Club Allure Howling Halloween Party Review

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A Guest Review from Mr.OinkOink

…On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim I had to stop for the night

Welcome to Club HAllure Howling Halloween party October 27, 2012…

Okay it is 3am Sunday morning and got to get that song off my head…super compelled to write a review on such grand social time I had last evening.  It has been a long while since I wrote a review so here goes……Just returned driving home as the designated driver to my platonic lady friend ‘Lovely’ from this amazing private event at Club HAllure!  This annual Halloween party at HAllure was definitely an event that should not have been missed for the discreet and sexually adventurous people.  Indeed, a superb fucking fantastic time.

The place was already crowded with sexy people the moment we walked in at 8:15pm.  It seemed to me that this was “DA place” to be for the lifestyle folks for a good Halloween sexy party as a good number of the familiar amazing experienced lifestyle peeps that I know of were there as well as several new couples “Young Blood” ventured out and showed up tonight for their very first X-rated adult Halloween party.  The staffs/volunteers worked hard as they aimed to please in whichever way as they gave endless rounds of field trips/tours at the HAllure House.

We noticed the pouring of their heart and soul from the owners (sweetcheeks) and their volunteer staffs on creating the spookiness ambiance décor.   Walls were decorated with Halloween theme and the ceilings were plastered with loose cobwebs against the backdrop of super gloomy dark dim green lighting.  The main “Inferno” dance floor was packed with people in their costumes from Pirates to Princesses to Ghouls to Demons to Lara Croft to Star Trek Crew to Werewolves to Gypsy to I Dream of Gini to Zombies to Angel to Devil to Dracula to Monks to Nuns to Quarterback to Sailor Moon to A guy sleeping on his bed to Doctor to Nurses to Catwomen to Batman to Sailors to Yoda to Ozzy to French maid to Carpenters to Police Officers to basically all the characters of the Village People and many outrageous more.  DJ Steve put up on the mp3 YMCA please!!!

I am so happy that Yoda and his captive Princess Leia won for the Cutest Couple as they put in a lot of time and effort on creating this Hollywood perfect special latex makeup on Yoda.  Congrats to “boyandhiskitten”.  I think the Skinhead Hells Angel MrBadsexxy got the best male costume ever for sleeping with the ENEMY in Bed.  Mwahaha-s.

This definitely was a night for some adult silliness.  Because the place was so packed, the “Inferno” was quite sexually charged like going through a pit of orgasmic dancing sweating flesh.  Not only did I witness many hot passionate kissing and necking actions, some even went for public lewd display of their oral talented skills.  Call this “Bobbing for Boys’ Tool”.  The St. Andrews Cross was quite a popular kinky furniture for the night as many maidens were shackled for some nice naughty punishment from light spanking on the nice round buttocks to sensual scratches on their back and many more “finger licking wet goodness” fun.

The first floor orgy room was so packed throughout the evening that only standing room was available each time that I passed it.  Wow!!!  The second floor is off limit for single guys, but I was quite lucky to be invited up by couples and saw a much more quiet sensual side of play there.  The big Master Bedroom is the open orgy room filled with like 4 couples having some quiet social sexy fun swapping fun there.  Nicely dim red lighting giving off a very soft and sensual ambiance.  There were three rooms upstairs for some private play.  Most of the night there were line ups on the 2nd floor that the foyer ended up being a playpen that a few couples used the love seats and the single sofa and just GET it on and DO it there.  Everyone was horny and charged up like the Energizer Bunnies multiplying all abound.  Not only my eyes were blinded by those beautiful knockers, but the sight of live action PORN………..oh la la!!!

Throughout the evening, I was invited to tie a few “KNOTTY” ladies up from creating a scene for her husband to fuck such nice looking damsel in distress silly to restraining another young maiden for some good sacrificial sex rite, but my best one by far is helping Lara Croft decorate her lovely assets:  putting on the Gunslinger gun holsters, a binding Corset, and a nice Bustier Top with my neon bright PINK ropes.  What an honor!  I just cannot wait to post the photos up subject to her approval, of course.  But I want to take this opportunity to write a public big hearty THANK YOU to Lara Croft for such an opportunity.  A few people were giving me compliments and some pats on my back as they passed me by for a job well done decorating her.  Sweeeeeeeeet!!!

Left the party super late — like 230am when they kicked us out.  LOL.  This was indeed one of the infamous FAB5 parties at HAllure that I am so glad I was allowed to attend.  It was truly madly deeply lovely good horny social Halloween Saturday fun.  Love it and highly recommend all you sexy peeps to go next year and cannot wait for their next party hosted by them.  I thank the owners and all the staffs and volunteer couples for creating such an amazing party.  Love your energy and continue to keep up the good works and wish everyone a Happy Halloween 2012.

This article originally appeared on the website Sensual Interest.

Readers looking for more information on Club Allure can check out their website or Erotic Vancouver’s page of swing and poly clubs and events.


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