would that be?

P.P.: Even having been to many events internationally, and they are great, I’ve seen nothing like this anywhere else…. I’ve crossed oceans just to get here to do these events because they are just so damned sexy! And All this for only $20!?  Besides, the prizes alone can be worth the trip! But what, you say? You need more? Come to the July 14th event and say you heard about it on this interview and get the $5 prize ticket for FREE. As i said, it’s for the Marquis De Sade hand-made, leather bound book worth approx $250.


So there you have it folks! Check it out. And if, like Erotic Vancouver, you can’t make it out to Calgary this weekend keep an eye out for the exciting things we know will be coming from Persephone’s Playhouse in the future!


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