Sex-Positive Progress


The mother of all porn feuds

 •  September 7

MILFing Marilyn credit: Marilyn Young & Malia Schlaefer Okay, so the feud is actually fairly minor. But I couldn't resist the pun, and I wanted to...

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What’s the problem: A noisy neighbour, or nosy neighbours?

 •  September 5

Front page challenges It shouldn't come as a surprise when the mass media sensationalizes and demonizes alternative sexuality, and yet the Friday...

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Science and Sex Ed in a Rational Society

 •  September 5

Recently I had the chance to visit Vancouver's Science World (yes, I know, it's the "Telus World of Science" now) to see their exhibit featuring...

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In L.A., the Debate Rages On About Condoms in Porn Films

 •  August 30

Much of the porn industry seems more interested in profits than preventing HIV infections. The LA Times reports on the most recent infection scare in...

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Sex Ed in Switzerland to Feature a Different Kind of Sex Toy

 •  August 29

We first heard about "The Sex Box" from L Magazine, and after some research into the matter we decided it was their article we were going to link to...

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Have you heard the news?

 •  August 17

Have you heard the news? No. Of course you haven't. Because nobody in the Vancouver media is covering it. I'm talking about sex, of course. Sex...

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Notes on riding the bus: Society’s self censorship

 •  August 13

The other day I was riding the bus reading John Ince’s excellent book “The Politics of Lust.” I’ve skimmed and read parts of it in the past,...

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