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0 A Review of Deadly Couture
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Quick & Dirty review of Deadly Couture

Deadly Couture is a fetish clothing store in Vancouver at 315 Cambie Street


Deadly CoutureWhen you first dip your toes into the kink scene, it’s totally cool (and entirely understandable) to test the waters with budget outfits. For the exceedingly budget-conscious, you can get away with as little as a roll of cling film! But if you’re anything like me, then after a while you’ll want to get some properly serious (or properly silly) kinky clothing, either for yourself or for a special friend; and, when that time comes, there are few better places anywhere than Gastown’s Deadly Couture.

First off, their location: conveniently across from The Cambie, which may be used as a launching point if you want to build up some nerve first. But I’ll say this right off the bat: even if you have never set foot in a fetish wear shop before, even if you aren’t “dressed the part,” you will never be treated as anything but a valued customer. The owner, Jenni Wong, is one of the warmest and most welcoming people I’ve ever met. She’s also amazingly talented and fun to be around, not to mention exceedingly easy on the eyes, and her spirit infuses the shop with quirky individualism and sexiness. Just stepping in the door, you immediately feel comfortable and adventurous; and Jenni and her staff are always sure to encourage that spirit of adventure and fun — whether you end up buying anything, or not.

Deadly Couture carries a wide range of garments and shoes with a goth/kink/raver aesthetic — most of their stock is aimed at women, but they also carry some excellent items for men. In addition to their bespoke items (you can order custom-made garments quite readily), they carry latex from Polymorphe as well as many other products and manufacturers — check out their website at for details. Their prices are quite reasonable, too, but if there is one common thread in the Yelp reviews of the store, it’s that Deadly is indeed a dangerous place for your wallet, because there are simply so many amazing things on offer there. Let’s take a look…


Whether you’re totally new to fetish wear or an old hand, do yourself a favour and drop in. Sexy style is inevitably the result, and you’re sure to have fun while you’re at it.

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